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Centurion Law Group: Fraud and Criminal History Exposed (Update 2024)

Centurion Law Group claims to be a simple law firm. However, it’s actually a front for one of the most corrupt people in Cameroon, NJ Ayuk.

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The following review explores how Centurion Law Group runs its illegal operations and why they need to be looked into:

A Little About Centurion Law Group 

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Centurion Law Group claims to be a law firm that is revolutionizing how the law is practiced on the continent. It has its headquarters in Johannesburg and has offices and partners throughout Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Centurion Law Group claims that the lawyers and consultants working for them have received international training, and they are famous for providing advice to governments, foreign investors, local businesses, other law firms, and the private sector. They further claim that they can work in English, Spanish, French, German, and other indigenous African languages thanks to the team’s multilingual abilities.

Fake image across the globe for the Centurion Law Group is the leading pan-African legal and business consultancy firm that has a wealth of knowledge in oil and gas law. The firm Centurion Law Group offers its clients outsourced legal counsel across the whole spectrum of practice areas, including contract negotiation, tax and anti-corruption advisory, arbitration and commercial litigation, and corporate law.

Centurion claims to specialize in assisting clients that are starting or growing a business in Africa and has offices in Malabo, Douala, and Johannesburg.

1/12/2023 Update
As of now, Centurion Law Group has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Real Face of the head of the Centurion Law Group- Njock Ajuk Eyong

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Leading African attorney NJ Ayuk is the head of the Centurion Law Group. He has repeatedly abused others and increased his money by abusing his power. The head of the Centurion Law Group, lawyer Njock Ajuk Eyong is dishonest and power-hungry. He has engaged in fraud, impersonation, and money laundering, among other crimes.

Over the years, he has garnered a great degree of reputation due to his corrupt activities. That doesn’t imply that he has been punished for it, though. One of the most renowned law firms on the continent, Century Law Group, is led by Njock Ajuk Eyong.

He also facilitates oil transactions between other parties on the continent through that company.

One of the several transactions in which Njock Ajuk Eyong was involved was the multibillion-rand oil contract with South Sudan. The fact that paying for and including Njock Ajuk Eyong who is the head of the Centurion Law Group is a must in order to enter into oil negotiations on the continent has even been emphasized by many.

The R14.5 billion transaction wasn’t very transparent, despite the fact that it was a significant deal for South Sudan. Also, according to media sources, this agreement was signed in South Sudan by the country’s former energy minister Jeff Rabede. The government has already invested more than 20 million Rand in the pursuit of this deal.

When it was signed, South Sudan’s previous petroleum minister told the media that his nation’s potential was enormous and mostly untapped.

Yet when pressed regarding Njock Ajuk Eyong’s role who is the head of the Centurion Law Group in the sale, he remained silent.

The shady past of Njock Ajuk Eyong who is the head of the Centurion Law Group 

Njock Ajuk Eyong was indicted and entered a plea agreement in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, according to court records.

He was apparently found guilty of impersonating US lawmaker Donald Payne by the court in 2007. At least 9 Cameroonian citizens received visas through impersonation from Njock.

Njock Ajuk Eyong is a Cameroonian native. At the time, one of his responsibilities as an intern for the US representative was to mail letters and keep records of correspondence.

However, he started drafting false letters and using Payne’s signature to provide visas to specific people in 2003. The goal of this program, according to the documentation, was to give fraudulent documentation to US embassies so that their consular staff would grant visas to those who otherwise would not have been qualified.

Not only that.

According to court documents, Njock Ajuk Eyong sent a fax to Germany stating that Francis Valery Donfack of Cameroon had been invited to the US to attend the yearly Congressional Black Caucus Foundation meeting without Payne’s knowledge.

According to the faxed letter, Francis Donfack’s travel, lodging, and other incidentals were being covered by the Congressional Black Caucus. Njock thereafter called the US embassy and informed the consular staff that the congressman had asked for a visa to be issued for him.

The head of the Centurion Law group said that the foundation was covering all of Donfack’s costs while posing as the congressman.

In addition, he was reportedly accused of money laundering a few years ago, according to Ghanaian media.

With the local director of Centurion Law Group there, NJ Ayuk had laundered $2.5 million. Obiang Lima’s villa in Aburi was built by the same local director who oversaw its development.

Along with threatening the magazine, he also deleted media pieces revealing his criminal record using dubious marketing strategies.

The fake DMCA notice had succeeded in taking down the media report.


Fortunately, the consulate representatives turned down the request.

Beginning of the new venture of Njock Ajuk Eyong- Centurion Law Group


Njock Ajuk Eyong currently oversees Centurion Law Group. In response to questions from the media regarding the oil deal, they sent a cease-and-desist letter.

According to reports, Rabede begged Gatkuoth to sign the contract as soon as possible. He claimed to the media that he was unfamiliar with Njock Eyong.

He did, however, mention that Centurion Law Group had been chosen as one of Nilepet State Oil Company’s service providers.

The African politician informed the media that it is completely incorrect to claim that he participated in the agreement between South Africa and South Sudan in his individual capacity.

