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You never know when you might come across a fraudster. It could be on the street or in your office. It can also be online. Many fraudsters now rely on the internet to find their prey and Brad is no different. Yes, Brad Lea is a fraudster and I think he is among the top ones in the industry. This guy, who claims to be a high-school dropout millionaire, has amassed a lot of wealth by lying to people, cheating people and betraying people. He is a motivational speaker. He is also an entrepreneur but before all this, he is a fraudster.

I can call him a fraudster because of what happened with me. I know how this guy behaves. I have had first-hand experience of this guy.

Why do people hire speakers for gigs? To provide some valuable insights, right? Well, Brad doesn’t do that. He does the opposite. He wastes everyone’s time. He’d discuss his past successes, his current products, and then end the speech. You’d wonder if that’s really the same guy who hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the sales industry.

After the experience I had with this criminal, I looked into him further and uncovered a lot of dirty stuff. Now I know why he puts out so much content on social media platforms. Now I know why he acts like some veteran. Now I know why he is a narcissist.

Before I start writing about him, I want to ask you, the reader, are you a follower of Brad Lea?

Because if you are among his followers then beware. You should read the following article with an open mind. I’m only sharing my experience and opinion here.


Who is Brad Lea?

Brad Lea is a fraudster. But not many people know this fact. They only know what they can find out on his websites and Brad has put in a lot of effort into creating a compelling story to deceive people. Everyone loves a good rag to riches story and Brad has put out the same to attract people. People tend to glamorize those who come from humble beginnings. This is why Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg get so much respect these days. Those guys started from nothing and built empires.

Brad attempts to land a similar effect on people through his rags to riches story. Playing with people’s emotions for your personal greed is, in my opinion, one of the worst things a person can do.

Brad’s website doesn’t say much about him. It starts with one of his own quotations. His entire website is filled with his quotations. What a narcissist! He wants to show himself as a superior being. How depraved and egoistic do you have to be to fill your website with your own quotes? What kind of message do you want to convey? Does he think that by reading his quotes people will begin to revere him as a motivational speaker? What kind of logic is this?

His website and his marketing strategies are great example of how a narcissist behaves. My experience with him and the reviews of his company also show that Brad is full of himself.

When you visit his website, and see his numerous quotations, you might feel a little weird. Then comes his ‘About’ page. This page is supposed to tell you ‘about’ Brad. But what does it do? Praise him.

The website doesn’t share any details about what he does and where he comes from. No, those details won’t contain the name ‘Brad’ too much so they just skip all that and tell you that Brad is one of the best speakers out there. And like everything related to Brad, his bio doesn’t forget to mention his current venture called Lightspeed VT which is nothing but a piece of garbage.

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His bio says that he is a high school dropout. He makes sure that you never forget this fact because he would mention it everywhere every time. There’s no stopping him. He also mentions that he used to work as a salesperson in different industries. He started out by creating a Real Deal Presentation which he used to increase his sales. After a few years he started training people about sales through this presentation. What a genius right? Well, he doesn’t stop there. He has three other operating ventures at the moment, which are:

  • The Bottom Line
  • Closer School
  • And, the Dropping Bombs Podcast

He also speaks at events, which is his worst speciality if you ask me.

So this Brad Lea, an entrepreneur, a husband, rags to riches guy, a scammer, etc. Some people might question me why I keep calling him a fraudster, a scammer, etc. I guess, for that, you will need to read my experience. It will give you a clear picture.

My Brad Lee Review

My Experience with Brad Lea

So I have mentioned this before that Brad is a motivational speaker. He has been doing gigs for a long time. My company was holding an event and it wanted me to manage everything, which I did. We needed an expert motivational speaker as it was a business event. I had the responsibility of finding and hiring the same apart from the event manager. So I started looking into various speakers available in our area. It was a busy time and the first three people I had contacted were unavailable on that date. Then I found Brad Lea, the guy who claims to be an expert in sales, a master speaker, and so on. I contacted those guys and although his fee was relatively higher than other speakers, he was available.

I was also really impressed with his website and his social media profiles. I thought he must be a thought leader in the industry after seeing the number of followers he had on different platforms.

I had no idea that Brad is nothing more than a scammer. I wouldn’t have hired Brad if I knew he would suck up all the money I have and leave me with nothing. Let me tell you what happened when he arrived at my place. First, he didn’t show any enthusiasm whatsoever when he came to our event. He was constantly yawning and looking at his phone. Brad was among the top guests on our event and he was acting like this was all a big pain in the A for him. He wouldn’t talk to anybody except ask for a drink. When his turn to speak came up, I was really excited. I hadn’t seen a high-profile motivational speaker perform on a live stage before. I had seen some talks here and there, on YOuTube and other platforms but I had never seen one in real life. So I was eagerly waiting for his speech. And that’s when the disaster happened. He gave a small speech of 10 minutes, which was mostly about motivation and his life, then he left. His fellow subordinates cited his busy schedule as the reason behind him leaving so soon.

