Botched Botox-Dr. Eberbach-Hudson FL 2023

This office was having a special on injectables with expert injector Dr. Angelina. I booked an appointment for June 16. When I got there I was told she wasn’t working that day and that I would have Dr. Eberbach. I should’ve just left!  It felt like “bait and switch.” 

After telling him I wanted a slight brow lift and a lip flip, he looked confused but proceeded to inject the Botox and charged me $208. Just so you know, I’ve had this procedure done many times at other reputable places and know what to expect and was very happy with the results.

Botched Botox Patient Says She’ll Get Injected Again – Bojtv

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A week later I sent photos to their office showing how my brows had dropped and my lip formed four vertical lines on my top lip because of the odd way my mouth was moving after the Botox injections. Their response was they could see nothing wrong with my brows or my lip. So I resent photos circling my brows and the lines on my top lip. I was told I could come in and Dr. Eberbach would “evaluate”

the Botox results. I said I don’t want to go back in there I can evaluate my own Botox results and they were horrible and I want a refund. I was told that Dr. Eberbach did perform the service and that there would be no refund. Yes he did perform the service but he sucks at his service, and did not give me what I went there for. Their customer service is as bad as their services. Stay away from this office

Did You Know?

Botox are chemicals injected to the facial skin, that relaxes the nerves of facial muscles and hence, due to improper signaling the facial muscles contract less. Hence, it can be said that Botox therapy is the improper functioning of facial muscles.

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