Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care – Negligent

Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is a clinic and medspa notorious for botching procedures deliberately so it can charge its clients to fix the mistakes. 

It has received numerous complaints for this unethical business practice. Moreover, to hide the complaints, they use various shady marketing tactics and dupe consumers. 

In the following review, I have shared some of the many complaints this clinic has received to help you determine why they aren’t what they claim to be: 

About Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care:

Cassileth Plastic Surgery is a cosmetic surgery clinic located in Beverly Hills, California. Their address is 436 N Bedford Dr #103, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US and its contact number is 310-278-8200. 

They offer a plethora of services here including: 

  • Breast implant replacement
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Face lift
  • Breast lift
  • Neck lift
  • Chin implants & reduction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Mommy makeover
  • Breast reduction
  • Labiaplasty

And plenty of other procedures. Apart from offering plastic surgery services, they also have a medspa section. Here, they offer injectables, peels and facials such as Dysport, acne scar treatments, dermal fillers, Botox, Juvederm and plenty of others. 

At Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, they have multiple surgeons and they all claim to be specialists of different areas. Dr. Lisa Cassileth is the breast specialist while Dr. Killeen is the breast, body plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Similarly, Dr. Min is a breast specialist while Dr. Chang is a face specialist. 

At first, this clinic seems like an excellent option. However, it has received a ton of complaints for its poor services. Moreover, instead of addressing these issues and trying to fix them, they resort to unethical marketing tactics. I have explained them in detail below:

Paying Websites To Write Praises for Them: 

If you read the numerous Cassileth Plastic Surgery reviews, you’ll realize that there’s something seriously wrong with this clinic. They fail to deliver what they promise and when people complain about the results, they refuse to do anything. 

However, people talk. They post their gripes online where others can read them and be wary of this place. 

To counter this problem, Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care uses paid PR websites. These websites write praises for the brand for a small price. Hence, because these are third-party platforms, many people think that the praises are genuine. 

Below is a screenshot of the several PR articles this clinic has posted online: 

Most consumers wouldn’t know that the above site received a payment from the clinic to write this article. They would think the clinic is genuinely getting attention from other blogs. 

It helps the clinic distract consumers from the numerous complaints it has received from its disgruntled clients. 

Now that you know how they use unethical marketing tactics to deceive clients, here are some of the many Cassileth Plastic Surgery reviews I think you should read: 

Dr. Lisa Cassileth Performed Multiple Procedures, Failed to Deliver Results Every Time

Here, the reviewer shares that Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Richardson had performed a procedure on her called Goldilocks Mastectomy. The left side came un-sewed leaving the reviewer with a gaping hole which took months to heal. 

While reconstructing under her arms, they put a bunch of tissue in her armpits which wasn’t there before. So, she was unable to move her arms completely. The reviewer calls the extra tissue “The Blobs”. 

Furthermore, when the reviewer pointed out the issue they said “It’s all you”. 

After more than a year of uncomfortable sleep, the reviewer went back for another procedure to get rid of the excessive tissue. Dr. Cassileth performed the surgery and persuaded the reviewer to get a fat grafting procedure even though she had told her many times that she didn’t want to get any bigger. 

Also, once the grafting procedure was complete, Dr. Cassileth received an additional $40,000 from the reviewer’s insurer. 

However, the second surgery failed. It did not remove the excessive tissue. Moreover, the fat grafting didn’t improve anything either. A part of the grafted material died causing necrosis inside the reviewer’s body. Now, the review will have to undergo another procedure to remove it. 

Also, the reviewer has 4 permanent sore spots where Dr. Lisa shredded the mussels on her sides. 

The reviewer has shared an image alongside her review. You can see the results for yourself.

Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Mocks its Clients and Has the Worst Service

Tiffany had contacted Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care because she was suffering from breast implant illness for around 2 years. 

Initially, they experienced a few issues trying to coordinate a call. However, when Tiffany finally got hold of someone, they refused to give her a quote for an explant. 

Moreover, they insisted that Tiffany do an explant, fat transfer and lift even though she had told them that she has keloids. 

Instead of quoting her for an explant they gave her a quote for all 3 procedures combined which was almost $50,000. When Tiffany told the staff member about her health issues and the keloid scars, the staff member started mocking her.

