Billy Theuring – Racism, Antisemitism and Bigotry: Review 2023

Billy Theuring is the Arizona Territory Manager at Medaris. However, the man is notorious for making racist and antisemitic comments. Also, many people have called him a white supremacist due to his nefarious activities. 

There are a plethora of complaints against Billy and his shady dealings. 

Billy Theuring is a Racist Bigot who Makes Anti-Semitic Comments.”

Billy Theuring

The first complaint highlights how he berated the man’s friend in real estate. According to the complaint, his friend was an honors student with a masters degree. On the other hand, Billy has spent 7 years trying to get a bachelor’s degree at Ohio State University, and University of Phoenix but failed. 

The reviewer highlights that Billy Theuring made multiple anti-semetic comments about his friend. He said “shut up lil jew boy”, “you don’t know what you are talking about Mr Cohen ” and called him a k_ke. 

Note that the last word is an extremely hurtful slur for jewish people. 

However, the reviewer points out that Billy Theuring has a history of making racist comments. 

Apart from jewish people, he has also made racist comments against African-Americans and hispanic people. At a barbeque, Billy was complaining about how the ‘blacks’ and ‘hispanics’ drive up the national debt through welfare handouts. 

However, the reviewer points out that Billy is a hypocrite because he himself grew up in a trailer when his mother was on welfare. 

Later, Billy Theuring screamed at the reviewer’s friend and harassed him. Then, he asked him to step outside to settle the dispute. 

The reviewer points out that Billy is substantially bigger and taller than his friend. Hence, it was obvious that he had every intention of committing a hate crime. However, he got beaten up instead. 

Afterwards, Billy Theuring was quite humiliated because he lost a fight to someone who had never won a fight before. 

Billy Theuring

He started shaking and crying. Later, he called the police and filed a false case against the reviewer’s friend. 

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The reviewer says his friend had spent over $5k in lawyer fees and the costs can go upwards of $10k. 

On the other hand, Billy Theuring spends his weekends doing ecstasy and dancing in clubs with his shirt off. 

Many times, women have had to pepper spray him to keep him away. Also, it’s worth noting that Billy hits on young women who are in their early 20s while he is in his 40s. 

The reviewer says people should avoid dealing with him and Medartis as you’ll be condoning racism if you do so. 

That’s not all. 


The Medartis executive took his friends’ help who corroborated his story in front of the police. By filing those false charges, Billy Theuring has been trying to extort $8,000 from the reviewer’s friend, who only acted in self defense. 

It’s not as if Billy aka William Theuring didn’t do anything. He hit the reviewer’s friend multiple times in the groin and even headbutted him during the fight. 

However, he isn’t facing any charges. 


Recently, Billy Theuring has started working at TriMed Inc as a Regional Sales Manager. He has also worked at Medartis as the Arizona Territory Manager. 

On paper, Billy surely looks like a reliable professional.

However, it seems he has a shady history of racism and harassment. Due to the severity of the complaints against him, I don’t think anyone should deal with this man. 

He is notorious for making anti semitic remarks, not to mention the numerous racist remarks he makes against the other minorities. 

Racism is a major problem of corporate America and Billy isn’t the only guy who adds to the problem. Human Bees is an organization whose bosses have received allegations of condoning racism as well. 

Certainly, you should avoid dealing with Billy Theuring.

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  1. Billy is a racist alcoholic. He has no respect for others whatsoever.

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