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Bruce Burrows: Uncovering the Truth of Being Charged by SEC? Let’s Find out! (Update 2024)


Who is Bruce Burrows (CRD#: 2194739)?Everything you need to know about Bruce Burrows and their accolades

Bruce Burrows is a financial expert with 2 years of experience who works out of Garden City, New York. At the moment, Burrows works for Morgan Stanley. They have worked at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Citigroup Global Markets Inc., and Morgan Stanley Private Bank, National Association. Burrows is authorized to do business in New York and Texas and possesses the Series 63 and Series 65 licenses necessary to fulfill the roles of both a securities agent and an investment adviser representative.

Bruce Burrows began his career as a broker in 1992, shortly after significant legislation that altered the way stock options might be exercised was approved. Burrows Strzelecki Group is co-headed by Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Garden City, New York. He noticed a nook. “I cold-called every corporation in America to offer my services,” recalls Burrows, who made a name for himself managing executive stock plans for businesses early on.

Many years later, Burrows became a full-service financial counselor after CEOs started approaching him for personal guidance. His business now manages $15.4 billion in assets, $7 billion of which are in the area of personal wealth management.


About FIRM:History, achievements, leadership, lawsuits, & disputes

About Morgan Stanley Wealth Management:

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, an American multinational financial services corporation, specializes in retail brokerage and asset management. As a division of Morgan Stanley, it serves a wide range of clients, from individual investors and small-to-mid-sized businesses to large corporations, non-profit organizations, and family foundations. With a strong history and a proven track record, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has become a leading choice for those seeking expert financial advice and guidance.

Early Beginnings: Smith Barney & Co.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has its roots in the 1938 merger of Charles D. Barney & Co. and Edward B. Smith & Co., which formed Smith Barney & Co. Charles D. Barney & Co., founded by Charles D. Barney in 1873, was a New York and Philadelphia-based firm that emerged from the failure of its predecessor, Jay Cooke & Company. Edward B. Smith & Co., founded in 1892, became a significant player in securities underwriting in 1934 after absorbing the professionals from the securities business of Guaranty Trust Company, following the passage of the Glass-Steagall Act.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management offers a comprehensive suite of financial services to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. Some of these services include:

Investment Management

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management provides a wide range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and more. Their financial advisors help clients develop tailored investment strategies to meet their specific financial goals and risk tolerance levels.

Financial Planning

Financial planning services offered by Morgan Stanley Wealth Management include retirement planning, education planning, estate planning, and more. Their financial advisors work with clients to understand their financial objectives and develop a comprehensive financial plan to help them achieve those goals.

Banking and Lending

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management offers banking and lending solutions, such as cash management accounts, mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit to help clients manage their day-to-day financial needs and achieve their long-term financial goals.

Insurance and Annuities

To help clients protect their financial future, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management offers insurance and annuity products, including life insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuities, designed to provide financial stability and peace of mind.

Philanthropy and Social Impact Investing

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management offers philanthropic advisory services and social impact investing options for clients who want to align their investments with their values and make a positive impact on society.

What is FINRA? 

FINRA, which stands for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is a government-approved organization responsible for protecting American investors. Its primary objective is to maintain fairness and integrity within the broker-dealer industry, promoting a safe and trustworthy environment for all market parties.


Bruce Burrows Disclosures: BrokerCheck, FINRA, And SEC ReportsEvery complaint, disclosure, litigation against Bruce Burrows

The disclosure of client grievances and arbitrations, regulatory actions, job terminations, bankruptcy filings, and criminal or civil legal procedures is a requirement for all people registered to offer securities or give investment advice.

18/12/2023 Update
As of now, Bruce Burrows has not responded, nor has she apologized for her misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by her victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating her fake PR.

Following is a description of the sort of disclosure event involved:

  • The complaint related to auction rate securities alleged misrepresentation and unspecified damages.
Financial Advisors often take down their client disputes from FINRA’s Public database through Disclosure Expungement. Even law firms provide expungement services to FAs so that they can hide or remove their client disputes and maintain a clean record. So the lack of any disclosures on BrokerCheck doesn’t necessarily mean that the broker hasn’t had any disputes in the past.

FINRA’s BrokerCheck

individual_2194739.pdf (

SEC Litigations & Forms

image 280

Source: Bruce Burrows – SEC Site Search Search Results


Bruce Burrows Lawsuits, Legal Battles, & DisputesActive database of all lawsuit documents (subject to availability) against Bruce Burrows

Most court cases filed in the United States of America are archived on CourtListener, UniCourt,, Justia, and Trellis. law, and Law360. If Bruce Burrows has been involved in any such lawsuits, then you can find the documents using the links down below:

There might be more pending lawsuits against Bruce Burrows which are not listed on these directories. Lawsuit files are often deleted from online directories. So if you cannot find any lawsuits against Bruce Burrows on these websites, you can contact the local authorities and check if they have a physical copy of any cases.


Bruce Burrows Complaints, Class Action Lawsuits & Legal BattlesRead all class action lawsuits and SEC complaints against Bruce Burrows

The following websites/directories are the best sources for finding complaints, litigations, and disputes against finance advisors. You can find all the complaints against Bruce Burrows using the websites down below:

You can contact the law firms mentioned above if facing issues with Bruce Burrows or any financial advisor.


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