Cassandra House – Alleged Fraud and Lies for $1 Million

Cassandra House is a vegan beauty magnate and has faced allegations of fraud. 

Apparently, she inflated an insurance claim with Airbnb after a guest trashed her luxury apartment and stole jewelry, 18 pairs of designer shoes and $40,000 worth of dresses. 

She ended up facing the court’s door for the alleged fake insurance claim. 

In a previous lawsuit against the online giant, she had claimed that the guests at her Gold Coast house had destroyed her luxury Kruger pans and pots worth over $1,300. 

It’s worth noting that Cassandra House works at Arbonne and is a top-ranking consultant. She claimed that a guest stole a $279 bottle of Dom Perignon champagne and a $50 silver banana. 

cassandra house

The court had charged her with one count of attempted fraud in 2020. 

In her filing, she claimed that the stolen banana matched her apartment’s ‘apple decor’. At the time, the apartment was available to rent for $700 a week. 

Other valuable items in her claim included $25,000 worth of Tiffany and Co diamond gifts from her firm, $10,000 worth of Swarovski jewelry and $55,000 in engagement gifts. 

Police alleged that Cassandra House had overvalued the stolen goodes. Also, the guest was reportedly charged with theft. 

About Cassandra House Arbonne – More Controversies

According to her online profiles, House is a Masters graduate and a three-time degree holder. Also, she claims to be a successful business owner in several industries. 

Her profiles claim that she was able to retire and travel abroad to volunteer full time and fulfill her passion of worldwide education work. 

She claims that she was able to get a Mercedes Benz car of her own within 9 months of network marketing. Readers should note that network marketing is a new term for MLM schemes. 

cassandra house arbonne

Arbonne has received plenty of allegations of being a pyramid scheme. 

A VICE story covered the predatory practices of Arbonne where they shared the experiences of Jemimah Freeside, a freelance actor. Many Arbonne consultants had been targeting her, urging her to join their “lucrative” platform.

The VICE story discussed that many MLM consultants preyed on the uncertainty cultivated by the pandemic in the last few years. People like Cassandra House were promoting the company by promising a new income stream, particularly to people who were either self-employed or had lost their job because of the pandemic.

Then, the story talked about a victim of this scheme. She was surprised by the heavy emphasis of the program on recruiting others.

MLM scams are becoming quite popular thanks to social media and influencers. Many of them make boastful promises or false claims about potential earnings to get people to spend their money. 

For example, Yolllo is a crypto MLM company which markets itself as a new platform. It has received many complaints for being a scam. Another similar scam is iSynergy Group which runs multiple MLM schemes through its “affiliate networking” business model.

Plenty of influencers have begun using MLM to get rich as well and Cassandra House isn’t the only one. However, unlike Cassandra, many of those people are highly notorious for being dubious. 

Monir Islam, for example, is a serial scammer who has received allegations of defrauding people in third-world countries through predatory MLM scams. 


When the media contacted Cassandra House’s lawyer to discuss the case, they told them that she hadn’t faced any charges. 

However, a police spokesperson later confirmed that she had been issued a court notice. 

Later, the court dismissed the charges against her. 

Based on the points above, I don’t think you should do business with this vegan influencer. There are too many red flags to count. 

It would be best to stay away.

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Cassandra House faced allegations of fraud when she filed a $1 million insurance claim with Airbnb. She is an MLM influencer. Beware.

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  1. 0.75

    Arbonne is a huge scam. Cassandra House is one of those swindlers who got rich off of that scam. She needs to be investigated for her criminal marketing practices. She is a profiting from a pyramid scheme.

    + PROS: good at lying
    - CONS: mlm scammer unreliable liar
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  2. How petty does one have to be to lie about stuff like this? Is she dumb or something? You can’t lie like that, especially to a multi-million tech company.

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