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Carlos Chacon Surgeon – Case of Manslaughter, Negligence & Incompetence? Exposed! (Update 2024)

carlos chacon surgeon
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Carlos Chacon Surgeon is facing a manslaughter case after his negligence caused a patient to die. Learn more on this surgeon on Gripeo.
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Carlos Chacon Surgeon is a plastic surgeon who has received allegations of manslaughter.

The monster has botched numerous procedures and the following Carlos Chacon Surgeon review will help you understand why you should avoid him at all costs:

What Carlos Chacon Surgeon Claims to Be:

Dr Carlos Chacon Surgeon, MD, MBA, performs cosmetic surgery as the Medical Director at Divino Plastic Surgery.

He has stated on his website that he has approximately ten years of experience helping thousands of patients, making his ability as a surgeon unquestionable. He had been aware of his desire to pursue his art since he was a young child. He always anticipated working with his hands, and he relished the challenge of carrying out the intricate surgical operations required for plastic surgery.

carlos chacon surgeon

At Divino Plastic Surgery, Megan Espinoza passed away during a normal procedure; Carlos Chacon Surgeon, and a nurse were both charged.

Despite being accused of manslaughter in the 36-year-old patient Megan Espinoza’s passing after a standard breast augmentation treatment, Carlos Chacon’s surgeon is still in operation.

Following a procedure that was thought to be standard for breast augmentation, Megan Espinoza passed away in December 2018 at Divino Plastic Surgery in Bonita. There, a chief nurse and doctor named Carlos Chacon were accused of killing someone.

His attorneys are reportedly close to reaching a $1 million settlement with the family in a medical malpractice claim, according to court documents.

carlos chacon surgeon victim
Victim of Carlos Chacon Surgeon
27/11/2023 Update
As of now, Carlos Chacon Surgeon has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Megan Espinoza- Divino Plastic Surgery Case

Mother of two Megan Espinoza, age 36, underwent surgery at Divino Plastic Surgery at Chacon’s Clinic on Otay Lakes Road on December 19, 2018.

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Espinoza gave his assent to the procedure while under “conscious sedation,” according to Medical Board records, and without the presence of a licensed anesthesiologist. Espinoza had received a range of painkillers through injection, it was determined during an inspection. In a video of the surgery, several staff members can be seen taking selfies within the operating room, according to the documents.

An hour and a half later, according to the nurses, Espinoza’s heart rate started to increase. She experienced a sudden heart collapse not long after that. According to the medical board, Chacon started performing CPR between 2:22 and 4:10 PM while nurses also administered nine doses of Narcan and other drugs.

The medical board reported that while Espinoza was still unconscious, Carlos Chacon Surgeon was busy calling other physicians for assistance. The board’s examination found that Carlos Chacon Surgeon, who works with two anesthesiologists, called them instead of 911 to ask for advice. Carlos Chacon’s Surgeon did not call 911 despite his colleague’s advice to do so.

Espinoza started to gurgle and exhibit seizure-like behavior, but Carlos Chacon Surgeon did not call 911, according to the investigation. At 5:24 p.m., three hours after beginning CPR, Carlos Chacon Surgeon made the 911 call. Espinoza was transferred to the hospital, where she was kept alive for several weeks before she died.


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Manslaughter Allegations Against Carlos Chacon Surgeon

The District Attorney charged Carlos Chacon Surgeon and nurse Heather Lang with manslaughter last year in response to the preliminary findings of the California Medical Board.

Notwithstanding the manslaughter allegations and the nearly concluded civil case settlement, Carlos Chacon Surgeon has kept up his medical practice with only minor restrictions placed on him by the medical board.

Because of these restrictions, Carlos Chacon Surgeon is unable to perform any surgeries without a licensed anesthesiologist present, administer IV medications or anesthesia to anybody other than a licensed anesthesiologist, or leave the state.

Who is a Plastic Surgeon?

