BTCvest : A New Crypto Ponzi Scam

BTCvest Reviews become unsuccessful in providing the particular executive information and Ownership on its official website. Alternatively, BTCvest dissembles to run by Al generated in the invented identifications. 


Therefore, make an effort to appear in authorize, BTCvest which helps in giving incorporation information for “Bitcoin Investment Base LTD”

The company Bitcoin Investment Base LTD was legally formed in the United Kingdom on 15th June 2022.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. The Bitcoin marks the presence of digital liquidity. The transactions are recorded in a blockchain (a public distributed ledger) and verified by network nodes, via cryptography.

1 Bitcoin = 26,499.25 US Dollar

An MLM organization functioning and asserting out of the United Kingdom but is a reg flag alert. 

The process of constituting a company is dirty and cheap in the United Kingdom and it is also productively not controlled. On the very top is the FCA, UK’s first-ranked financial corporation that does not deliberately operate MLM-related securities scams

As a result, the judgment of the UK is preferred for fraudulent looking into operation, incorporation, and promotional scammer organization.

For any other reason MLM legal requirements, inclusion in the UK, or registration with the (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority is incomprehensible. 


The significant question is who runs this scam, the formal “company presentation” has been titled to it in Chinese languages. The suggestion has been given to the owner of BTCvest organization and generates a good relationship with China. That would be expanded to South-East Asia as well. 

25/11/2023 Update
As of now, BTCvest has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

MLM organizations do not come publicly in front of their owners and executive information. People have to rethink after joining these types of organizations. 


Products of BTCvest 

The organization does not have relatable goods or services. Affiliates are only able to market BTCvest retail associateship. 

Compensation Plan of BTCvest

Invest Receive 
$5003% a month 
$10004% a month 

Therefore, returns have been added every month, and BTCvest has to pay a daily return established by this amount.

BTCvest Reviews always pay their returns for about two years regularly, after that reinvestment is compulsory to pursue the earnings. 

If, BTCvest Reviews was considered the MLM side of the process of hiring affiliate investors. 

Referral Commissions 

5% of referral commission on the collection invested by the individual hired allied has been earned in BTCvest affiliates. 

Residual Commission 

The residual commission of  BTCvest Reviews has been paid with the help of a binary compensation plan.

A binary compensation plan is based on allied at the first position of the binary group, divided into two sides of the binary group right to left. 

The current score of BTCvest Reviews depends on the new investment amount from one side to another each day. 

The very first step of the binary group is divided into two houses with classified positions. The second step of the binary group is created by the divination of these two positions into other two divisions. Overall four divisions are classified into the binary group.

Following all the positions of the binary groups, are generated as needed with the help of every quantity housing process, which is two times larger than created by many levels.

Levels in the binary group are replenished with the help of the direct or indirect hiring process of the allied. There is nothing to worry about, no limit is required, and no tension in how deep a binary team would be heightened. 


Allied sore a new investment total across the binary team every day. 

Allied is paid 8% of every $1000 which was matched on both sides of the binary group i.e. right and left.

One belongs to the “Balance.” BTCvest Allied can obtain money up to $2000. 

Award Plan 

With the help of this award plan, BTCvest permits its allies to earn more money in an extra percentage of the generated investment by the allies. 

GenerateInvestment Receive 
$50,000$99,9992% of the invested amount
$100,000$199,9993% of the invested amount 
$200,000$499,9994% of the invested amount
$500,000$999,9995% of the invested amount
$1,000,000$1,000,0006% of the invested amount

Joining BTCvest

The membership for the allied in BTCvest Reviews is free. Full involvement in joined money received by the allied to get an opportunity, which acquires a minimum investment of $500.


BTCvest has been entitled to the revenues of its ROI with the help of cryptocurrency mining. 

They started a new plan by generating a farm in America to create cryptocurrency farms in the year 2019. At that time, they are used to make possible growth.

Recently the value of cryptocurrency mining is about 20,000 M2, which is used by potent chargers to maintain the consumption of electricity. 

But there is no proof of mining presented there. The revenue that came from mining has been used to give payments to the Allied. Although, BTCvest is helping the stock photos of crypto mining processes knows to execute it properly. 

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In synopsis, BTCvest is usually run by people who speak Chinese very well, concealing all the AI-generated scientific principles, and is very useful for the stocks which are pretended to be taken under the crypto mining process. 

In other meaning, it can be declared as BTCvest is the typical MLM crypto Ponzi scheme

According to the MLM Ponzi schemes, once an allied hire draws a line with the other investment process. 

This will make it simple for BTCvest in the ROI revenue process, ultimately encouraging a collapse. 

The main science behind Ponzi’s plan is to make it simple and guaranteed and take all the possible contributors to lose money when they collapsed. 

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