C&F Mortgage Reviews: Has the Department of Justice Taken Action Against The Scammer?

C & F Mortgage Corporation
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C&F Mortgage is a scam and has faced regulatory action by the DOJ. it has also received complaints from its clients. Avoid them.
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C&F Mortgage is scamming its customers through predatory practices and deceptive claims. The company has received complaints of discriminating against its clients as well. Learn why you should avoid C&F Mortgage in this review.

About C&F Mortgage

C&F Mortgage is located at 2800 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Yorktown, VA 23693, United States. A wide spectrum of borrowers, from first-time homebuyers to long-term homeowners wishing to buy again or refinance, can benefit from the trusted programs offered by C&F Mortgage Corporation. 

Since C&F Mortgage is a local lender dedicated to in-house processing, it claims to handle every aspect of the loan application, underwriting, and closing all under one roof.

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27/11/2023 Update
As of now, C&F Mortgage has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

C&F Mortgage

Even though it has a reputed origin, the company is still tangled in dirty scams.

The complaint made against C & F Mortgage expresses the bad image of this company.
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Using C&F Mortgage to refinance a home mortgage was the first time. Extremely horrible experience with closure delays and terrible customer service. Have bought a number of homes over the years, and while there are good lenders out there, C&F Mortgage wasn’t one of them.

Therefore, C&F Mortgage has been accused of predatory practices, discriminating against clients, and making deceptive claims.

Justice Department Takes Action Against C&F Mortgage Corporation

C&F Mortgage

The Department of Justice announced on September 30, 2011, that C&F Mortgage Corporation of Midlothian, Virginia, would modify its pricing policies, provide employee training, and pay $140,000 as part of a settlement to resolve claims that it had engaged in a pattern or practice of racial and national origin discrimination.

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The Justice Department’s complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia along with the settlement, which is pending court approval. According to the lawsuit, C&F broke the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act by giving African-American and Hispanic borrowers who took out house mortgage loans higher interest rate markups (overages) and smaller discounts (underages) than white borrowers (ECOA).

According to Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, “Fair and equal access to credit is essential, and lenders have a responsibility to have procedures in place that assure all of their lending programs comply with the law and don’t discriminate. The Civil Rights Division is dedicated to enforcing fair lending laws that prevent abuses across the board in the credit markets and to compensating those who have been the victims of discriminatory lending. We commend C&F for cooperating with the Justice Department to resolve this case in a suitable manner.”

In 2007, according to court documents, C&F used rate sheets to calculate a “par” or standard interest rate for each borrower based on objective variables related to the borrower’s credit risk and the loan terms; however, C&F then gave its employees broad discretion to charge borrowers more (overages) or less (underages) than the par rate without having in place objective criteria for setting the overages and underages. 


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by C&F Mortgage, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

Prior to 2010, C&F did not compel staff members to provide documentation for the justifications behind overcharging or undercharging borrowers, did not check to see if these overcharging or undercharging practices resulted in racial or national origin discrimination, and did not provide in-depth fair lending training to its staff.

According to the Justice Department’s complaint, this strategy negatively influenced borrowers of African-American and Hispanic origin. The department claimed that C&F Mortgage started to phase out the practice of charging house mortgage borrowers overages in 2010 and developed uniform policies for all facets of its loan pricing. 

To guarantee that the interest rates charged for its home mortgage loans are established in a non-discriminatory manner in accordance with the standards of the FHA and the ECOA, C&F changed these and other pricing policies further as part of this settlement. In addition, the lender must monitor its loans for possible inequalities based on race and national origin, pay $140,000 to African-American and Hispanic discrimination victims, and teach its staff members equal credit opportunities.


Simply the company was tangled with the allegations of lending discrimination. The customers were unsatisfied with their process of working. Avoid C&F Mortgage.


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C&F Mortgage Reviews: Has the Department of Justice Taken Action Against The Scammer?
C&F Mortgage Reviews: Has the Department of Justice Taken Action Against The Scammer?

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  1. It is always best to avoid such scammers. We all should even make our loved ones aware of such scammers as well so that they don’t fall to such scams. These scammers deserve to get punished. It’s good that all the victims have got justice.

  2. Consumers must get aware of such fraud companies and should do proper research before trusting anyone. This is extremely sad to know that so many people had to go through so much because of this company. All the victims deserved to get justice.

  3. This is sad that even today people are discriminating between humans based on their race. This is not cool. We need to stop this. Everyone has forgotten about humanity nowadays and only wants to fulfill their greed.

  4. This is sick, are these guys even human? How could they even do this to another human? They are not only greedy but also racist. They deserve severe punishment. Such people are a shame to society.

  5. It is good that these people have got punished but the laws should be made stricter so that no one ever becomes the victim of such fraud people. Prevention is always better than cure. Consumers should also do proper research and then only put their trust in any company.

  6. I will suggest that everyone should look for a good lender available rather than going for C&F. They have so many complaints against them. They surely do not deserve to be trusted. Why would anyone waste their time on such racist and fraud people?

  7. The government should do something about such scams. They are rising everyday. They need to make stricter laws and should make people aware about such fraudsters. So that no one falls for such scams.

  8. It is good that they have been punished but is this really enough for what they have done? They have not only scammed their customers but have also discriminated between them based on their race. Such racist scammers deserve no mercy.

  9. Media should show us such news as well. This is a very important topic to discuss. If such news gets covered then the consumers will get aware of such fraud and racist companies and will never trust them.

  10. This company has scammed their customers through predatory practices and deceptive claims. They deserve to get punished. Consumers need to become aware of their rights and if they get scammed or do not get treated well then should definitely complain against such companies or businesses.

  11. These greedy and racist people deserve to get punished. I am really happy to know that all the victims have got justice. If they would not get punished then they would have become even more confident to make more people fall for their scam. They should be ashamed of themselves for what they did.

  12. This is so sad to read that these people have discriminated between their customers. They are racist and should get a harsh punishment for that. There is no place for anyone in this society who is a racist.

  13. This is an amazing article. Everything has been explained so well. I agree with it because even my friend went through the same experience. She told me how the customer service was so bad and unresponsive. She also told me that they were racist against her.

  14. This is great that this company has been punished by the department of justice. They deserve this. How the hell can they do this to their customers? They have no shame. This company is filled with criminals who are racist and no one should trust this company.

  15. These people deserve to get punished for what they have done to their customers. This is ridiculous. How the hell can they discriminate between their customers? These racist people deserve to get punished.

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