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Carissa Gray: She was fired from The University, But why? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Carissa Gray, an associate English professor at Georgia State University, was barred from teaching in-person classes on March 30 after two students arrived late for class, and she allegedly called the cops on late students.

carissa gray
Carissa Gray

According to CBS 46, Carissa Gray tried to get two students out of her English class when they arrived a few minutes late. When the students refused to leave, and one student stated they paid to be there, Grey allegedly sent armed campus police officers to take away the students.

A university spokeswoman informed The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that both students met with the interim provost and police chief. The English department chair and a student life representative also addressed the matter in front of the class.

According to a spokesperson, Grey will continue to teach an online class but has been removed from teaching in-person classes so that students can finish the semester with minimal disturbance.

Carissa Gray Case Highlighted Again by an Attorney

An attorney for a Georgia State University professor claims that some information regarding a late-March incident of Carissa at the university’s Newton campus that was reported by local and national media contains misleading information.

Associate professor of English Carissa Gray was fired from her on-site teaching position after two students who arrived late to class on March 30 had the police called on them.

carissa gray
Georgia State University

The students who arrived late on March 30 did not ask to stay, despite the Atlanta Journal-Constitution stating that they did, according to Gray’s legal representative Gregory R. Fidlon.

Furthermore, He referred to an NBC-TV article stating that a GSU spokeswoman said the university’s Student Conduct Code and Guidance Policy refers to notifying the campus police in the event of inappropriate conduct that may harm others.

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According to the attorney, calling the police for delay or disrespectful behavior is not typical of university faculty. Fidlon further stated that if a disruptive student refuses to comply with the instructor’s request to leave the classroom, the Student Conduct Code and Guidance Policy also permits teachers to contact GSU Police.

23/12/2023 Update
As of now, Carissa Gray has not responded, nor has she apologized for her misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by her victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Other details of the matter, such as Carissa Gray being removed from the in-person classes so that students may finish the semester with the least disruption, were not disputed by Fidlon, according to GSU communications director Andrea Jones’ interview with the AJC.

Without any incidents, the police settled the situation, according to Georgia State officials. Since both students are Black, even if Grey is also Black, some students and others expressed concern over police involvement.

GSU Respond About Carissa Gray Incident

Georgia State University was investigating the incident, saying, “We are looking into the matter and how the faculty member handled it. 

The situation between the students and the teaching member was immediately calmed by campus police, according to a statement from the school. There were no arrests because there had been no crime committed.

carissa gray

According to Carissa Gray, one of the two kids in question said that they “paid to be here” and refused to leave. Then Professor Grey walked out of the room and later returned with two armed police officers.

What Other Students Say

On Wednesday night, a college student named Bria Blake posted about the incident. She says in the video, which has 116,000 likes and counting that a few of her classmates arrived at an English session two minutes late.

Blake adds that when Grey called the police, the students were both “terrified of what could happen to them” since they were confused about how things would turn out. The fact that both teenagers are still alive to tell what happened is still a tragic but lucky result, given the usually violent relationship between Black youth and police.

About Carissa Gray

Carissa Gray is an Associate English professor at Georgia State University. She claims that for over two decades, she has offered dedication and heartfelt instruction to Georgia State University students and those involved in other higher education initiatives. She also claims that her expertise is well-known and respected and presents at regional and national conferences annually.

Grey joined Perimeter College’s English Department in 2003, and by 2009, she was the department chair for English, Arts, and Humanities. She kept this role until 2016.

Grey was an Assistant Professor of English at Georgia Perimeter College from 2009 to 2014. She taught English at the school from 2003 to 2009. She served as an English instructor at the Seoul Language Institute in Bundang, Korea, between 2001 and 2002.


While Carissa Gray maintains that the two students in her class refused to leave despite her requests to do so and subsequently disrupted the course, a few students have voiced concerns over using armed police officers to deal with the issue, particularly given that both of the latecomers were Black.

The university’s Student Conduct Code and Guidance Policy, according to Gray’s lawyer, allows teachers to call campus police in the case of a disruptive student who won’t leave the classroom. He also contends that some media coverage of the issue needs to be corrected.

Regardless of the incident’s exact facts, it is evident that the matter caused concern and worried students and teachers at Georgia State University.

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