A plastic surgeon is a physician who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on individuals with birth defects, traumas, burns, or infections to enhance or alter their appearance.

Medical Board Statement on Carlos Chacon Surgeon

According to a board spokesman, the accreditation of Divino Plastic Surgery was terminated by the board on August 22. According to a representative, Carlos Chacon Surgeon’s medical license has been suspended. “Whenever a doctor is charged with a crime, the board is expected to investigate the case independently to determine whether the offense had anything to do with the doctor’s education, duties, or obligations.

If so, that would be regarded as unprofessional conduct and might result in disciplinary action. The Board is consequently unable to comment further on this ongoing case.” The spokesperson went on to say, The task of the court is to determine if the evidence justifies Carlos Chacon Surgeon’s license being revoked or restricted from practicing medicine.

What, if anything, does the medical board do to notify the public about enforcement and grievances against physicians? The spokesperson stated, “The Board took the following actions to alert the public of the status of Carlos Chacon Surgeon’s license, the order suspending it, and the allegations still pending against his license:

  • The documents were published on the Board’s website.
  • Sent a listserv subscriber notice for administrative actions.
  • Notified those who monitor Carlos Chacon Surgeon’s license via its app for Apple IOS devices of the suspension decision and the ongoing accusation against his license.
  • The data was published on its social media pages (Facebook and Twitter)
  • It published the material in its newsletter and gave it to different media outlets, which then utilized it in news reports.

Conclusion – Avoid Carlos Chacon Surgeon

Megan died in 2018 while undergoing a routine operation. One of the charges against Carlos Chacon Surgeon and Heather Lang was involuntary manslaughter. They may continue to practice with some restrictions so long as a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) or a licensed anesthesiologist is present.

California law does not require them to tell any of the patients about the charges. Two cases against Carlos Chacon Surgery are currently pending. The preliminary hearing in his criminal case has been put off at least four times.

Even though his surgical center’s accreditation was removed over the summer, as of this past Friday, its logo could still be seen there. based on the AAAHC, “We value the notification that our logo is there on their website. Divino is no longer AAAHC-accredited.”


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Carlos Chacon Surgeon – Case of Manslaughter, Negligence & Incompetence? Exposed! (Update 2024)
Carlos Chacon Surgeon – Case of Manslaughter, Negligence & Incompetence? Exposed! (Update 2024)

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  1. My friend also had surgery. She also was not satisfied with the results but the doctor didn’t help her much. This is really sad such doctors are nothing more than criminals. They are playing with the patient’s health.

  2. This is such a good article. I completely agree with this article. Such surgeons need to be punished. These people are just hungry for money. They don’t care about the patient’s health at all.

  3. I’m not sure how he’s still allowed to work. This is dangerous for other patients. He should not be allowed. This is terrible. Allowing a surgeon to continue working after killing one of his patients. He should have taken extra precautions before performing the procedure. Because of his mistake, she lost her life.

  4. Before getting surgery, it is the surgeon’s responsibility to ask the patient to get a full body checkup done. So that the patient knows whether they are physically fit for this procedure or not. While undergoing surgery, the patient’s mental health is also important.

  5. I would suggest everyone do proper research about the surgeon before going for surgery. Also if you are financially stable only then you should go for such expensive surgeries. These doctors only care about money they don’t care about patient’s health.

  6. Even though there are several pieces of information on the internet regarding such doctors, people continue to believe such criminals. I don’t understand why, when this is such serious news, the mainstream media isn’t covering it.

  7. This news needs to be covered by the mainstream media. Surgeons like him need to be ashamed of themselves. They are playing with a person’s life and after taking a life he still is not ashamed of himself. He should surrender himself to the police. This is sick.

  8. Why are such doctors permitted to operate on patients? The government should revoke their licenses, and these individuals should be imprisoned. Such criminals need to be punished otherwise we are going to be listening to such news very often.

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