Charles Oppong (NDC BEKWAI CONSTITUENCY) – Fraud

Charles Oppong Kyekyeku used to operate under a different name in the past. Last year, the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service started probing him for his involvement in the forgery of letter head, brand logo and official documents of Al Amani Spare Parts LLC. 

Al Amani Spare Parts LLC is a UAE-based company which has done a few transactions in Ghana. 

Police sources revealed that the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) is also investigating Charles Oppong Kyekyeku for some serious economic crimes.

Right now, Charles Oppong is promoting himself in the NDC Bekwai constituency. He wishes to start a political career but his criminal past can’t leave him.

Charles Oppong Kyekyeku was Convicted in the UK for fraud

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A few years ago, he was failed for 3 years for forging fake invoices totalling £245,000.

That case sent Charles Oppong Kyekeyeku into jail. 

He was found guilty of presenting fake invoices whose total amount was £245,000 over 2 years. The figures in the forged invoices exceeded the original invoices significantly. However, Charles had presented them for payment as if the fake invoices were authentic. 

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The authorities have made him the prime suspect. Furthermore, the current investigation has attracted the attention of Interpol. Hence, it can easily blow up into an international matter. 

Note that the Crown Court in the UK had sentenced Charles Oppong Kyekyeku to three years after convicting him for fraud. 

The court had also barred him from becoming the director of any company for 8 years. 

In that case, he was processing illegal funds through his UK Star Security Company in East London and East Ham. Also, he wired a significant amount of funds outside the UK.

The judge had described Charles as a thoroughly dishonest person. 

Initially, Charles Oppong Kyekyeku had jumped bail and agencies believed he had fled to Ghana. But he later showed up to serve his term. 

Launching a Campaign in NDC Bekwai Constituency:

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Even though he has been convicted in the UK, Charles Oppong Kyekyeku is now launching a political campaign in NDC Bekwai. 

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The scammer hopes to gain more political power so he can avoid another prison sentence. It’s important for the people to be aware of his shady past and activities.

Otherwise, they will end up supporting a fraudster who only cares about himself. 

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Charles Oppong Kyekyeku of NDC Bekwai has a long criminal past. He has been able to get away with his shady activities because of his strong political connections. It seems he wants to increase his power by starting a career in politics himself. Beware!

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