Charles Mizzi – Corruption of Residency Malta Agency CEO

Charles Mizzi is the President of Residency Malta Agency, the agency which oversees Malta Permanent Residency Program. 

RMA handles the due diligence, promotions and agent appointments of MPRP. It is similar to its predecessor, Malta Residency Visa Agency, which handled the Malta Residency Visa Program.

Although Charles Mizzi might seem like any other government official at first, evidence suggests that he might be extremely corrupt. The following points will help you understand why you should be wary of him and skeptical of his dealings:

Paradise Papers Reveal the Corporate Entities Charles Mizzi Owns

According to the data available in Paradise Papers, Charles Mizzi is the director, shareholder, judicial representative and secretary of Chamiz Services Limited. 

It is an offshore corporate entity which only exists on paper. 

charles mizzi malta

Basically, Chamiz Services Limited is a shell company. 

Usually, shell companies are used by criminals and scammers to transfer illegal funds or launder money. There are plenty of examples of criminals owning multiple shell companies to mask their criminal activity such as Tomas Elias Gonzalez Benitez and Shwartz Konstantin Valerievich

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Both of them are notorious criminals with a history of defrauding others. 

The fact that a Malta government official has a shell business is not a good sign. Considering the valuable position Chalres Mizzi holds, it raises suspicion at his honesty and credibility. Moreover, it indicates that he might be running a shady business on the side or worse, accepting bribes. However, there is no additional information available to substantiate those claims.

Shell corporations are usually set up to hide their ultimate beneficial ownership. Their purpose  is to hide illicit cash and circumvent anti-money laundering procedures. Some estimates reveal that abuse of shell companies costs the US around $70 billion every year. 

More Details About Charles Mizzi Malta:

Charles Mizzi has been an active marketer for the Maltese government for a long time. Before becoming the CEO of Residency Malta Agency in 2019, he was the Chief Officer of Communications and Business Development and handled the Individual Investor Programme for the Maltese government.

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Moreover, Charles Mizzi has served as the Executive Director (Media & Marketing) for the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the EU Council. 

Charles has a Master of Business Administration from Henley Business School. 

Currently, under the leadership of Charles Mizzi, Residency Malta Agency has a minimum capital outlay of EUR 150,000 for a single applicant. This makes the MPRP among the lowest in terms of capital requirements in Europe. 

However, the money people invest in the program is non-recoverable. Certainly, it makes the program stand out because other European countries offer residency programs at much higher costs but the invested capital is more recoverable. 

Charles Mizzi told the media that he believes the program’s new structure will give him the benefit to attract more clients while also generating more direct revenue for Malta. 

He said:

“We believe that the MPRM proposition is competitive in comparison to other programmes even though the capital is not recoverable. At the same time, the new requirement of making a direct government contribution means more revenue for the Maltese government than was possible under the old model. 

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It’s not uncommon to see a corrupt government official and the evidence indicates that Charles Mizzi might be highly corrupt. He has a shell enterprise in Malta and he has been an active part of the Maltese government’s programmes for quite some time. 

Corruption takes various forms. For example, Patokh Chodiev is an oligarch who pays off people to ensure that he doesn’t face any charges for ordering up murders. Similarly, Thomas Flohr is another rich man who helped his friend launder millions.

Beware of Charles Mizzi Malta. 

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Charles Mizzi is a government official and the CEO of Residency Malta Agency. However, he also owns several shell corporations which indicate he might not be as honest as he appears to be.

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