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Caizcoin Jörg Hansen – Crypto Scam Exposed by Users (2024 Review)

Caizcoin Jorg Hansen is a scammer. He has received numerous complaints for exploiting his customers. Before you consider investing in Caizcoin or investing with Hansen, be sure to read the following review:

About Caizcoin

As the COO, Caizcoin Jörg Hansen asserts he is in charge of creating, organizing, and putting business strategies, plans, and procedures into practice. He also claims to have established detailed objectives for the management team and the company’s expansion and success.

Fraudulent DMCA Notice Concerning Caizcoin Jörg Hansen

Dear Gripeo Readers,

We wish to alert you to a fraudulent DMCA takedown notice originating from Pakistan, aiming to remove the following URL from Google’s search results unjustly:

The notice, motivated by a transaction worth a few hundred dollars, lacks any legitimate legal basis and misuses the DMCA’s provisions for personal gain. We urge for a thorough examination of this matter to prevent unwarranted censorship and uphold the integrity of digital rights.



They claim to build rules and practices that support a positive, welcoming, and compliant workplace culture and an audacious vision under the direction of Caizcoin Jörg Hansen.

Did You Know?

According to Fraud Act 2006, a guilty fraudster is convicted according to the severity of the fraud.  

  • For summary conviction the guilty is sentenced to imprisonment up to 12 months and fine (mostly not exceeding the statuary amount). 
  • For conviction or indictment, the sentence exceeds 10 years, along with exceeded fine. 
caizcoin jorge hansen

Caizcoin Jörg Hansen oversees daily activities, and the work of executives, and performs data analysis and metric interpretation. 

His office produces reports for the board, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders, as well as employees. 

He asserts that he leads expansion efforts and upholds strategic connections with all stakeholders, including partners, financiers, and suppliers. Most importantly, he works to inspire and motivate the entire team as COO by leading by example with his team members.

He so displays his roles and contributions to his organization in ways such as

  • Planning 
  • Procedure
  • Creation
  • Role of organizing
  • Data interpretation
  • Metric Interpretation
  • Team Management
  • Complaint Management

But going further it will be questioned whether that really does all these performances.

How the Caizcoin Jörg Hansen works?

In 2020, Caizcoin was established. They are a decentralized – centralized finance (DeCe) fintech company with a base in the EU. They provide a “Caizcoin” token and the Caiz Blockchain, a blockchain platform that complies with Islamic law. 

caizcoin jorge hansen

Islamic law-compliant transactions and the development of financial products are made possible by the Caiz Blockchain. Additionally, it enables the trading of a payment token and transfers features on a blockchain solution that is ESG-friendly and uses the IFBA consensus algorithm. 

According to the company, App & Web solutions are provided to all customers and are built to seamlessly incorporate the launch of upcoming new use-case-driven solutions. Currently an ERC20 token, the Caizcoin token will switch to a native token on the Caiz Blockchain in Q2 2023. 

The ERC20 token is then ported over to Caizcoin using a bridge.

Financial middlemen (intermediaries) and predatory financial institutions today supply practically all of the financial services for the financially underserved, such as bank accounts, remittances, and small-scale capital raising. 

These financial institutions and financial middlemen claim to offer medium to low levels of quality and service but frequently offer very poor levels of security and cost structure transparency. 

 Again they assert to provide a high-performance, globally compatible financial network that supports remittances, settlements, the development of ethical financial products, and most importantly, accessible, secure, affordable access. 

Now They have incorporated Islamic banking regulations into the Caiz Blockchain to guarantee compliance. 

caizcoin jorge hansen

These regulations include the “Riba” concept, which roughly translates as “interest”; it forbids the charge of interest on loans that would increase a person’s wealth without increasing the worth of the community. 

The concept of “Ghara” is another one that is essential for an Islamic blockchain; it forbids behaviors that entail the trading of risk and the sale of something that has not yet been achieved, which would result in profiting from the uncertainty of another person. The blockchain cannot follow “Ghara” and include options like leveraged trading, futures trading, and shorting or longing an asset. 

