Brett Adcock: His Allegations Crashed His Business? The Truth Exposed (Latest Update 2023)

Brett Adcock has put Archer in a lot of trouble through his illicit business practices. Due to his unprofessional activities, the company is facing serious lawsuits that can end its operations.

Now, he has resigned to let the company revive itself. He couldn’t clean up the mess he made so it was the right thing to do.

The following report explores how Brett Adcock put Archer Aviation in a terrible position through his poor business decisions:

brett adcock

Following Brett Adcock’s resignation as co-CEO this week, Adam Goldstein assumed sole leadership of eVTOL aircraft maker Archer Aviation. Adcock, who started the start-up in California alongside Goldstein in 2018, will continue to serve on the board of directors of the business.

To advance its flight testing and certification program on its way to commercialization, the firm took this action, which it believes will assist in minimizing its organizational structure, according to a written statement from Archer about the leadership change. 

brett adcock

Archer is in a prime position to commercialize urban air transportation as one of the most well-funded eVTOL businesses, with a team of top-tier engineers and designers.

In March, Archer notified investors that it would have a Part 135 air operator’s certificate and be prepared to start providing commercial air taxi services by the time it received type certification for its four-passenger eVTOL vehicle in 2024. 

26/12/2023 Update
As of now, Brett Adcock has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The first complete, production-ready model of the as-yet-unnamed aircraft will be unveiled in 2023, the company says.

The two-seat Maker technology demonstrator is anticipated to make its first successful transition from hover to cruise flight in the second half of 2022, and by year’s end, a second example of the subscale model will be prepared for flight. The Maker made a brief hover flight on December 16, 2021, but has not flown since.

brett adcock

In a statement, Goldstein thanked the board for giving him the chance to lead by utilizing our critical advantages in competition, which will render urban air mobility a normal occurrence in the United States. 

The trade secret litigation brought by Adcock has endangered the business.

The team at Archer has been working nonstop for the last four years to become a market leader in eVTOL. He also expressed his gratitude to Brett for his support and numerous contributions to Archer over the years.

After combining their businesses with special purpose acquiring firm Atlas Crest in September 2021, Archer listed on the New York Stock Exchange to raise an estimated $847 million. 

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A public investment in private equity commitment totaling $600 million was made by investors United Airlines and Stellantis, a major player in the automobile industry and the company’s production partner.

United Airlines and a contract for the provisional acquisition of up to 200 Archer eVTOL aircraft was inked in February 2021. United said it intended to utilize the plane to transport people to and from its main hub airports in collaboration with its regional affiliate Mesa Airlines.

Beginning early in 2019, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California will begin hearing a case that was filed by competitor eVTOL startup Wisk Aero. It asserts that Archer gained trade secrets about its design for a comparable aircraft unlawfully.

Archer vehemently refutes these accusations, citing the FBI and Department of Justice’s decision in March 2022 not to file charges against Jing Xue, a former employee of Wisk who later joined Archer.

 Justification of Brett Adcock

Adcock claimed that when he had the idea for Archer, he had a fantasy of getting to a position where our deeds could one day benefit humanity, and we set the business on a course to do that.

He continued that over the last four years, he hired the best team of his career, and raised $1 billion in the capital. He took Archer public on the New York Stock Exchange, created and flight tested our full-scale electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft Maker, took the lead in

  • FAA certification
  • vertically integrated key technologies
  • aircraft design
  • flight software
  • electric motors 
  • battery systems

And most importantly, helped advance the advantages of electric vehicles.

Allegations on Brett Adcock Archer Aviation

brett adcock

Archer Aviation of Brett Adcock is stepping up its defense against accusations that it stole trade secrets from rival Wisk Aero. 

Archer, which launched its Maker eVTOL earlier this month, claimed in a court filing late Wednesday that Wisk was aware of Archer’s aircraft design weeks before it filed its patent design application, thereby refuting charges that it had stolen Wisk’s concept.

In a complaint filed in April, Wisk asserted that Brett Adcock Archer’s design and its own are almost exactly the same. These similarities are due to the theft of confidential work files by a former Wisk employee who afterward worked for Archer. 

In this latest filing, Brett Adcock claimed that Wisk senior engineer Geoff Long, whom Archer was considering hiring, was given access to its ideas for a 12-rotor tilting design. Long allegedly told Wisk executives about Archer’s plans weeks before Wisk submitted its patent application, according to Archer.

The application was issued in response to a request for an emergency restraining order that Wisk made in May, asking the court to stop its rival from exploiting any of the 52 trade secrets it claims were stolen. It’s a request that, as the business acknowledges in the document, may have disastrous consequences for Archer. 

If the injunction were approved, according to Archer, it would be “offline indefinitely” and present a “grave danger” to the company and its network of partners and suppliers.

Who is Brett Adcock?

Brett is the current creator of Figure, an AI robotics business developing a multifunctional humanoid robot. Brett built Archer Aviation, an urban air mobility firm that went public at $2.7B, and Vettery, a machine learning-based talent marketplace that was bought out for $110M, both before founding Figure.
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Brett Adcock: Archer Aviation’s Mission

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The goal of Archer is to promote the advantages of environmentally friendly air travel. The objective of Archer is to swiftly, safely, sustainably, and economically move people throughout the world’s cities. Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft are being designed and developed by Archer for use in urban air mobility. The Palo Alto, California office of Archer’s team. 

About Atlas Crest 

An affiliate of Moelis & Company, a top global provider of financial advice to corporate executives, boards, business owners, investors, and governments, sponsors Atlas Crest Investment Corp. (NYSE: ACIC), a special purpose acquisition company created to complete a merger, stock purchase, or similar business combination with one or more businesses.


Above all, after reading the entire account, we can conclude that Brett Adcock is not as reliable as he markets himself to be. He was charged with stealing designs from other businesses. It is truly beyond shame.

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