Cforth StoplightGo: Is it a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)

cforth stoplightgo

Mark Seyforth re-opened Cforth in May 2022 after his time making money off of the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme had come to an end.

In their analysis of Cforth StoplightGo in October 2022, BehindMLM noted that the Philippines accounted for the majority of the company’s website traffic.

Currently, fewer than 1,000 visits per month are made to the Cforth website. As a result, Seyforth decided to restart the MLM portion of Cforth under the name StoplightGo.

I’ll start by saying that if CforthStoplightGo sounds complicated and perplexing, that’s because it is. As my knowledge as I am aware, Cforth StoplightGo is just a plan to re-launch Cforth StoplightGo under a different brand.

The beta launch of Cforth StoplightGo was announced in an email sent earlier this month;

cforth stoplightgo

Affiliates of StoplightGo are required to pay $299 upfront and then $64.95 each month for autoship:

cforth stoplightgo

Bundled goods are from Mark Seyforth’s many businesses and have been carried over from Cforth.

Through what seems to be a five-level extensively unilevel team, this produces rewards for the affiliates that recruited them.

cforth stoplightgo

Although there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the “lanes” (unilevel tree legs), which are what I initially assumed this to be, it is a matrix.

However, Cforth StoplightGo does have a residual 310 matrix that offers payments of up to $2.50 per affiliate signed up per month.

cforth stoplightgo

As affiliates are brought on board by Cforth StoplightGo, this matrix grows throughout the entire organization.

Commissions are reliant on Cforth StoplightGo associates continuing to pay $59.95 per month for autoship, among the unilevel group and matrix.

cforth stoplightgo

This is just a rework of Cforth’s Straight-line queue commissions. StoplightGo uses a matrix in place of a line-up system.

A ten-level deep unilevel team used by Cforth was used to pay residual commissions. 

In support of the 310 matrix, which has been revised to be five layers deep.

The autoship recruitment pyramid strategy that was essential to Cforth is at the heart of StoplightGo.

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In Cforth StoplightGo, retail is conceivable but not the main objective. Additionally, it does not disprove that quarterly affiliate autoship fees account for the lion’s share of all company earnings.

The fact that the previous MLM opportunity failed to gain traction also means that we already know there is no retail interest in Cforth’s items.

cforth stoplightgo

The issues Cforth had are brought on by the flawed business model of StoplightGo. Reboots often don’t live for the duration of their predecessors, thus this is something to be concerned about.

What do you think of this business model or scheme now that you are aware of Cforth StoplightGo and that I have explained the fundamentals associated with it? How reliable is it? Come and I’ll explain the details in more detail.

More Info on Cforth Stoplightgo:

image 624

Mark Seyforth partnered with Crowd1 previously in July 2020 to promote his business, LifeTRNDS.

Jonas Werner, a resident of Sweden, is the mastermind of the Ponzi scam Crowd1 in Dubai.

It was a win-win situation when Seyforth slept with Crowd1; while Crowd1 boasted about having items, Seyforth collected a share of the money that was taken through the Ponzi scheme.

Seyforth was still employed by the Ponzi scheme Crowd1 as of mid-2021:

image 633

Seyforth hinted that he might join Cforth Crowd1 in a marketing video for Crowd1 in October 2021.

image 634
image 635

Whatever intentions Seyforth had for Crowd1’s integration with Cforth in late 2021 seem to have failed.

On Crowd1’s website right now, there is no indication of Seyforth, LifeTRNDS, or Cforth.

This indicates how Seyforth and LifeTRNDS secretly quit Crowd1 between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

Cforth StoplightGo was first introduced by Seyforth in Q2 of 2021.

image 636


An “eGig Marketing Company” is how Seyforth describes Cforth StoplightGo. That’s just a fancy way of stating that they sell subscriptions and products made by other people.

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Ironically, Mark Seyforth’s own contribution, Voyager, which is effectively a continuation of LifeTRNDS, is not included in the compensation plan for Cforth. He keeps his hands off of that cash.

Seyforth denies that Cforth StoplightGo is an MLM company, despite the fact that it operates in a very clear MLM environment and has an MLM pay structure.

image 637

None of anything talks about Cforth being an MLM business and having an MLM incentive structure.

*Advice: Calling your affiliates “customers” won’t alter your MLM business strategy.

image 638

The fact that Cforth StoplightGo is a pyramid scheme, in my opinion, is the reason Seyforth won’t admit it is an MLM organization.

The no-cost affiliate option, which offers a 5% order discount, restricts retail, which is still feasible.

The absence of retail clients for Cforth StoplightGo is thus guaranteed. Without sufficient retail sales, MLM businesses are categorically labeled as pyramid schemes by the FTC.

This should not come as unexpected as Seyforth had no problem collaborating with the Ponzi-pyramid hybrid Crowd1.

Additionally, there are a few potential customers for Cforth’s products, specifically gas tablets, to be found. These products, in my opinion, would already be widely used if they were effective.

The SEC in the Philippines attacked Crowd1 very severely. What are the odds that a disturbed downline is currently in Cforth StoplightGo?

Regardless of the narrative, once recruitment in the Philippines dries up, it’s over unless more Cforth StoplightGo victims are discovered elsewhere.

Math ensures that the majority of those participating in financial pyramids will lose money, thus pyramid schemes are a globally prohibited business strategy.

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