Brad Bickham

Brad Bickham Sexually Harassed My friend who used to work at AddusHomeCare

Brad Bickham is a pervert and deserves to be in jail. He is a powerful person and that is why no one dares to raise a voice against him. Otherwise he would be rotting in prison at the moment. 

Brad Bickham is the COO and Exec VP at AddusHomeCare. He is a 56-year-old guy and for him to turn out to be a pervert, really shocked me. My friend had no idea that her work experience at Addus Homecare Corp would be so painful. 

My friend used to work at his company before the pandemic. She was a very cheerful person and a very hard working professional. My friend was working as an assistant at that company and had worked there for several months before leaving. 

She told me about the sexual harassment she faced just a few weeks ago. I can’t believe what I heard. She has been struggling ever since and is seeing a psychologist for her depression. 

It all started when Brad made a very dirty comment on her. She was supposed to bring him several files and when he saw her he made a very obscene and sexist comment. After that incident he tried to make a very inappropriate physical contact with her. 

She was leaving when he tried to touch her from behind. They were in the elevator together so you can understand how uncomfortable she would have been. 

She thought of complaining about it with the HR but left the thought because Brad is a prominent figure there. 

She later found out that complaining about him wouldn’t lead to any fruitful results. He tried to invite her to his home one day and on another occasion he tried to get physical with her again. 

He had called her into his office and because there were not many people around he grabbed her hand and tried to force her into kissing him. Imagine the horror she must have felt at that time. It was her first job and she was facing constant harassment from her boss. After that incident she complained about it to the HR manager who made false promises to her. She left that company after seeing how powerless she was. 

As a friend I questioned her decision of quitting such a great company because in my opinion I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to work with some of the best financial advisors of the country. Who would’ve thought that that place is actually has monsters and perverts? 

She kept silent on this topic for many days and just recently explained why she left that company. Even after she left Addus Homecare, Brad tried to contact her through calls but when she didn’t respond, he stopped. 

I was so sorry for her. I thought she could take some legal action against him but seeing how powerful and influential Brad is I think our efforts would be in vain. Moreover no one would want to speak out against Brad. He is a Powerful authority there.

My friend is now suffering from depression because of Brad Bickham. The pandemic ruined things further because she is now isolated. Not having a job in this terrible situation made her very negative and pessimistic and I have to constantly cheer her up. Still, I can’t imagine the depression she must be going through currently. 

On the other hand, the man who did all the wrong things is living the good life. Brad didn’t have to face any consequences of his terrible actions. He is living a lavish life with his friends and family whereas my friend is struggling to make her ends meet and fight depression at the same time. 

I know that society has many sexist and wicked people but I had no idea that a man in that position could be this ill-minded too. 

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A Molestor

Brad Bickham deserves to be in jail. He sexually harassed my friend and is roaming free because of his powerful and wealthy position.

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  1. I feel you. Your friend and you, are brave people. Such voices should not be buries but instead be given support so more people can become aware. If you hadn’t shared this article, nobody would have known the reality about this guy, Brad Bickham.

  2. This guy is still running a company??!
    He should be in jail for what he did! People are paying this guy for GOd’s sake.
    In any case, thanks for sharing your friend’s experiences here. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for that monster.

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