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Blue Tax

Blue Tax has been reported as a manipulative swindler. It's advised to stay away from them. Review Blue Tax here on Gripeo.
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Blue tax offers a Workbook for $49.95 as a do-it-yourself tax relief plan. I ordered the workbook and received NO communication from Blue Tax other than my PayPal receipt showing I had purchased it. I waited 2 weeks and did not receive the book.

I reported the issue to Paypal, requested a refund or confirmation of shipping and got an email from Todd Lewis (owner of bluetax) with an apology and “here”s your e-book”. I escalated my issue to a claim with Paypal and got a rude email from Todd who said he emailed me the book 3 days earlier.

Sorry, Todd, I still don”t have the book! I was also working with 2 other reps., John and then David, who quoted $4000 for tax services. Wondering if the tax preparation was equally as dubious as the mysterious Workbook /Ebook I never received, I told them that I thought Todd was a jerk and I had decided not to use their services.

Todd Lewis got a copy of the email I sent to John and David and called me THREE TIMES in less than 10 minutes to argue, yell and badger me for expressing my opinion of him. I told him not to call me again on the 2nd phone call or I would report the harassment. He called a third time to continue his harassment, so here I am. They still have not refunded my $49.95 for the Workbook that isn’t, and I don’t feel comfortable paying them $4K to do my taxes. Shame on you Todd Lewis, bad Business all the way around.

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Shame on you Todd Lewis, bad Business all the way around. They still have not refunded my $49.95 for the Workbook that isn’t, and I don”t feel comfortable paying them $4K to do my taxes.

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    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
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    I requested Blue Tax to represent me in dealing with the IRS. I sent them $ 3, 000 and they were able to stop the garnishments but well after they promised. After the garnishments stopped they ignored all my contacts for over a month. I called several times to talk to them and all I received was the constant changes in my case manager. Changed every time just so they could avoid me. After months of trying to get them to submit information to the IRS they dropped the ball on everything. They never filed any of my information on back taxes. At one point they told me the guy that was taking charge of my account was just a secretary and not an attorney. I couldn’t believe it. Different departments called me and said I wasn’t cooperating with them and of course I had every attempt I made recorded and they said they would get back to me. Well they obviously dropped the ball on everything because they ended up sending me a letter saying they were done representing me. I have all the info against them and will not stop until I am reimbursed one way or another!

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  2. I was having some problems with the IRS regarding my taxes and decided to hire Blue Tax for help. They promised to take care of everything and I would not need to worry. They said they would contact IRS and get the amount I owed lowered and not get charged for penalties or late fees. In fact, I was instructed not to get in direct contact with IRS myself. Blue Tax called me and let me know how much I would need to pay and I was pretty impressed with how much they had lowered the payment to. I made the payment to them and waited to hear back. A lot of time passed and I got no notice from them. In my head I figured it’s because everything was ok and paid for. I decided to give them a call just to be safe. I was told over the phone and never through email or writing that everything had been taken care of.

    A year goes by and I get a notice from the IRS for an audit. So I decided to reach out to them directly only to find the debt I had with them initially had now grown significantly due to high interest and penalties. I find out Blue Tax never had ANY direct contact with the IRS They let me know I should have never given Blue Tax any money and that these people had scammed me. After all of this, when trying to contact them, I was told that they would see what had happened and CHARGED ME TO FIX IT. They told me the money I had already paid, I would not get back and that it was my fault all of this happened.

    After being put through all of this, I had to spend a lot of money and time to hire another company to take care of this and try to renegotiate my debt. Time and time again after all these years and trying to contact them I would always get hung up on. Every time a “manager” was supposed to be on the line, until finally the company just vanished. The number on the website that I had always contacted was disconnected and I guess it closed. How can they close a company owing people money? Blue tax is a total FRAUD.

  3. Do not trust these guys!! Blue Tax inc preys on people who do not know how to deal with their own taxes and lie straight to your face! They promise to take care of things and they just steal your money. What kind of a company tells you that you cannot contact the IRS directly? That makes no sense whatsoever! These people are THIEVES.

  4. I had a very similar experience with them. They lead me to believe everything was being done for the longest time. It took me a year to find out that they weren’t doing anything and when I got a notice in the mail from the IRS I owed so much money! It’s crazy to believe there are people like this in the world.

  5. By far the dirtiest scheme I’ve seen around! After doing some digging, I saw SO MANY people who went through the same experience. The damn IRS even said they are not to be trusted! They have gotten so many calls from this place and so many hard working Americans lost their hard earn money to this type of low schemes its unbelievable.

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