Carolina Conceptions – Illicit Activities & Mistreatment of Clients

If you’re looking for fertility clinics or egg donor agencies in North Carolina, you might come across the name of Carolina Conceptions. This place is a nightmare, according to its various reviews. 

The following points will throw more light on how this clinic operates: 

About Carolina Conceptions:

Carolina Conceptions is a fertility clinic situated in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their address is 2601 Lake Dr #301, Raleigh, NC 27607, US. The contact number of this clinic is 919-782-5911. 

The clinic opens from 7:30 AM to 4 PM on weekdays and from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM on weekends. 

They have been operating since 2006. Apart from this location, they also have offices in Greenville, Wilmington, and Chapel Hill. 

Dr. Bill Meyer and Dr. Grace Couchman founded Carolina Conceptions in 2006. Other prominent people in this clinic are Bill Meyer, Meghan Bowling, and Lauren Johnson. The clinic offers egg donation, surrogacy, infertility treatments, IVF, and several other treatments. 

However, their clients point out that the clinic is highly unethical and lacks proper management. For example, one client left the office in tears because of the rude behavior of the doctor. 

Below are some of the numerous reviews available on this fertility clinic

Carolina Conceptions Withhold Test Results Because They are Not a Certified Lab

Carolina Conceptions review

Stephen had a horrible experience with CC. He shares that he was infuriated with the apathy, incompetence, and mismanagement of this place. 

Stephen had set up his appointment by himself and without a referral from his VA to save time and alleviate stress on his wife. While setting up his appointment, the staff member asked who he had the referral from. 

He told the staff member clearly that he didn’t have a referral. Also, he shared that he was paying out of his own pocket and wasn’t using insurance. 

The staff member had assured him that it was fine but when he was completing his paperwork in the clinic, the guy at the front desk asked him for his referral form. Again, Stephen had to explain everything to him. 

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But the man at the front desk never shared that it would be a problem. 

Later, Stephen handed in his sample and had already made the payment. When he went to get his test results the lady at the clinic told him that they can’t release his results because he doesn’t have a referral. 

She explained that they “legally” can’t release his results without a referral. Later, Stephen found out that it was illegal for Carolina Conceptions to withhold his test results. 

When he confronted them about it and cited the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment, they told him that it doesn’t apply to them because they are not a certified lab

He shared that he checked with other professionals and there’s no law that allows them to withhold test results like that. 

Rush Appointments, Don’t Communicate, and Treat Clients like a Number

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She also points out that there is no Carolina Conceptions patient portal which makes things more difficult. 

Also, the clinic rushed everything and she shares that it felt horrible. There was no personalization in the care offered at Carolina Conceptions.

The Clinic has Inconsiderate and Rude Staff

Carolina Conceptions review

Adele here also had a negative experience with this clinic. Her provider had referred her to this place after realizing that he couldn’t do anything else for her. 

The day after she received this terrible news, the practice manager talked very rudely with her about an appointment she had Dr. Parks. Nikki, the practice manager told her that was incorrect. 

So, Adele set up an appointment with another provider because she was anxious to see a professional. However, the next day her doctor called her and said that he was confused about the situation because she should be seeing Dr. Parks. 

When she shared this issue with the practice manager, she hung up on her in the middle of the conversation. 

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Carolina Conceptions Reddit: Exposed By An Anonymous Patient

Carolina Conceptions review

Review sites aren’t the only place where the clients of Carolina Conceptions are complaining about its lack of professionalism and effective management. I found a complaint on Reddit where the user “RenlyNC” said the clinic didn’t really listen to them when they had IUI there. 

When she was sharing her issues, the clinic refused to believe them. 

Clearly she had a terrible “Carolina Conceptions IUI” experience. 

Exploiting & Overworked Employees At Carolina Conceptions Gripe On

You must’ve seen a lot of complaints about the poor behavior of the staff at Carolina Conceptions. Most of them stem from the fact that the leadership at CC doesn’t care about its staff just like it doesn’t care about its clients. 

There are several employee complaints on this clinic where people share that the management overworks its employees, offers terrible pay, and favors some staff members over others. 

Look at the following reviews and see for yourself:

The HR Doesn’t Stand Up for the Staff, The Doctors Take Advantage of Everyone

Carolina Conceptions review

Terrible Pay, No Career Growth or Advancement

Rampant Favoritism and Horrible Management

Carolina Conceptions review

Carolina Conceptions Review 2021: Conclusion

Dr. Bill Meyer isn’t doing a good job at running Carolina Conceptions. The place reeks of poor management, greed, and carelessness. Neither the staff nor the clients are satisfied with this fertility clinic. 

With so many issues present here, it would be better to avoid the risk and find someone else. 

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