She started mocking Tiffany’s low income insurance which Tiffany found to be really low and unnecessary. 

Tiffany thought going to an all-women place would be a positive experience but she was mistaken. It was the complete opposite of what she expected. Moreover, there weren’t many examples of explants on the clinic’s website so she doesn’t recommend this place at all. 

Dr. Lisa Cassileth Files Fake Insurance Claims, Botched the Client’s Procedure and Tried to Upsell

The reviewer recommends avoiding Dr. Lisa. Her friend had warned her but the reviewer ignored her warning. The reviewer shares that her friend had originally recommended this place to her but later found out about a botched procedure and changed her mind. 

She suggested the reviewer to avoid this place. But the reviewer’s surgery was scheduled for the next day so she ignored her friend’s advice. 

Before the procedure, the reviewer told Lisa that she wanted to use larger implants. Moreover, the reviewer had paid for statice which Lisa should have used. 

Dr. Lisa ignored all of this. She used smaller implants than what the reviewer had because her bra size has changed from D cup to B cup. 

Also, the reviewer shares that after the procedure, her breasts became quite saggy. This wasn’t the case before. Lisa suggested she get a fat transfer. Obviously, that would mean the reviewer would pay for another procedure. 

The reviewer hasn’t been able to have a procedure to fix the issue. Furthermore, she points out that Lisa Cassileth is very dishonest. She billed Anthem Blue Cross $300,000 for her cosmetic services. Anthem agreed to remove the ruptured implant but the reviewer had to pay $9800 out of her own pocket. 

Lisa billed a lot of ridiculous things. The reviewer suspects that she even billed the insurance company for some cancer-related procedures. That’s because her procedure couldn’t have cost this much. 

The reviewer ends her review by pointing out that Lisa files fake insurance claims. 

“Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is Unethical and Greedy”

Anna wanted to have breast reduction surgery for a long time. She did a lot of research and chose Dr. Killeen. Then, she called the clinic to schedule a consultation and the staff told her that the consult fee is $250. 

Anna asked them for an estimate of the procedure because she did not want to waste her time and money if it exceeded her budget. The staff gave her an estimate of $11,000 for the procedure. 

So, Anna scheduled her consultation and arrived on time. However, she had to wait for an additional 35 minutes to see Dr. Killeen. During the consultation, Anna told the doctor that she did not want her cup size to be larger than C after the procedure. 

In response, Dr. Killeen told Anna that if the breasts are too big after the reduction surgery, she can have another reduction. Anna was baffled with this response. 

She didn’t even reply to Killeen. 

Then, she met with the financial consultant who told her that the procedure would cost $16,400. Anna was shocked because it was nowhere close to the estimate they had given to her which was $11,000. 

It was a waste of time and money for Anna. She doesn’t consider this business practice ethical and couldn’t believe how the doctor didn’t hesitate to recommend a follow up procedure. 

Janice shares that she is living the disastrous results of an under eye surgery Dr. Cassileth performed on her. Since a week after the surgery, she has never been the same. 

Lisa had referred to a different doctor to clean up the mess. However, the doctor couldn’t fix the issue completely. Then, the reviewer saw another doctor who said that whoever botched the procedure should never touch anyone’s face again. 

Later, Janice shared an update on her surgery. She doesn’t recommend Dr. Lisa for any face-related procedures.

Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Performed 4 Procedures on the Client, Botched All of Them

Kimberly shares that Dr. Lisa worked on her breast 4 times. She kept making mistakes and then did revisions to fix them. Kimberly shares that she has been through a lot of pain and has spent a ton of money because of Lisa’s incompetence. 

Lisa suggested using different material each time and said that the new material would work better every time. 

Then, when the results weren’t what she expected to be, she suggested removing the material and replacing it with a new one. Kimberly says that she put so much pain and money that she has now become extremely depressed. 

In the last procedure, Lisa suggested taking out the material she had put in last time. However, it’s still there. The procedure caused painful lumps, ripples and the material felt hard. 

