Brett Broyles

Brett Broyles never attends any meetings. Always sends a subordinate instead.

In my 30 years of professional experience I have never met as arrogant and lazy person as Brett Broyles. Brett has set new records at complacency and arrogance which I don’t think anyone else can break except himself. I only met him three or four times and those meetings were enough to make me realise why Brett was not worthy of my money. 

My friend had recommended me to hire Brett Broyles when I was looking for a finance advisor. That’s why I hired that man. It turns out, you can’t even trust your friends nowadays because Brett was nowhere near what she claimed him to be. 

Brett Broyles and His Qualifications

Part of the reason why my friend thought Brett is a great guy is because of his qualifications. On paper, he looks like an amazing option. He is a private wealth manager at Creative Planning and provides different services, including: charitable planning, retirement planning, investment management for individuals, companies, and organizations, along with many other services. 

Problems with Brett:

Sends someone else at his place

I remember when I had requested to meet with Brett for a very important task and he sent a subordinate instead. I had talked to him personally and had told him that I needed to meet him. But even after claiming that he understood the issue he didn’t show up himself. I believe that it was a very humiliating act. When a client requests this much you don’t send a newbie at your place. I complained about it later and he just brushed it off like it was nothing and I was making a big deal out of it. 

Did You Know?

Financial advisors are professionals who are experts in finance and provide financial services and advice to clients based on their financial situation and goals. However, nowadays there are various scammers who dupe investors by claiming themselves to be financial advisors.

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He did it again for our next meeting which prompted me to get rid of his services. I can’t work with someone who can’t even respect his client. I was paying extra fees to have meetings with Brett himself. if I had known that he would pull off something like this why would I pay him thousands of dollars extra? If I had to meet his subordinates instead of him I wouldn’t have needed to pay them that much. 

Never arrives on time

While I am at it I must let you know that even when Brett showed up to a meeting he never showed up on time. That guy loves to waste the time and money of his customers. For one of our meetings he was late by an hour. I had to skip lunch to meet him that day. He never apologized for being late either. Like I have mentioned multiple times here Brett is filled with arrogance. He makes it seem like he never makes any mistakes and it’s always your fault.

For our last meeting he was late again. That just made it easier for me to realise why hiring him was a big mistake. When a person is always late to client meetings it just goes to show how unprofessional that person is. Either he has grown lazy or he no longer thinks that clients are important. I had heard a lot of good things about him but now I know that most of them were rumours or very old experiences. In reality he is now just a lazy and complacent man.

It was really disappointing to find out how terrible Brett Broyles is. My friend had hired him several years ago and left his services when he moved to another state. She had recommended me to hire Brett and in her opinion, Brett was a great guy. I think Brett’s services have degraded substantially in the past few years because now, it’s a hell-like experience to work with him. 

No one likes to wait, especially when the other person has set an appointment. Many times, Brett arrived 30-40 minutes late to a meeting and found me in a meeting with someone else. He always claims that he arrives on time but that’s a white lie. 

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They think that even after so many humiliating delays in meetings and cancellation of appointments, I would still recommend the services of their beloved Brett Broyles. 

Thankfully, no. 

I don’t think I would ever recommend Brett to anyone . And I don’t think anyone else should waste their money on this guy as well. There are many reliable financial advisors in the market, no person should have to waste their money on delayed meetings like I did. 

3.8 Total Score
A Time Waste

Brett Broyles is lazy, arrogant, and unprofessional. Don't bother wasting your money on this fellow.

  • Sends someone else at his place
  • Never arrives on time
  • Never attends any meetings
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