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Charles Brighton Racially Discriminates – He Wrongfully Fired a Black Man

Charles Brighton is the founder of Brighton Jones and he is among the most popular finance advisors in the country. My friend Nigel, who is an African American, used to work for his company as an accountant but left after charge made fun of his culture and said multiple racist remarks. 

Who is Charles Brighton?

Charles Brighton picture on Brighton Jones website
Charles Brighton picture on Brighton Jones website

Charles Brighton is the co-founder of the Brighton Jones Wealth Management Group. He is the Managing Director of the Family Office of Brighton Jones and holds a CFP certification. He lives in Seattle, Washington. His company only serves high-net-worth individuals and companies, so he thinks he is the ‘all powerful’. 

I know Charles personally and I can say with certainty that Charles is a hateful bigot who doesn’t like black people. Sometimes he sounds too aggressive and hateful. People in the office tolerate him because he is the big guy; if anyone questions his authority or his opinions he fires them straight away with no consideration of what would happen to the other person. 

My friend Nigel used to work at Brighton Jones as an accountant a year ago. He is a very talented man and he was very dedicated to his job. He also respects his culture and other cultures so he expects other people to respect his culture as well. 

How Charles Wrongfully Fired My Friend

Charles was holding a meeting one day where he said some offensive things about the Black culture. He was saying  how black culture is ruining American society and was trying  to use it as an example for bad practices. Clearly it was a very radical and offensive act. Nigel was not the only black person present in the meeting, there were others too. But he was the only one who had the courage to speak out against the hateful and bigoted comments Charles was making. Everyone was surprised to see an accountant standing up against the founder. 

But Charles was very offended. He started defending his delusional stand by saying that there  are some exceptions and Nigel is one of them. Then he added,”At least it seems like so”. 

I can’t even comprehend what must be going through Nigel’s mind back then. I respect him for what he did. He demanded Charles to apologize for the offensive statements he had made. But Charles was adamant. According to him, he hadn’t said anything offensive. Instead, he said that Nigel should apologize to him for interrupting him. He started saying that it was indecent of Nigel to interrupt his boss like that. Everyone knew what was happening there. Charles was being irrational just like he does everyday. Only this time someone pointed out his delusion to him and showed him that people notice how hateful he is and how wrong he is to view society the way he does.

Charles did not apologize for his offensive remarks. After that meeting ended Charles had invited Nigel to his office. I think Charles fired him for standing up against his bigoted behaviour because after that day Nigel tendered his resignation.

Even though I didn’t say it everyone realised that he was fired.

Charles is a very bigoted and toxic person he doesn’t tolerate any one who exposes him.

I am only writing this after I have left that company. I could never be as courageous as Nigel. And I don’t think many people have the courage to stand up against the racism of their own boss. It takes guts to stand up in a meeting and speak out against a tyrant. Nigel was forced to leave Brighton Jones and what happened to him was unjust. Charles is still living a lavish life of being a successful white man, while Nigel is struggling to provide for his family. 

I have talked to Nigel a few times after that incident, however he distanced himself from everyone. His condition has become very miserable and the only person to blame is Charles Brighton.

Charles is making the culture of Brighton Jones extremely toxic and bigoted as well. He likes those who make racist comments openly and make others feel uncomfortable. Charles should face the consequences of his terrible nature and work. 

After Nigel left his job (technically, otherwise it’s obvious that he was fired), no one dared to question the hateful remarks of our boss. When the environment of that place got too toxic, I started looking for a similar role at some other organization and left Brighton Jones. No one holds Charls accountable so he functions unchecked. That should never be the case. 

Nigel deserves justice and I regret it everyday that I didn’t do anything then. It’s the least I can do for him. At least other people should know about his heroics and the injustice going on at Brighton Jones. Charles, on the other hand, should face the consequences of his actions. He lives in a bubble and punishes anyone who dares to point this out.

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Charles Brighton likes to racially discriminate against black people. He fired my friend because he is black!

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