Brad Bruckner: Horrible Marketing, Poor Customer Support Exposed (Latest Update 2023)

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Brad Bruckner is a crooked business executive who has received numerous complaints for his predatory business practices. Learn more.
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Brad Bruckner is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Homethreads, an e-commerce company primarily selling furniture. Many customers have left complaints on Homethreads, raising doubts about Brad and CEO Neil Marcus.

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Brad Bruckner, Co-Fonder & CMO of Homethreads

Brad and his partner Neil Marcus claim to be in charge of a large network of partners and suppliers who claim to provide high-quality products. However, many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s policies and customer service. The company’s website may appear to be safe and secure, but what matters are genuine and honest customer feedback. 

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8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Brad Bruckner has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Co-Founder Brad Bruckner & Homethreads

Homethreads is an e-commerce company that sells furniture, rugs, window treatments, pillows, and bedding. Neil Marcus is the CEO & Brad Bruckner is the CMO and co-founder of the Homethreads. Brad previously worked as an Art Director at Lord and Taylor. Brad Bruckner attended North Texas University. He claims that his years of experience have aided in cultivating a large network of partners and suppliers, allowing them to provide the highest quality products.

brad bruckner
Homethreads is the company where Brad Bruckner works

Homethreads believes its products are built for longevity, comfort, and style. The company claims to have over 200 fabrics and a wide range of products. It offers made-to-measure Roman shades, Drapery Pands that claim to fit any window size, and designer rugs of the highest quality and most popular styles.

Products of Homethreads

Homethreads’ product categories include Bedding and bath, Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, and Home Decor. 

  • Bedding & Bath: Includes J.Queen New York, Piper, and Wright & Oscar/Oliver as Fabric
  • Furniture: Includes items like Valour Upholstered Faux, Leather Sofa, Render End table Nightstand Walnut, Amish Dining Armchair Set of 4, Vernon Rocking Chair, Morgan Counter Stool, and more.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Includes Abate Outdoor Patio Swing Chair Without Stand, Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Side Table, Newport Chaise Lounge Chair without Stand, Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Round, Aura Patio Wicker Rattan Sofa, Sedona 4 piece Outdoor Patio, Convene Canopy Outdoor Parts.
  • Home Decor: Includes Mirrors, Wall clocks, Throws and Blankets, Decorative Bowls, Planters, Vases, Bottles, or Sculptures, Paintings, Prints, Bookends, Photo frames, and so on. Other categories of Homethreads products include Rugs, Lighting, Shades and Curtains, Metal Ceiling, and Wall Tiles.

Homethreads claims to offer free shipping on orders over $79. Homethreads also has a return policy, claiming to guarantee a 30-day money bank. Customers may return any item they are not completely satisfied with as long as it is returned within 30 days of receipt and the product is in its original condition and packaging.

What does it signify when a customer is not satisfied?

Customer unhappiness is the polar opposite of customer satisfaction. It occurs when a corporation fails to address a complaint from a client and when the expectations of the customer are not met. For instance, 74% of customers say they will overlook a company’s error after delivering exceptional service.

What do people say about Brad Bruckner & Homethreads?

Customer Reviews on Brad Bruckner:

  1. According to a consumer, Homethreads has terrible shipping rates. They will encourage you to wait 72 business hours, or 11 days, not counting weekends, if they are running late. They respond that they will update you in another 72 business hours if you ask for further updates. When the item was supposed to ship in three days, the customer claimed that even after two weeks, he checked the order status and discovered that it was still in progress, not yet shipped. Eventually, the customer petitioned his bank to halt payments for goods I never received.
brad bruckner
  1. A customer shared his experience of purchasing a table that appeared round in the picture but was oval. After several messages, He sent a return request explaining his problem, but Brad Bruckner’s team refused to offer a return label in exchange for a proper table. He would later have to pay shipping and restocking fees, which amounted to the cost of Table. Customers stated that Homethreads has poor customer service and a poor return policy. He said it had been over 30 days and was still stuck with the Table.
brad bruckner
  1. A customer attempted to cancel his order from Homethreads when he discovered a better deal on another platform. The company refused to accept the mattress back, even though it had never been opened. When the customer expressed dissatisfaction, he advised everyone not to use this company.
brad bruckner
  1. When a customer orders a product, he feels very misled because the company claims to have items in stock, but once you pay, your order will remain in confirmed status for weeks or even months. Then, when you contact them, they make excuses about shipping delays or being out of stock, all while sitting on thousands of dollars you gave them. He stated that he would not use Homethreads again.
brad bruckner
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Horrible experience with Brad Bruckner Co-Founded Company: Homethreads

A customer expressed his dissatisfaction with HomeThreads. He ordered two white velvet accent chairs for a sitting area after calling twice to confirm that the chairs were “snow white.” The customer proceeded to order after the lady on the phone said yes. He opened the first box of chairs after they arrived, which were cream white rather than snow white. He contacted Homethreads about the problem and was told that a claim would be filed. 

brad bruckner

A few days later, he received an email in which he was informed that he would be responsible for the cost of returning the chairs and a 10% restocking fee for a product they had misrepresented. 


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Later, he searched and discovered a return policy that states, “If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return any item in its original condition and original packaging within 30 days of receipt, and we will gladly provide a refund or a replacement.” He stated that he would never recommend this company to anyone and that if he could give them a -10 star rating, he would.

Brad Bruckner: Horrible Marketing, Poor Customer Support Exposed (Latest Update 2023)
Brad Bruckner: Horrible Marketing, Poor Customer Support Exposed (Latest Update 2023)

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  1. Avoid this firm waste of time and money, it is very difficult to get a refund from them it is the most difficult task to get the ordered product, and the process of returning the mismatched product is time taking, so avoid them.

  2. I will suggest you search for some other firm to purchase any of the items if you want to waste your money then you can order from Brad Bruckner for any items.

  3. They claim to provide a full refund on your replaced product but this is fake and baseless, several reviews are about their fake claims.

  4. The incident of chair replacement has been repeated several times, they are charging extra money for the replacement also, make sure you don’t get involved with these scammers, for purchasing any product.

  5. I also ordered a pair of chairs and the same problem was repeated, the mismatched color of the chairs, so I will suggest you search for a better platform, rather than investing with Brad’s company, full regret.

  6. The company is making their people suffer for no reason, it is like you are investing your money with them and then suffering also, so avoid Brad Bruckner at any cost.

  7. It is important to investigate the company’s previous rating before taking any of their services, chances of suffering are higher.

  8. The worst thing about any of these firms is their poor customer service and there are several platforms that aren’t providing accurate information about their company and scamming their people.

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