Bradley Laughlin – Watch out for this crook

Over the past seven years, I have had the unfortunate experience of getting to know Bradley Laughlin. We had become friends, and I thought that this relationship was based on mutual trust and respect. Little did I know the depths that his dishonesty goes to!

I have loaned or invested in Brad’s business ventures over the last two years, believing his promises of repayment. To date, he owes me an astonishing total of $500,000 and still makes excuses for why he can’t pay me back.

Brad has been a concert promoter for over three decades and has plenty of stories from his supposed success in this field. He speaks of having worked with famous celebrities all over the world, making himself out to be a highly respected concert producer and promoter. However, it is obvious now that all these tales are false and hollow – Brad only means them to gain your trust so he can borrow money from you!

I would strongly advise anyone considering investing or loaning money to Brad Laughlin to just walk away now; this man is nothing more than a liar with no intention of repaying any debt. Do not be fooled by his polished stories and fall for his tricks! Stay away at all costs.

My advice? If you come across Brad Laughlin, RUN!! He is not to be trusted. Learning this lesson has cost me a lot of money, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience the same. Protect yourself and stay away from him!

When I first encountered Brad, he was promoting concerts in Cancun. We became close friends, and he asked me several times if I wanted to partner with him and invest money in his concert business. Despite my initial hesitation, I agreed to lend him some money and receive a portion of his business’s equity in return, hoping that this would benefit us both. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as planned.

Rather than using the money to pay off his debts, Brad often rewarded himself or put on another concert. He never provided me with a statement detailing where the money went, nor did he give me access to the bank accounts related to his business. Eventually, we decided that if I lent him enough money for one more show, he would pay me a significant sum and draft an agreement outlining how he intended to settle the remaining balance within a short period.

Though I was hesitant, I reluctantly followed through with this plan. After I supplied the necessary funds for the show expenses, Brad proceeded to string me along for months without meeting our agreement – despite repeatedly promising that he would do so on numerous occasions. He consistently failed to provide any accounting statements or settlement reports demonstrating what happened to our investments. As a result, I lost faith in him and felt betrayed by his dishonesty and inability to uphold our terms.

Though I still consider Brad a friend, our business relationship has since deteriorated beyond repair. I have had to accept that his broken promises have cost me dearly, and I must now face the consequences of my investment decisions. Ultimately, this serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering investing in any venture with him in the future. In hindsight, it is clear that agreeing with Brad was not worth the risk.

AZ Jazz Fest 2022 was a huge hit, with every ticket selling out! But when it came time to pay me for my services, Brad stalled. After stringing me along for weeks, I eventually secured an appointment, only to be told that he couldn’t pay in full because he had already promised deposits on his next show in 2023. In other words, he’s withholding money from me and using it as collateral for his future gigs. This is unacceptable!

I felt I had no choice but to agree to his demands and allow him to use my money. However, this was a mistake as Brad did not make good on his promise. He failed to pay me the full amount that he initially promised, leaving me out of pocket. As if this wasn’t enough, Brad has broken countless other promises made to me over the past two years – none of which he has kept or followed through with.

The evidence against Bradley Laughlin is overwhelming; I have emails, texts, and documented proof demonstrating how he has taken advantage of me. This situation has gone on for too long, so I have decided to take legal action by hiring an attorney who will be suing him both civilly and criminally for defrauding me of my money.

I am determined to get justice and will not rest until Brad is held accountable for his actions. He cannot continue to take advantage of people with impunity, and I hope that my story serves as a warning to anyone else who might be thinking of working with him in the future. It’s time he faced the consequences of his fraudulent behavior. I won’t allow myself to be taken advantage of any longer. It’s time for his deceitful behavior to come to an end. I’m not backing down, and I won’t be silenced. I will fight until justice is served.

I have known Bradley Laughlin for over seven years, and it would be an understatement to say that he has constantly been asking people to invest in his businesses during this time. In my personal experience, I have found that he is not a man of his word. He will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear just so you provide him with financial support; however, as soon as the money is in his pocket, his promises vanish like smoke in the wind. Unfortunately, I am one of many people who can attest to this fact. I had wired money to him for a business venture, and after making innumerable excuses and broken deadlines, he failed to deliver on any of the terms we had discussed.

My advice to anyone considering investing with Brad is this: do your due diligence! Don’t let his smooth-talking words fool you into believing what he says – there’s no guarantee that it’s true or that it will ever come to fruition. His track record speaks for itself; therefore, instead of relying on what he tells you, take the time to research and verify facts yourself before agreeing to anything.

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  1. The author of this article is not listed. I worked for Brad Laughlin for almost 3 years. I know him very well and know of his practices. He owes many people millions of dollars. Please reach out to me, I may have information that may help you in your legal endeavors. David Payne, 310.482.1672

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