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Doesn’t care

Brandt Daniel is a renowned wealth manager for JP Morgan. He is based in Los Angeles, CA, and serves many clients. However, his behavior has changed drastically and he no longer caters to his clients like he used to. He and his team have changed a lot and they have started treating their clients poorly.

My experience with them has been terrible. Brandt Daniel doesn’t listen to me during meetings and uses that time on other things. I believe he doesn’t respect all of his clients equally. He prioritizes some clients more than others, which is fine to some extent but becomes irritating when it goes out of hand. I have felt as if Brandt and his staff don’t value me as much as they should. 

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The reason why I started working with Brandt Daniel is because of his pristine reputation and authority. The average net worth of his clients is $100 million, so you can understand how prominent he is in the industry. However, after my experience with him, I realized that most of the things I had heard about him were untrue. That man is not a reliable and professional financial advisor. Financial advisors focus on their client’s needs and attend to them appropriately.

They try to understand their client’s goals and take the help of their teams to formulate strategies so their clients can achieve those goals. I didn’t see any of that here. Brandt and his team make you feel as if they’re constantly working to help you grow and to help you make the best financial decisions. However, that’s not really the case. 

If he really cared as much as he claims to, he wouldn’t behave rudely in meetings. I have noticed his arrogant behavior multiple times. It’s clear that he doesn’t care what his clients think of him because his brand is rock-solid. 

Brandt Daniel makes you seem expendable as a client. He wouldn’t listen to you, wouldn’t pay attention to what you say, and would behave rudely. Even his team makes me feel like a less valued client. It seems to me that Brandt Daniel does it deliberately because he is too arrogant. I never thought I would face such a problem with my financial advisor. Service providers tend to be humble and client-focused but that’s clearly not the case with Brandt Daniel.

Brandt Daniel
Brandt Daniel

His team claims that they keep a small number of clients to offer personalized financial services but that’s a lie. Those people give cookie-cutter advice to their clients all the time. I have noticed this happen to me multiple times. They have prepared a few templates and they use them repeatedly whenever they have to address an issue. It’s so obvious that it’s bad. It’s a big reason why I have started disliking this firm and its services. 

These people have changed. I don’t know what caused the change or why they started behaving this way, but they no longer care about their clientele. There was a time when I would get individual attention from Brandt Daniel but that doesn’t happen anymore. I feel restricted and it seems to me that these people are not going to change any time soon.

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If they would be listening to me, I wouldn’t have needed to write a review like this. I could have simply told them about my discontentment and they would have acted accordingly. However, they don’t listen to me and don’t care about what I think or want. I had no option but to share my review on a social media website like this. It would be best if they started taking some action after reading this review and changed their ways. 

Brandt Daniel Review: Conclusion

Brandt Daniel and his staff no longer care about their clients. They don’t listen to me during meetings and have started making me feel like an unimportant client. I didn’t know financial advisors can be this cold toward their clients. These people have changed their behavior over time and are no longer focused on helping their clients thrive. 

Brandt Daniel and his team don’t listen to their clients, don’t address their problems, and don’t care about them. They make me feel less valued as a client and I don’t think anyone should have to tolerate such behaviour.

3.6 Total Score
Don't Care About Clients

Brandt Daniel and his staff no longer cares about their clients. They don’t listen to me during meetings, and have started making me feel like an unimportant client. I didn’t know financial advisors can be this cold towards their clients. These people have changed their behaviour over time and are no longer focused on helping their clients thrive.

  • Give cookie-cutter advice
  • Don't care about clients
  • Selfish
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