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Speakers are blooming everywhere in this universe each day and night. Due to their increased numbers, they have become as easy to find as you can find stones in every part you visit across the globe. Or is there a place where there are no stones? Not unless the rocks were moved to other sites. The many speakers are a source of confusion as they mislead people in different ways because each speaker has his or her fields of specialization. Each speaker will come up with his or her theories to help lure people into following them. As a result, the people are charged a given amount of money before they receive the services.

People in this generation are filled with the hunger for knowledge as they desire to succeed in life. People purchase hundreds of books to read; they research on the internet, and more so, they attend different conferences that they think are beneficial. They opt to do anything in their capability that will help them fulfill their heart desires. Due to those endless desires, they run left and right in search of these keynote speakers who they believe will be of great benefit. Little do they know what awaits them ahead! They think that the said speakers will help them track the roadway to success. It is true, some speakers will lead you to those appropriate ways, but most of them are a waste of time. The most significant problem is that it is tough to differentiate the best speakers from the worst.

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Brian Fanzo is one of the many useless keynotes speakers I have known for a couple of years. He uses his sarcastic nature to impress people, but at the end of the day, people go home with nothing but aching ribs because of laughter. He is not as professional as he portrays himself, and he should not be given a single chance to speak to people. His unprofessionalism is clear from his dressing code, which is non-official. Public figures put on formal clothes that portray them as educated and decent. He dresses casually everywhere he goes, and this shows that he is not well informed on how to present himself in front of people during meetings. The physical appearance speaks more about you as it portrays the inner you. During different sessions, remember people from different social statuses will attend, and people have the tendency to pass judgments from what they see. Before you clear the negative picture from their minds, it will take time. His quotes are rarely liked.

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Brian Fanzo gives nothing but crap coated with funny words to fool and make you yearn to listen to him more. At the end of his sessions, you will be mesmerized by how stupid you were to sit for hours listening to nothing beneficial. At least you will have learned a lesson not to be running to every meeting you hear around you. It will make you warn your friends never to attend his sessions. One should learn to research on something and always make sure that he or she gathers enough information about the speakers who are to address them. In most cases, the invited speakers are after adding more money in their bank accounts instead of adding knowledge to their listeners. These speakers should be condemned and even be banned from addressing people.

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Brian Fanzo was born on June 9, 1981, in Virginia, at a place called Virginia Beach. In 1999 he completed this secondary education in a school called Floyd Kellam High. Later he joined Radford University and completed his studies in 2003, where he was studying computer science. He has worked in different companies, which include BAE Systems Intelligence and Security (2005-2012). In 2014, he got a new job in ISocialFanz, where he was the founder. Later he secured another position in 2016 at FOMOfanz Live Video Podcast. Currently, he resides at Manassas, Virginia. 

Brian Fanzo is an expert in computer science and all technology-related fields. He majors in helping businesses to combine both digital marketing and the upcoming new technologies. Brian once worked for the United States (U.S) government in the department of cybersecurity. Also, Brian Fanzo is a podcaster (podcasting is a service on the internet where users can freely download audio into their computers or phones to listen to them.) Besides, Brian Fanzo is the father of three beautiful daughters. 


In one of Brian Fanzo’s speaking events that I attended in Francisco, I ended up being so frustrated. I had high expectations that people would come from different places to visit his session as it is a norm when famous and known people are invited. To my shock, less than a hundred people turned up for the event. I noted at the back of my mind that something was wrong somewhere. When Brian Fanzo was allowed to speak to us, he started the session with a lot of energy, and this somehow boosted my expectations once more. He made us believe that we were in the right place and at the right time. After some time, Brian started giving us lectures that only he understood as he deviated from the topic of the day. Most of the people stared at him like a zombie. Our faces were masked with confusion because all he said never made sense. I eagerly waited for the conclusion, and when the time came for us to leave, I left without looking back. I even wished it was a bad dream, but it was the reality. Immediately I made a mental note to never attend to any of Brian Fanzo’s sessions.

