Bradford Recovery Center – Drug Addicted Staff & Toxic Food

Finding the right rehab can be difficult. But if you know which places to avoid, you can easily make a safer decision. And one of the places that you should definitely avoid is the Bradford Recovery Center

According to its customers, the place is a big mess. The staff doesn’t treat patients properly, the place overcharges its customers, and the food is uncooked most of the time. 

You’ll find out a lot more in the following review: 

About the Bradford Recovery Center

Bradford Recovery Center is a residential addiction rehab in Pennsylvania. Their address is 64 School St, Millerton, PA 16936, US. 

This place claims to be a leading rehab facility for those facing addiction and related disorders. It also claims to offer the “ideal environment” to the patients for personalized treatment. However, the reviews suggest otherwise. 

According to the various Bradford Recovery Center reviews, this place has too many issues to count. The staff doesn’t care about the patients and the management doesn’t care about the staff. 

This place has also garnered a reputation for overcharging its patients and refusing to refund the unused amount. You’ll read all about it in the reviews I have shared below. They will help you understand what’s particularly wrong with this place.

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What is a Red Flag? 

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Wrongfully Charging a Client

Bradford Recovery Center Review

The person complains that the Bradford Recovery Center is charging them unlawfully. They are charging this person for prescriptions worth $115.33 which they received during their stay there. 

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This person was under Medicaid at the time of posting the review. Even though they had left the place for months, the rehab still sent them the bill. So, this person brought up this issue with the rehab and requested to discard the bill. However, they said they can’t do anything about it and suggested contacting the company that sends the prescriptions. 

So, the reviewer contacted that company which redirected them back to the rehab. After all these discussions, the rehab finally assured them that they will take the billing away. But a few weeks later, the place sent them another bill and informed them that the previous one is at a collections agency. 

Certainly, it’s highly careless and negligent behaviour on Bradford Recovery Center’s part. 

Staff of the Bradford Recovery Center Doesn’t Care about the Patients

Bradford Recovery Center Review

According to this review, the staff at this rehab doesn’t care about the patients. The place holds less than half of the scheduled groups. And they are unengaging and uneventful. Moreover, the staff shows up around 5 to 15 minutes late to the groups. 

They are also unhappy most of the time. I can understand why that must be happening. I have shared many employee reviews in the later half of my Bradford Recovery Center review. Reading them will give you an idea of why the staff here is so unmotivated and unengaging. 

The kitchen isn’t very pleasant either. This person received uncooked and cheap food multiple times during their stay here. Also, the counselors don’t care about the patient. The rooms at this place are also overcrowded, according to the reviewer. 

Gave Allergic Food, Bed Bugs, and Kept the Client’s Clothes

Bradford Recovery Center Review

This reviewer had a horrible experience at Bradford as well. She is a vegan and eats gluten free food. And the place had assured her that she would get suitable food. But that didn’t happen. 

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As a result, the reviewer couldn’t eat properly during their entire stay at this place. Moreover, the rehab served them food they were allergic to but no one cared. 

Also, she woke up to find bed bugs on her bed but the staff didn’t do anything about the issue. They also highlighted that the rehab kept all of their clothes and didn’t give them back on discharge. 

The reviewer also complained that the place was very unhygienic. 

More Bradford Recovery Center Reviews: 

There are a ton of complaints against this rehab. I’m sharing some more of them below to help you understand how pathetic this place is: 

The Rehab Doesn’t Provide Help 

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Failed to Help a Client

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Suspicious Medical Director and Leadership

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Disrespectful Behavior

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Bradford Recovery Center Kicks Out Patients 

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Lied to the Customer and Stopped Responding

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Bradford Recovery Center Employee Reviews: 

The patients aren’t the only ones who have issues with this place. Even the staff is suffering at the Bradford Recovery Center. The following reviews illustrate just how terrible the situation is at this place: 

Hostile Work Environment

Bradford Recovery Center Review

This review says that Bradford isn’t worth your time if you want to maintain your sanity. They highlight that the place doesn’t provide its clients with effective treatment. So they won’t recommend any of their clients to come here. 

The reviewer also points out that the rehab has no support and the leadership doesn’t care about its staff and the patients. Certainly, it’s a sad state of affairs here. Below are some more employee reviews of this place. 

Terrible Pay and Management

Bradford Recovery Center Review

The Place is a Joke

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Management Doesn’t Care About the Staff

Bradford Recovery Center Review

They Only Care About the Money

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Bradford Recovery Center has Terrible Management

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Rampant Corruption

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Owners Lack Experience

Bradford Recovery Center Review


Bradford Recovery Center Review

No Guidance or Foundation

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Drug Addicts in Staff 

Bradford Recovery Center Review

Bradford Recovery Center Alters Employee Documentation

Bradford Recovery Center Review
Value For Money
Client Experience
Honesty & Transparency
Treatment Quality
  • Branding
  • Multiple Unresolved Client Complaints
  • Policy Manipulation
  • Horrible Management
  • Only Care About Money
  • Wrongfully Charge Clients

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