C. Whan Park – Sexually Assaulted 4 Female Subordinates

C. Whan Park aka Choong Whan Park faced a lawsuit for sexually harassing his assistants last year. 

The former Marshall School Business Professor faced the sexual harassment from a Korean American student assistant. USC had hired the student assistant in August 2016. 

She used to report directly to him until April 2019. 

C Whan Park usc

Kim (the victim) claimed that a few months into her job, C. Whan Park asked her to close the door to his office when she entered. Then, he began making uninvited and unwanted advances. 

Moreover, she said he sexullay assaulted and harrased her 4 additional times when she worked for him. 

On top of that, Kim accused USC of discrimination. She claimed that university was aware of how C. Whan Park was targeting female Korean student assistants. Yet, the university ignored the problem. 

In response, the university claimed that it had not performed any kind of discriminatory acts. 

C Whan Park

Kim had filed a formal complaint with the Office of Equity, Equal Opportunity and Title IX at USC in 2020. This prompted the university to begin an internal investigation. 

They found that C. Whan Park had sexually assaulted at least 3 other young women at the university. 

After this lawsuit, C. Whan Park left his position of Professor of Marketing at USC Marshall School of Business. 

Where is C. Whan Park Now? 

Since the lawsuit, Mr. Park has made a lot of professional progress. Recently, he has released a book titled “Brand Admiration: Building a Business People Love”. 

He has a lot of experience as a professor as he started his professional journey as Assistant Professor at University of Kansas. 

Then, he became a Visiting Associate Professor at UCLA. Afterwards, he joined University of Pittsburgh where he worked for over 18 years. 

Lastly, C. Whan Park joined USC Marshall School of Business and resigned from the position of Robert E. Booker Professor of Marketing. He has a Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Literature from Seoul National University.

Similarly, he received his MS & PhD in Business Administration, Marketing from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

However, his extensive education experience raises a question, “did he sexually assault and harass other female subordinates in his previous tenures as well?” 

Keep in mind that it’s extremely difficult for a woman to raise this issue. 

Even the victim who filed the lawsuit against C. Whan Park highlighted that he had limited her access to his supervisors so she couldn’t complain.

Many times, powerful men think they can get away with sexual harassment because of their wealth and position. And sometimes, they do. 

For example, Juan Monteverde is a Wall Street attorney who faced negligible consequences for sexually assaulting his subordinate. Another example is Barry Lall, who didn’t face any repercussions for molesting his female patients. 


Certainly, C. Whan Park is not someone you should associate yourself with. 

Investigations revealed that he has sexually assaulted and harassed at least 4 women when he was a professor at USC. 

Now, he is releasing books and claiming to be a business expert. 

Beware of such men and avoid dealing with them at all costs!

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C. Whan Park used to be a business professor but lost his job when a student assistant exposed how he sexually assaulted and harassed her multiple times. Investigations revealed that there at least 4 victims.

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  • Sued for sexually assaulting and harassing a female subordinate
  • Investigations found 3 more victims who were sexually assaulted by C. Whan Park
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