I know many people were disappointed as I was, but it is only that they did not get a chance to speak their hearts out. In my case, I was bored to the core, I learned a few things, but I expected to learn a lot from him. The few things I learned, they were merely applicable in real life. It was a day that left me wishing I had stayed indoors and slept as I felt betrayed. I later came to learn that the number of people who turned out for Brian Fanzo’s event was low because many people had already discovered that Brian had nothing new to teach then. As a result, they preferred using their precious time doing other better things. In as much as I regret attending the session, I still believe it was a way of making me become an informer to others who would be planning to associate themselves with Brian Fanzo.

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Brian Fanzo targets being hired in as many events as possible because the more the events he attends, the more money he gets. In a year, Brian Fanzo can speak in a total of sixty-four events. That is incredible. But he is getting greedy over more money day in day out. Just imagine that he is targeting attending to a hundred events in a year. In as much as it is applicable, Brian will not be offering quality services and useful talk to the people. He will lose focus because his mind will always be lingering about the upcoming events. He will lack the time required for prior arrangements hence offering shoddy work. It is better to attend a few facts which will leave a good history about you because people will be willing to invite you next time. Delivering useless speeches will tarnish Brian Fanzo’s name, and he will not stand a chance to be among the upcoming invited speakers in future events.

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Also, the good work will be praised by the people, and they will recommend you everywhere they go. The excellent service offered will act as a marketing strategy, and you will not require adverts to advertise yourself. 

In most of Brian Fanzo’s presentations, most of the people are left more confused than they were before. It is evident that he makes most of the things he talks about look extremely easy, yet they are not applicable in real life. A more substantial portion of his talks are tales that only apply in the world of fiction. I would prefer if Brian Fanzo turned to a better profession that he is good at because it would help save people from a lifetime contradiction. He should train other people on how to prevent cyber-crimes but not being a speaker. Several people have complained that they understood nothing during Brian’s presentations. The complaint are enough to make you not to try associating yourself with Brian Fanzo. 

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At some point, Brian says that we should know what both our friends and enemies think about us. Is this even applicable? Is it beneficial? If it is of benefit, then how does it benefit me? I do not believe there is any sane person who can approach his or her enemies to ask them how they think about them. Even to the friends, I still cannot relate how you will start the conversation to ask what they always think about you. In this life, one should never be worried about what other people think about you. Not every person who will smile at your face is your friend, and very few people would be genuinely happy when you are succeeding and making significant changes in your life. Most would wish that you always remain under them and be as miserable as possible so that you can be their servants. It is advisable to not worry about what others think about you as long as you know, whatever you do is legal and right. As the famous quote says, work in silence and let your success make the noise. 

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When you research about Brian Fanzo, you will think that he is indeed the answer to your prayers. He has a lot of sugar-coated posts that will leave you feeling why you did not learn about him in the past. You might fall for his trap, thinking that he is an angel but do not be deceived by his outer looks and posts. Research profoundly and keenly about him, and you will know his exact color. You will learn that he has a lot of followers as posted in Google posts, but when you get to follow him on different social media platforms, the shock will be on you. The real figures are very different from those posted in his posts. Also, he has so many followers, but it is not logical that despite all those, his posts are liked by only four or ten people. I tend to think that since he is an expert in computers, the figures of his followers are edited. Do not be fooled by his posts because they will land you into endless regret. I would not wish even my worst enemy to land into Brian Fanzo’s sessions.

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Brian Fanzo has a lot of videos that he uploads on YouTube now and then. If you monitor those videos carefully, you will realize that he has very few followers, and this is an indication that people are tired of listening to his helpless tales. Even the number of viewers is alarming because it is too low for a keynote speaker who should be known worldwide if not countrywide. If at all what he shares with people is indeed helpful, there would be thousands and thousands of viewers on his videos. Even the few people who are less than a hundred who view his videos, I believe they watch the videos to impress Brian Fanzo. At times I feel like Brian even pays some of the people to see the videos and leave appealing comments to attract more people. That is just a way of marketing himself. 

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He has a lot of sugar-coated posts that will leave you feeling why you did not learn about him in the past. You might fall for his trap, thinking that he is an angel but do not be deceived by his outer looks and posts. Research profoundly and keenly about him, and you will know his exact color.

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