The last and most important regulation Caizcoin Jörg Hansen offer is the prohibition of supporting goods, services, and organizations that are thought to be against Islamic law. As a result, the environment must be free of all ties to alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, and violence.

Role of Caizcoin Jörg Hansen in Financial World

  1. It represents itself as a Blockchain technology and the first cryptocurrency in Europe that complies with Islam.
  1. International money transfers that are cost-effective prove their usefulness.
  1. It advertises itself as a Fiqh-compliant banking solution built on the Blockchain.
  1. They provide the impression to their investors that they have their own “Ecosystem” that provides financial independence for investors all over the world.
caizcoin jorge hansen

Negative feedback about Caizcoin Jörg Hansen

Now let’s move on to some negative points related to Caizcoin Jörg Hansen given by the people who took the experience from this company.

#1. Question of liquidity

caizcoin jorge hansen

In the above review, the client is confused about the connection between liquidity and its increase. That affects the price of the coin. Thus, the client is not satisfied with Caizcoin Jörg Hansen.

#2. Money stealing

caizcoin jorge hansen

By describing how Caizcoin Jörg Hansen stole his money in the review above, the consumer is warning the rest of us. The consumer paid 1900 USD, however, after three weeks, they still haven’t returned his money. 

Although he spoke with numerous people and sent at least 15 emails to try and get his money back, the outcome was still a mystery. He grew suspicious of Caizcoin Jörg Hansen around this time and exposed it as a scam.

#3. Waiting for coins!

caizcoin jorge hansen

The client in this instance is merely waiting to get coins, even if he is aware that doing so involves stealing money.

#4. Caiz is a bunch of shit

caizcoin jorge hansen

Due to the service or promises they were supposed to fulfill being unfulfilled, the client is merely criticizing Caizcoin Jörg Hansen in the review above. The customer did not get what he was supposed to.

#5. No identification

caizcoin jorge hansen

According to the analysis above, since Islam encourages transparency and lack of interface, there are no genuine team identities. Caizcoin Jörg Hansen is not active in the investor community’s public dialogue.

#6. The Caizcoin Jörg Hansen company is fake

caizcoin jorge hansen
image 189

We are simply warned not to invest in this company by the remarks above. One of the biggest scammers is Caizcoin Jörg Hansen and his crew.

Some other negative reviews:

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Consequently, after reading the entire account of Caizcoin Jörg Hansen and his colleagues, the following important points emerged:

  1. How he markets himself and his business to entice investors to fund his venture.
  2. He describes himself as having a confident personality that can handle all his obligations. 
  3. At the same time, he draws mention of Caizcoin’s efforts to launch a new blockchain and cryptocurrency business that complies with Sharia law and will enable Middle Eastern residents who lack access to banking to benefit from digital assets. 

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  1. Caizcoin is kick Jörg Hansen, because he make a very bad job in his time. Caiz is legit 100%. Project is compliant, but they have problems with getting good peoples with experience.

  2. Avoid at any cost, search for some other firm.

  3. I will suggest you take the advantage of investing with a firm for earning profit and securing your future with Caizcoin, one of the legitimate firms in the market.

  4. My friends have suffered losses after investing in this fraudulent company.

  5. My only suggestion to the investors is that make sure you are not fooled by their fake schemes and advertisement of their services, don’t be biased but yes it is very important to differentiate their services from other ventures in the market, it is very much important to keep cool and chose accordingly.

  6. The company promotes how their teams are differentiated according to their requirements but the reality is far more different, they are fooling their investors for their having their money.

  7. The world is understanding the importance of investing in these digital currencies for securing their future but the problem is that no legitimate platform is left for investing blindly, otherwise regretting the future is not a better option.

  8. Cryptocurrency investment has captured a huge market in the world, and every digital investor has got an idea of how to make a profit after investing in this asset.

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