He added that he just performed his duties as the previous minister of energy. The former minister told the media that Ramaphosa had given the go-ahead for his travel.

Because SFF had chartered the airplane to South Sudan, he advised the reporters to get in touch with them. Furthermore, none of the parties provided any information when the reporters tried to learn about Njock Ayuk Eyong’s involvement in the deal.

Njock, however, had stated to reporters in a report:

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Furthermore, he informed them that the letters might have been sent by a friend of his (now deceased) whom he had permitted to pay him a visit in Payne’s offices.

The owner of the Centurion Law Group admitted guilt in 2007 and was given a probationary term of 18 months. The court also ordered him to go back to Cameroon within 30 days or risk deportation.

Corrupt Dealings of Obiang Lima about the head of the Centurion Law Group 

centurion law group

A seasoned investigative journalist went on a hunger strike in 2011 to protest the government of Equatorial Guinea’s rife corruption. Juan Tomas Avila Laurel has long been recognized for his condemnation of the egregious corruption within the administration.

Regrettably, the hunger strike was unsuccessful. After being threatened because of his hunger strike, the journalist was forced to travel to Spain.

One of the most well-known African politicians, Obiang Lima, was exposed by him and other investigative journalists for his unethical business practices. They exposed the significant role NJ Ayuk played in carrying out the corrupt schemes of the African politician.

The construction of Equatorial Guinea’s National Technical Institute of Hydrocarbons was one of the most infamous corrupt transactions.

It appears that Obiang Lima approved the building of the facility in exchange for millions in bribes. To improve his profits, he also upped the budget and relocated the plant.

According to the accusation, the construction company paid 10 million euros to many businesses that were all governed by Obiang Lima and his accomplices. The money was also sent through several front businesses in Cyprus, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The news story was undoubtedly sensational.

Therefore, that didn’t sit well with NJ Ayuk of the Centurion Law Group. He sought to quiet the reporters who were writing about him and his role in one of Equatorial Guinea’s major scandals.

It’s worth noting that he is quite close to Obiang Lima who had even attended his wedding along with his wife. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with NJ Ayuk but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

When NJ Ayuk Tried to Suppress the Media, He Used Threats and Defamation

He became enraged when news reports revealed the Centurion Law Group director’s unscrupulous business practices.

He went on a social media rant against the publications exposing him rather than owning up to his error or attempting to explain his perspective. He also went after the reporter who had produced the report.

Along with raving to his 200,000 followers on Twitter, he also posted a statement on the Centurion Law Firm website.

He made extortion accusations there and said the journalist had collaborated with a dishonest Spanish police officer to produce false tales about him.

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He wrote, “We are going to catch him.” 

NJ Ayuk also referred to the media outlets as “money-hungry charlatans” and said he is eager to confront them.

Unfortunately, his attempts were fruitless since a Johannesburg, South Africa, superior court judge ordered him to retract his defamatory remarks about the journalist and issue an apology.

The court cited “untrue claims” made by NJ Ayuk against the journalist. The court also mandated that he submit a written apology and stop publishing any further baseless allegations against the journalist.

An authority claims that firms use NJ Ayuk’s law firm, Centurion Law Group, as a conduit to obtain oil-related contracts in Equatorial Guinea.

Companies can reportedly try working with others, but they may find that they end up losing bids to other, less competent companies just because they are working with Centurion.

Deep insight into the history of the money laundering case of the head of the Centurion Law Group

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NJ Ayuk has been found guilty of numerous additional offenses in addition to being found guilty of fraud and forgery in the US. He and his counseling firm have both received attention from the Ghanaian media.

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According to a Ghanaian newspaper, Genevive Kabukuor Ocansey, the director of Centurion Law Group, was caught and arrested for aiding a Cameroonian in smuggling $2.5 million into the nation.

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That was none other than NJ Ayuk from Cameroon. The two had repatriated $1 to Equatorial Guinea and laundered $2.5 million into Ghana collectively.

Officials from the Bank of Ghana investigated the case after receiving a tip, and Genevive was taken into custody. Njock Ajuk Eyong was out of Ghana at the time. Yet because Genevive had posted her bail, the matter had come to a standstill.


Many lawyers abuse their position of authority in order to advance in their careers and avoid being held accountable for their illegal behavior. There are other attorneys of this type besides Njock Ajuk Eyong.

For instance, Juan Monteverde, a US lawyer, was the target of a lawsuit alleging that he had harassed and assaulted a subordinate sexually. In a similar vein, Florida Bar disciplined attorney Robyn Sztyndor for her unprofessional behavior.

NJ Ayuk is undoubtedly dishonest and harmful.

He doesn’t think twice about using criminal methods to silence anyone who dared reveal the truth about him. Be wary of him and his criminal activities, especially those involving his company, Centurion Law Group.

It would be wonderful if you circulated this article among your friends or on social media. The more individuals who are aware of these unethical practices, the better.

The only tool we have to combat these criminals is information.

Michael Whitaker
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