Moreover, Lisa didn’t even bother to touch the material to feel the lumps. She said that since the area hurt, it is a health issue.  Lisa told the reviewer that one of her staff members would call her insurance company and if the procedure is covered, she would make an appointment so Kimberly could have the procedure. 

Kimberly shares that she waited for her call but heard nothing. Then, she made an appointment to come in. This time, Lisa recommended using a different material and said that it was the best. 

Kimberly wonders that if this material was the best, why didn’t she use it the first time? Moreover, the new procedure cost her an additional $8500. Now, she doesn’t have money to see another doctor to fix the problem nor can she keep paying Lisa. 

Moreover, she doesn’t want to be on painkillers anymore. She fears that taking too many painkillers would damage her kidneys. So, she either has to come up with the money to fix the issue or keep experiencing the pain. Certainly, Kimberly’s situation is dire and depressing. 

“They are Cold and Cruel”

Robyn shares that she had a terrible experience with this place. She says the people at Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care are unkind liars. Robyn had to run all over the town to get her pre-procedure reports, physical results, etc. Then, they moved her appointment date twice even after she had paid in full. 

Furthermore, Robyn had spent hours in consultations with them. 

Yet, they canceled the procedure saying that she didn’t display enough trust in the doctor. Robyn doesn’t understand what she could have done to express her trust to them. 

Hence, she is certain that they made up an excuse. Also, the place refuses to give you a choice of aftercare facilities. You must either use their facilities or you can’t work with them. Robyn says that they do this purely out of greed. 

She also highlights that she has never received such horrible treatment from any doctor or staff. Robyn doesn’t recommend Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care. 

Dr. Cassileth Botched the Procedure and Asked for More Money to Fix It

Janet had a thighplasty with Dr. Lisa. Although she liked the doctor’s nature, she didn’t like the results of the procedure. Janet shared her concerns with Lisa and she told him to wait until the swelling went down. Lisa had assured Janet that the results would get much better as the swelling goes down. 

However, it didn’t get any better. Then, they told Janet that she would have to pay more if she wanted Lisa to fix the issue. 

Janet highlights that she has had plastic surgery with another doctor and it was a wonderful experience. However, her experience with Dr. Cassileth wasn’t very pleasant. Janet ends her review by sharing that she doesn’t have the thousands of dollars to correct Lisa’s mistake. 

Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Promised to Issue a Refund But Never Did

Tiarra had contacted this place hoping to see Dr. Killeen. She had scheduled her consultation and paid $300 for it. Later, she scheduled her surgery with her which required a refundable deposit of $1000.

However, after a few weeks of speaking with other experts, Tiarra decided to cancel her appointment with Dr. Killeen. She did so 2 weeks before her scheduled consultation. 

The reviewer called the place and canceled her consultation and her surgery. They told her that they wouldn’t charge $300 for the consultation and would refund the $1000 back to her. 

However, they had specified that her refund would be in the form of a check which should reach her within the coming 3 weeks. 

Tiarra highlights that it has been a month since she canceled her appointment. Yet, she hasn’t received her refund. Whenever she calls the clinic they tell her that the staff handling these cases is busy and promise to call back. But they never do. 

Before posting her review, she had contacted them again. It was a fruitless endeavor. 

Tiarra wonders how can this place expect its payments to come in immediately when they don’t issue refunds for months. Because of her experience, she doesn’t recommend this place to anyone. 

Other Cassileth Plastic Surgery Reviews


According to the above Cassileth Plastic Surgery reviews, this is a horrible clinic. It seems they deliberately botch procedures so they can force their clients to get additional procedures. Clients have also suspected that Dr. Lisa Cassileth files fake insurance claims to make as much money as possible. 

All of these are highly unethical business practices. 

Beverly Hills has a ton of plastic surgery clinics. So, you don’t have to stick with this one. It would be best for you to avoid dealing with such a greedy establishment.

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Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is among the most notorious plastic surgery clinics in Beverly Hills. The place has received countless complaints for botching procedures and forcing clients to pay for more procedures. Certainly, they don’t value their clients.

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    My GOD. After the first two, I couldn’t read the rest of the complaints cuz it was too much just too much. Who does she think she is?! The medical board should revoke the license of this Cassileth plastic surgery clinic. They are monsters.

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