There wasn’t anything special in his speech too. It was bland and kind of self-promotional. He had mentioned all the products he has created in that little speech. I was shocked. Not only did I feel a lot of disappointment but I was also scolded by my superiors because of this guy. They thought I had brought someone cheap or that I had only booked Brad for a 10-minute speech.

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I had to clarify everything with them. Then I contacted Brad’s company about the payment. I was mad at them because I had paid his booking fee in full but he only gave a 10-minute nonsensical speech. That was nothing like what I had expected or what I had in my mind. I can say that I literally got SCAMMED by this loser. When I contacted those guys can you guess what they told me? They told me that Brad had given a speech as requested. As a reply to this I told them that I had booked Brad for a bigger speech, at least for an hour. I had paid him for an hour minimum. They replied by saying that the crowd was too small for Brad to waste his time giving an hour-long speech. What kind of messed up reply is that? I had booked Brad for a substantially long speech not some 10-minute nonsense. And the justification that the crowd was too small? How is it a professional response?

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I was really mad at Brad and his company at that point. I wanted to go to his office and punch him right in the face. But I calmed down and I contacted the company again. I wanted a refund. My bosses also wanted me to get a refund. I only wanted partial compensation by the way because I knew they would at least charge for those meager 10 minutes Brad has spoken for.

But those guys told me that they won’t refund any amount. It was their policy. I requested them multiple times and asked if there was any other way that I can get my refund but they denied my every request.

After all of this fiasco, I didn’t get the compensation. It also became clear in my company that I will never get another event to handle. My supervisors don’t trust me anymore. Regarding Brad, I know now how these high-profile speakers operate. Their main income doesn’t come from their companies but from their 5 to 10-minute long speeches which are just a waste of time for the audience. These guys charge tens of thousands of dollars for an hour but they don’t deliver the same quality.

Brad took the whole payment for at least an hour-long speech, spent only 10 minutes on the stage and didn’t even issue a refund for his terrible performance. I believe it was the worst mistake I ever made. I will never contact Brad or his company.

I have also alerted others in my social circle that they shouldn’t interact with Brad or his products. This guy isn’t trustworthy, he is a criminal.

Worst Employer EVER!!!

LighSpeed VT Reviews & Complaints

Brad runs LightSpeed VT, which is a training software company. It is flagship company. He mentions it everywhere he goes. He mentioned it at least 4-5 times in his 10-minute speech at my event. He claims this company is revolutionary and one of the biggest innovations in the edu-tech sector.

I don’t know about that. If you’d ask me, I would say it is an okay product. But a company is made of its people. If the employees aren’t happy, if they are always under stress, how do you think will the company perform? After I had a terrible experience with Brad, I had looked into him and his companies. I came to find out many negative reviews about his company LightSpeed VT.

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There are many employees who hated working there for a plethora of reasons.

Let me share some of those reviews here so you can get an idea of just how terrible a boss Brad really is:

1 1

This reviewer has just shared the truth in simple words. He doesn’t want anyone else to waste his or her time working for Brad. He has also shared that the CEO is volatile. He clearly didn’t want to mention Brad at this point but this review hints at the terrible work ethic of Brad. You can also notice that the management at this place sucks in multiple reviews.


In Brad’s offices, there’s a lot of drama going on too. Why is that? Because the upper management of the company is pathetic. It doesn’t promote good-quality employees. It doesn’t give anyone any raises. They just keep wasting the energy of their employees but they don’t care about them. There’s a common mention about the pathetic upper management in these complaint. It shows that everyone in LightSpeed VT. I think Brad has given the jobs of upper management to his friends and flatterers. Real managers don’t insult their team members in company meetings. Nor do they throw their employee’s work in their faces. It just goes to show how poorly managed this company is.

If you think the reviews I shared above were all, you’re mistaken. There are a ton of negative reviews about LightSpeed VT on multiple platforms.


In this review, the person has said everything I said before. He clearly states that the CEO acts on favouritism. He doesn’t care about his employees. He is delusional. He thinks he is running a multi-million company but that’s not the case. He fires employees on a whim and doesn’t give a darn about the smartest people in the company too. The smartest employees suffer the most because they end up getting poor jobs and then are fired for no good reason. Clearly, the work culture and environment in Brad’s own companies is too bad. Instead of teaching other people how they should run their companies Brad should first take care of his own. 

Conclusion: Take Action!

I’ve done my part

I knew no one was talking about it. But if we don’t do anything, then nothing would happen. I had to share my experience with this fraudster with others so they can realize just how depraved he is. By seeing the kind of reply I got from his company, I know that I’m not the only victim of this company. There must be plenty of others who might have lost more than me but remained silent. I wanted to alert others so they don’t make the same mistake.

The least you can do is share my experience with others. The more people know about it the better.

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