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BrownFinance or B-finances – a company that has introduced itself with a powerful remark. The firm claims to enable investors to trade with confidence. It looks like one of the best investment firms in the market.

The platform assures safeguarding the investment of clients and improves their lives. They claim to have a professional team that offers several trading instruments, world-class customer service protection of funds, and more. 

We recommend you not blindly trust any firm, whatever it claims. You should go through proper research and collect some facts before you invest your money. Gather some valid points and don’t forget to take suggestions from previous clients.

BrownFinance or B-finances claims to offer world-class support. Any problem that arises is handled in the best possible way. But, wait! We do not find clients’ testimonials to give you confidence. Scammers tend to use false data to trap more victims. Review

BrownFinance is committed to trading education. It offers a professional account manager to each client. The broker claims that it can attain a high outcome using its advanced technology. 

You can trade Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Stocks. The company looks professional, and its website is informative. Beware, sometimes scammers make vague promises to entice clients with attractive content. The firm does not have Terms and Conditions and does not assure you it is to protect your money. 

BrownFinance does not even trust clients with their actual location. The information on the platform does not seem true. This is done to steal money from innocent traders. We suggest you pick a legal firm offering complete security about the funds and professional customer support.

Did You Know?

There is a huge difference in the levels of regulations of Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Stocks. Where, Forex & Stocks are regulated by government authorities such as, FCA, SEC & CySEC and Cryptocurrencies are mostly decentralized and unregulated.

Make your investments with the best Forex Trading Company in the market. Work with companies that offer transparent services and the safety of your funds. Also, make sure to check their trading performance. 

Invest wisely and stay informed about investing your money!

B-finances: Trading Conditions

BrownFinance or B-finances offers a web-based trading interface. Investors don’t have to download anything instead they can use the services at any time. The platform offers analytical tools that help traders to perform their tasks professionally. When it comes to Forex Trading, the best interface is the MetaTrader.  

The majority of legit companies have a trading interface offering competitive features and efficient functions. With advanced charts, investors can trade fast. The company offers extra spreads that are not profitable. 11.6 pips will require clients to pay more. It is no surprise that the firm claims that it does not charge much. 

BrownFinance or B-finances has various account types. The leverage ranges from 1:20 up to 1:400. This sort of leverage makes more losses. If you are starting in the industry, we suggest you trade with low leverage. 

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BrownFinance: Withdrawal and Deposits

BrownFinance: Withdrawal and Deposits

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For payment purposes, you can use e-wallets, Visa, and MasterCard. $250 is the minimum amount, investors can deposit. Some ventures even take less of it. However, traders can only use Card options.

You can issue a chargeback, even then. The conditions or withdrawals are kept secret. There can be hidden charges that are not mentioned. This makes BrownFinance less trustworthy. Even the recovery agencies, you will contact to get back your funds, are shady.  

Customer Support and Contact Details

Customer Support and Contact Details

Customer support is available 24/6. The company claims to offer services when the clients face any issues. The company address on the website is fake. You cannot trace them, once the con artists behind the entity decide to exit.

BrownFinance or B-finances features several phone numbers. However, it is important to note that the Ponzi scheme only reaches out for more funds. Once you notice something is off, the broker won’t listen to you. In addition, you do not get any information about the people behind their website.

Are B-finances Regulated?

Any broker who needs to collect funds must have a license. Sadly, BrownFinance does not follow the rules set by the authorities and the company claims to be reputable in the market.

The firm shows its address in the UK. The database of the FCA does not, however, show any results. It is to note that people behind the scam are imitating a legit venture. BrownFinace is an illegal firm that has nothing to do with Brown Finance Ltd – a genuine firm.

The contact details and the address does not match Brown Venture Ltd. The best thing about investing with a legal firm is the security of your funds. You will get compensated, in case, you get bankrupt. Moreover, a considerable capital of 730K EUR has to be deposited.

The amount proves that it can withstand volatility. BrownFinance or B-finances does not reveal daily trading data to the financial bodies. No one knows the secrets behind closed doors. If the scheme runs out of funds today, clients will lose everything.

Lack of Client Feedback

Lack of Client Feedback

The firm claims to offer attractive ROI. It also declares to operate from a reputable area to attract more clients. Sadly, this is not true. We do not see any testimonials on the clients’ side.

Moreover, some companies like the Ponzi scheme show false testimonials to trap more victims. BrwonFinace, however, does not apply this trick. We suggest you do not believe any venture blindly. Do proper research, compare different firms and check their services and choose the best one. 

The individual behind the scheme will leave the market abruptly, putting the traders in a poor situation. Even the authorities can’t secure your money once the scammers get off. Your money is not safe with illegal firms and they can sell your venture to a third party without your permission.

The Domain Insight

The Domain Insight

BrownFinance or B-finances is new in the market. We cannot see a plan on the company side to do the business after a year. Website traffic is also low. We suggest you not choose such unpopular brokers.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Choose a genuine Forex Trading firm that is not only transparent but offers genuine, reliable, and trustworthy services. Go with a company that has a trading history and has satisfied and genuine client testimonials.

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You won't make money with this broker!

Critically analyzing the details about BrownFinance, we suggest you not choose this venture. Beware of investing your money here in this firm. Other experts also state that this firm is not worth traders’ time.

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