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California Fertility Partners

Dr. Marrs runs California Fertility Partners in Los Angeles. It’s a fertility clinic that will give you a wrong diagnosis just so you will get IVF treatment unnecessarily. I’m not the one saying this, their clients are. 

They claim to be the industry’s thought leaders because of their experience but lately, their quality of service has degraded drastically. Their prices don’t match the level of service they offer at CFP. 

The following points will help you understand more about this practice: 

More Information About California Fertility Partners:

California Fertility Partners is a fertility clinic located in 11818 Wilshire Blvd #300, Los Angeles, CA 90025, US. 

The clinic opens from 8 AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM to 11 AM on weekends. Their contact number is 310-828-4008. The primary doctors working at this place are:

  • Richard Marrs, MD
  • Kelly Baek, MD
  • Guy Ringler, MD
  • Karine Chung, MD

They offer IVF, egg donation, reproductive surgery, fertility testing, egg freezing and several other services. CFP claims to be an industry leader as it was responsible for the 2nd IVF baby in the US.

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But the California Fertility Partners reviews say that this company has a lot of issues. Many clients believe that this clinic might have been great a few decades ago but now, it’s no longer worth the prices. 

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The most recurring issues in this clinic are inattentive care and misdiagnosis. Dr. Marrs and Dr. Baek tend to give wrong diagnoses to their clients causing them to go through unnecessary treatments and tests. 

I’m sharing some of those California Fertility Partners reviews so you can understand how this company treats its customers: 

Misdiagnosis Caused Severe Emotional and Financial Toll on the Clients

California Fertility Partners review

Dr. Baek failed to diagnose a physical obstruction in their partner’s uterus. The obstruction made it impossible for her to carry a pregnancy but Dr. Baek never told them about this problem. She kept taking their money and according to the reviewer, kept destroying their emotions. 

The reviewer had to see another professional who identified the issue and informed them about it. When the reviewer finally received a diagnosis, they had a procedure to remove the septum. They also highlight that Dr. Baek had a very defensive behavior and a terrible attitude. She forced them to set up and pay for a second office evaluation after a failed IVF.

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Gave the Wrong Information to the Client and Blamed them for it

California Fertility Partners review

Frances shares that they had a very stressful experience at California Fertility Partners. They share that Dr. Baek is technically good but doesn’t know how to interact with patients as humans. She always rushes thins and gets irritated if you ask questions about the treatment plan or raise any concerns. 

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The reviewer shares an example out of many where Dr. Baek gave them the wrong facts when they asked about their results during an ultrasound visit. When they asked her about it a later visit she snapped and became very annoyed and started blaming them for it. 

On their last visit, the reviewer was in the waiting room with another patient. Dr. Baek saw them, gave them upsetting results and rushed off. When the reviewer asked the nurse to discuss the issue in private with Dr. Baek, she came in the waiting room and discussed it in front of other patients. 

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The reviewer says there are plenty of fertility clinics in LA with better empathy and patient care so avoid this place. 

Doctors at California Fertility Partners Doesn’t Listen to the Clients, Don’t Communicate Properly

California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review

The reviewer saw Dr. Ringler for a natural cycle IUI. Their consultation through Skype cost them $490 and Dr. Ringler asked them to upload their past tests on the patient portal and to send them to his email. He had told them that the information was vital for the success of the IUI cycle. 

The reviewer did all this and waited for his feedback. But Dr. Ringler never looked at the documents and never responded to the reviewer’s email either. 

Due to this miscommunication, the reviewer assumed they didn’t need to repeat any tests. However, when they started their cycle and asked Dr. Ringler about their medical history, he told them that he never looked at the documents. 

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He also said that he never received any email but when the patient told them the date, he found it immediately. Then, he told them that one test was missing which meant the cycle was wasted. 

The reviewer says that the consultation and everything else was just a waste of time. Dr. Ringler didn’t do anything to clarify or resolve the issues. He didn’t care enough to review the patient’s records. 

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California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review
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California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review
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California Fertility Partners review
California Fertility Partners review
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California Fertility Partners review

California Fertility Partners Review: Conclusion

California Fertility Partners is not a clinic you can trust easily. They might have been great in the late 90s but they have become terrible in the current day. From giving wrong diagnoses to clients to ignoring their questions and concerns, this clinic does everything you’d expect a terrible clinic to do. 

Los Angeles has many fertility clinics and egg donor agencies. CFP isn’t the only terrible clinic out there, you also have Extraordinary Conceptions which is facing a lawsuit for its incompetence. 

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Be sure to avoid this place and find someplace better. 

2.8Expert Score

California Fertility Partners might be operating for decades but their quality has only degraded. The clinic no longer cares about its clients and treats them like ATMs. Moreover, they give wrong diagnoses to make more money.

  • None
  • Give wrong diagnoses
  • Lie to their clients
  • Horrible treatment and service
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  1. Hi,

    I have had the exact same experience at CFP.
    My case was severe as I have cancer and a mistake like they made could have cost me severely.
    Please will you contact me as I am speaking with an Attorney and he wants to know if there is anyone else who wants to join.

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