Bryan Malis

Bryan Malis is a mentally retarded racist- he called my friend a n****er

Some people are so filled with hatred and ignorance that they can’t even comprehend what’s happening around them. Bryan Malis is one of those guys. I had hired him a few months ago because I thought he would be a great financial advisor. However I was mistaken that guy might be competent but he sure is a racist bigot.

Who is this Bryan Malis I’m Talking About

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Before I share my horrendous experience with Bryan here, I believe I should clarify further as to who that guy is and what he does. Bryan R. Malis is the Managing Director of Altair Advisers. He is a Chartered Finance Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Before starting Altair, he used to work at Arthur Andersen. He has received a lot of recognition for his work. Seeing the credentials of the guy, I couldn’t ever imagine how mentally depraved he really is. The fact that a person of such a high level would call someone else a n****er shocked me.

Now that I’ve shared a little detail about Bryan, I should discuss what happened between him and me:

When I first met the guy in a meeting I thought he was a great fit for my company. I asked about him and found out that he is  a high level financial advisor so I contacted his company. I wanted someone to handle my retirement plans and funds; he seemed like the right person for the job. 

During our meeting he was well behaved and very understanding so I couldn’t have ever thought that he would be a racist at that time. He worked with me for a few months until I invited him to a party. That incident taught me many things but most of all it taught me not to judge a book by its cover. 

The party was for a friend and Bryan had arrived just in time. Everything was going well and I was happy that I had invited him. But things took a turn for worse when he started drinking. I had never thought Bryan would be a drunkard. I got busy talking to some of my other friends and he got busy drinking and getting inebriated. He got a little drunk there and then called one of my friends n****r. He said to my friend, “hey you n***er, move your a** and get me a drink.” That friend was the host of the party. I still commend the way he handled that entire situation. He kept his cool and just ignored Bryan’s drunk talk. Some of my friends got mad at him and I was called there immediately to handle the situation. I escorted Bryan out and sent him home. 

I felt so humiliated when I found out what he had said to my friend that I requested him to leave the party right away. The problem was he didn’t say in front of me, I found this out through my wife who had  witnessed everything.

Bryan Malis is so self-absorbed and arrogant that he didn’t even realise his mistake. He was so drunk that night that he totally forgot about the incident. I was expecting an apology when he contacted me a few days later. But instead, he acted as if nothing had happened. I told him that I want him to apologize to my friend for the way he talked to him at that party. Bryan started acting as if he didn’t remember anything about that day. And when he realised that I wouldn’t fall for this ‘I forgot what I said’ act, he started claiming that I was making a false allegation and he hadn’t said anything like it. I couldn’t believe the audacity of that guy. When he refused to even accept his mistake I realised that I can’t do anything about the situation. So I fired him. 

His people contacted me multiple times after that. He got an appointment with me and I thought he would apologize then, even though I had made up my mind. He just started saying that he couldn’t believe I would fire him for such a small thing. The guy felt no shame or remorse for the horrendous thing he had done at my friend’s party. I told him that I don’t associate myself with racist crooks like him and he then got all defensive. He started pulling the same old act he was pulling in the phone call. He first claimed that he hadn’t said anything like that and that other people were lying about it. Then he started saying that even if he did call my friend a n****r, it wasn’t his fault. 

That was the end of it. I hadn’t met the guy ever since. The way he caused a scene at my friend’s party and the way he handled the rest of the situation were enough to convince me that he is an unreliable guy. Bryan is not trustworthy at all. How can I trust a person who can’t even accept his mistakes? He is clearly a dishonest, arrogant, racist jerk who doesn’t know how to behave in a social setting. Bryan is a complete idiot and I regret hiring him. 

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Bryan Malis is a bigot racist! I hired him & he blatantly said some extremely racist words to my friend. RACISM NEEDS TO END and it basically never will if people like him don't change themselves!

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  1. Racism is a disease. I don’t know how this guy is even at that position.

    My brother had a similar incident where he invited someone over to a gathering and when that person got drunk, they called someone else the n-word.

    Liquor tends to expose the hidden sides of people.

    That person who ruined that party got a punch in the face by my brother and I think Bryan here deserved a punch too.
    You handled it well my friend. If I had been at your position, I don’t know what kind of stuff I would’ve said or done.

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