Charles Floate – Criminal, Arrest and SEO

Charles Floate is a cybercriminal who harassed and attacked multiple people through their computer systems.

He gained notoriety for his illegal activities and instead of working on improving himself, Charles has started promoting himself as an SEO expert.

Did You Know?

SEO is stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of improving the visibility, link-click frequency and relevance of a website in the organic or unpaid surfing of search engines like Google, Bing, and others. 

Currently, his focus is on making sure nobody finds out about his criminal past.

However, to help people stay aware of who this self-proclaimed SEO guru actually is, I have prepared the following write-up.

Here, you will learn about the numerous claims of Charles Floate SEO’s marketing team as well as his actual professional history and why you should avoid dealing with him.

The Various Claims of Charles Floate SEO’s Marketers:

The following section only contains the numerous misleading claims made by the PR team of Charles Floate. Hence, read these claims with a grain of salt.

Since the beginning, Charles Floate has focused on SEO, and he has more than 15 years of expertise managing campaigns for his websites and important clients.

He has also spoken at more than 40 conferences across five continents.

His most well-known works include his peer reviews, SEO manuals, case studies, talks, and black hat techniques. Charles Floate, who never completed high school, has spoken at two different colleges. Because a digital company defrauded his family’s business, and because of his early internet prowess, Charles became interested in SEO.

Few people begin creating websites and buying backlinks at the age of 12, which, in my opinion, gives you a stronger understanding of how technology functions and develops over time

charles floate seo


Charles Floate has built a portfolio of authoritative websites, provided advice on numerous SEO projects and campaigns, and built a fan base. spans numerous social media platforms, the biggest in the SEO industry.

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Charles Floate became well-known thanks to his “God of SEO” blog, where he provides advice and case studies drawn on his own successful experience with Google website ranking. He quickly changed his brand and started enlarging his professional network, first in Canada, then in Mexico, and last in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Charles Floate would like to believe that he played some small part in the development of what some people would call the capital of SEO in the globe. During his blogging and writing career, Charles Floate has produced more than 2.5 million words of content for the company through multiple blogs, case studies, and presentations.

Yet after almost a decade of fighting Google, Charles Floate is still working to revive this site even though he has ceased blogging about SEO.

Marketing Himself As The God of SEO to Hide His Criminal Past:

Charles Floate started a blog called God of SEO in June 2013. In just two short but eventful years, it has changed his life, making him one of the most well-known SEOs in the world, opening up an absurd number of opportunities for him, introducing him to some of his closest friends and business partners, and paved the way for his adult life. Charles Floate originally came to public attention with his contentious blog, The God of SEO.

He wrote articles and how-to manuals based on his knowledge of how to successfully rank websites in organic search.

Also, he developed several, sizable black hat SEO case studies that rocked the sector and demonstrated to the world just how much a young talent might accomplish.

He shifted his attention to expanding his affiliate networks and running his SEO A.I. Agency, which provides e-commerce SEO services to English-speaking companies.

Since then, Charles Floate has helped tens of thousands of freelancers and companies all over the world and written nearly 500 blog pieces for the SEO sector.

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The Criminal Activities of Charles Floate:

The 2013 attacks by Charles Floate from his Solihull home stopped the American media from reporting on internet crime for more than five hours and brought down the main Home Office for 83 minutes. Three counts under the Computer Misuse Act have already been admitted by the 19-year-old.

Recorder John Steel QC described Floate’s acts as “wrong, serious, and criminal” when imposing a sentence. He was sentenced to 250 hours of unpaid labor and given an eight-month prison term with an 18-month suspension.

How Charles Floate Breached Others’ Privacy and Harassed Them:

Other locations reportedly impacted included the UK Border Agency, the Hillsborough Independent Investigation Panel, anti-terror laws, and drug trafficking, according to testimony at Birmingham Crown Court. Also, he hijacked a stranger’s camera and captured a video of a sex act before uploading it to YouTube.

According to testimony given in court, he hacked a man’s work terminal in Seattle to get his number and then sent some disparaging internet and mobile messages to another man in the US.

The FBI claimed in a statement read in court that the attack on January 17 prevented “the public from submitting complaints on the website, (and) from viewing public service announcements.”

Users including law enforcement officers were unable to view information about criminal complaints and it disrupted the working environment of 35 computers connected to the IC3 network and the email traffic for that organization.

The Reason for Harassing Others? “Fame” – According to Charles Floate

Five days later, he attacked the Home Office, which also had 16 linked sites. It took up to £20,000 to repair the damage, the court heard. Charles Floate had “a strong sense of wanting to be renowned and gain accolades for his achievements,” according to a psychiatric evaluation. Even though his client was “publicly humiliated” as a result of the cyberattacks, according to his lawyer Charanjit Jutla, “curiosity got the better of him” and embarrassed his family.

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Although she acknowledged that there were undoubtedly other parties engaged, she acknowledged that Charles Floate, of Starbold Crescent in Knowle, had “played a central role.”


Charles Floate is a teenager who is a self-acclaimed God of SEO. He came in limelight through his controversial blog ‘The God of SEO’. He is accused of some illegal activities such as a wrong, serious, and criminal Computer misuse act, including Sexual harassment of a child. Some of his clients have given him the title of a fraudster.

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Self-acclaimed God of SEO. Absolute Fraud. He is accused of some illegal activities such as a wrong, serious, and criminal Computer misuse act, including Sexual harassment of a child.

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  1. My brother got irritated by these fake schemes and most of the companies were indulged in some sort of criminal cases so it is very important to beware of these fraudsters and make investments with the right people and right place.

  2. Never get attracted by the high ROI schemes due to their fake registration and fake policies you will be suffering in the end.

  3. There are several other owners like Charles where you will have to suffer loss only, but it is your responsibility to make it clear whether the firm is trustworthy for your money and do they have official registration from a legal authority.

  4. Personally experience after investing with a firm that was getting fame but after investing I got to know the company was owned by the drug mafia.

  5. When you will get through the past of popular entrepreneurs you will get to see some positive aspects like their experience and other positive things but I can guarantee most of them indulged in some sort of crime like Charles was arrested for some cause and several other popular entities got through these lawsuits.

  6. Charles was having experience of 15 years in this field, and his client dealing was smooth which helped him to grow vastly.

  7. I have committed several mistakes related to these fields where people don’t investigate the past of the owner and are stuck with some venture which was indulged in some sort of crime. Once I had invested in a cryptocurrency dealer who promised to provide a high ROI but when I read about the company’s involvement with some offshore dealers and suffering lawsuits all I could do was to sit in the corner and cry for some time.

  8. They are making their users unaware of the fact that they were indulged in some criminal charges, but they should focus on increasing the quality of their services and introduce beneficial and valuable schemes for attracting quality amount of people through their work.

  9. Instead of hiding his criminal past, he should focus on getting the positive work and attracting people based on his work.

  10. These criminals are always focusing on not getting exposed for their criminal past, they are always in the mood of suppressing all their negative aspects, if you are bothered by your self-respect then it is very important to get registered as a positive entity for your customers.

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