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Billy Giakatis and Marika Stepanis or Marika Giakatis are SCAMMERS. They scammed hundreds of us out of thousands of dollars. Business is deceiving customers and lying to customers to get them to pay for a service that they do not provide.

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Billy Giakatis claims to be “the goat” of sports betting. Yet I have about a 20% win rate with him, get nonstop marketing spam, and underdelivers on his services. Don’t let this show boater fool you. There’s a method to his madness on social media because it works at suckering people into at least giving his “systems” a go. Once you take that leap of faith, good luck getting any type of refund even when he provides little to no value. He always claims that he doesn’t “scam” because he provides picks.

Billy Giakatis and Marika Stepanis, also known as Marika Giakatis, have been accused of being scammers by numerous individuals who claim that they have been cheated out of thousands of dollars. It has been reported that their business practices are deceptive and that they lie to customers to get them to pay for a service that they do not provide.

Billy Giakatis has marketed himself as “the goat” of sports betting, but many of his clients have reported a very low win rate of about 20% with his services. Moreover, his clients receive constant marketing spam and often feel underwhelmed by the service they are receiving. Despite the lack of success, it is difficult to obtain a refund from Billy Giakatis once the initial payment has been made.

According to reports, Billy Giakatis and Marika Stepanis have been accused of using social media to lure in potential clients with flashy marketing tactics, only to underdeliver on their services. Billy Giakatis has been known to defend his services by claiming that he provides picks and therefore does not engage in fraudulent activity. However, customers are often left unsatisfied and feel scammed after paying for their services.

Many customers have spoken out about their experiences with Billy Giakatis and Marika Stepanis, urging others to avoid doing business with them. It is important to conduct thorough research and exercise caution before engaging with any service provider, especially when it comes to financial matters. The accusations of scamming by Billy Giakatis and Marika Stepanis should be taken seriously and approached with caution.

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Billy Giakatis has been scamming the sports betting world by selling his selections of who he thinks will win and telling you how much money to put on it. He sells this service, which comes in an app with only the team name and the amount to bet, to anywhere from $99-499.00. Recently he has taken his business to the next level on social media, where he lies, deceives, and scams people who haven’t yet purchased or have purchased his service.

Marika Stepanis’s business practice does this by posting and lying to the public about who you provided as his picks for the game, sending both teams out for the provided game to say he had won either way. He posts winning wagers and claims that they are his players when in fact they aren’t. He is scamming innocent people and stealing their money to selfishly boast and live a life of luxury. He needs to be stopped.

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I purchased a package from Billy Giakatis that was a special that included 10 whale picks, once purchased he sent 2 picks (1 whale & 1 regular) and 8 plays that combined those 2 plays in different ways.

The only whale play is his wife Marika Stepan that’s what it’s named after. See how she wears baggy stuff and hides her belly in every picture. People that contacted us on Instagram and Twitter said he tells everyone she has mental health problems and is only with her because he can’t find anyone else that wants his pathetic ass. He’s been cheating on her all the time but wants kids and she’s a loser so she takes it and believes his lies. 3 of his exes have messaged us on Twitter saying he’s a cheater and lied to them the entire time.

I immediately contacted Billy Giakatis and Marika Stepanis and was told that was the package I delivered. I explained that the package I purchased included 10 whale plays and was $100/whale play (their advertising). I have been communicating with them since and they are not accusing me of Fraud because I am asking for a refund and that the package I received is the package I bought. They are a scam and will lie and cheat to get people to buy these packages. Once you purchase a certain package they will not provide the service. I have attached a photo of the advertisement.

Proof and contact me if you got scammed too:

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