Brook Lang Seattle – Domestic Violence, Abused Wife

Brook Lang Seattle is a GTM specialist who the court found to be “abusive and intimidating”. 

After the dissolution of his marriage, he went to the court to ask them to remove the residential restrictions the parenting plan had imposed on him. 

Brook Lang Seattle got married in May 2000. His wife used to work as an administrative assistant but she left her job immediately after the engagement. 

During the period they were married, she lived as a housewife. On the other hand, Brook Long Seattle was working as a sales executive and then worked in business development, marketing and relevant sectors for different tech firms. 

Brook Long Seattle

He launched Montavo in 2004. 

Eventually, the company merged with another company and became Montavo, Inc, a Delaware-based firm. 

Brook Lang Seattle received nearly 2 million shares of the firm’s stock as a result of the merger. 

The couple had three children who were 7, 5 and 3 at the time of their trial. 

In 2007, they separated. The reason behind their separation was a domestic disturbance which took place on April 17. 

As a result of the domestic disturbance, Brook Lang Seattle was arrested and charged with domestic violence. 

A day after the fight, the wife got a protection order and petitioned for dissolution. 

Initially, both had counsel to represent them. However, Brook’s lawyer withdrew her representation in 2008 and he proceeded pro se. 

When the Court Said Brook Lang Seattle was Abusive and Violent:

According to the court records, Brook caused a lot of conflict. He insisted on communicating in person and urged his wife to agree to engage in co-parenting counseling. 

In the latter, he had arranged for his own counselor to deliberately facilitate communications between the two.

Moreover, he demanded that the medical and education providers of his children be near his house. 

Brook Lang Seattle interfered with the medical appointments for his kids multiple times. 

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In January 2008, the court entered an agreed order. The order required the completion of a parenting evaluation from PETP (Parenting Evaluation Treatment Program). 

However, PETP withdrew a few months later. They filed a declaration of noncompliance, pointing out how Brook refused to participate in the same. 

Apparently, Brook Lang Seattle didn’t attend his appointments with the PETP evaluator. He claimed he didn’t believe they would give him enough time. 

However, he insisted on having a parenting evaluation. Brook claimed he knew something others didn’t and asked the court to appoint Lynn Tuttle as the evaluator. 

The court agreed. Tuttle completed the evaluation in September 2008. 

She recommended the court to place children’s primary residence with his wife. Also, she recommended Brook Lange Seattle to join a DV Dads Class and a domestic violence treatment program. 

In her evaluation, Tuttle noted that it seemed difficult for Brook to acknowledge his own behaviors. 

She recommended the domestic violence treatment as it might help him address his issues of “entitlement” and acknowledge how they affect others. 

Similarly, she highlighted that the DV Dad Class would help understand how his abusive behavior affected his children and how he can address them. 

“Flickering Lights On Off, Driving at High Speeds” – How Brook Used to Behave with His Wife

After seeing the evaluation’s recommendations, Brook Lang Seattle asked the court to allow him put 3 more witnesses on the stand. One of them was his therapist who had even rebut the domestic violence claims. 

Certainly, the court didn’t allow him to add so many new witnesses. It only allowed him to add one. 

Although both parties had testified extensively, the testimonies themselves revealed a lot of shady details. 

Documentation reveals that Brook Lang Seattle was extremely controlling. 

He would speak to his wife for hours and would flick the lights to make her listen. Sometimes, he would shut off power in the entire house when his wife would remove herself from an argument. 

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While driving, he would drive at excessive speeds while he yelled at his wife. 

The Court’s Findings Against Brook Lang Seattle:

Brook Long Seattle

The trial court found that Brook used to intimidate and control his wife during the marriage. It found such behavior abusive. 

Also, the court concluded that it was in the best interests of the children for Brook to get domestic violence treatment. It hoped that the treatment will help him get a better understanding of his controlling and abusive behavior. 

Furthermore, the court noted that Brook used to bully and control his wife and others to drive his personal relationships. 

It concluded that he is not capable of agreeing with anyone else unless they agree with his position. 

Also, the court said the case presented a clear domestic violence relationship and that Brook Lang Seattle is “one of the most controlling people this court has ever observed”. 

Finally, the court noted that Brook needed to understand his behavior better to be a good father to his 3 girls. It said his behavior was not  an appropriate way of behaving with one’s family. 


Currently, Brook Lang from Seattle runs Montavo, the company he founded when he was married to his wife. 

He claims to be an expert in the IT sector with decades of experience. However, that doesn’t undermine his past of domestic abuse and violent behavior towards his family. 

Many rich men get away with abusive behavior due to their wealth. For example, Scott McCoy of Cold Spring Partners LLC beat up his subordinate and didn’t face any issues. 

Beware of Brook Lang Seattle. 

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Brook Lang of Seattle, Washington has a history of abuse. His last marriage was dissolved when he was arrested for domestic violence. Beware of this man.

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    There should be severe punishment for domestic violence. Not only the wife but the children are also exposed to risk of abuse. I can’t imagine the horror Mrs Lang must have faced.

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