Charter Dot Review: A Sunless Broker

Charter Dot's website is full of empty boasts and false promises. It is not worth investing in them, read the full review to learn more.
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When you’re looking for a new broker, it’s important to do your research. You want to find one that fits your needs, and that you can trust. That’s why we decided to review This sunless broker promises a lot, but does it deliver? Keep reading to find out.

An international trading firm, CharterDot offers services in more than 160 countries. They claim that their main goal is to give clients an unmistakable trade experience with the best equipment and encryption system available on today’s market.

Nowadays, it’s easy to get sucked into a company like CharterDot that promises the best prices and returns. However, before you make any deposits or accept their funds as collateral for loans – there are several things worth considering. As discussed in this review of CharterDot with potential red flags, your money could easily end up lost if these issues aren’t addressed soon enough.

It’s always hard to make a living in the world of trading. But when you’re up against high volatility and threats like Stop loss, it can be even more challenging. CharterDot brags that they have endorsements from major platforms such as Bloomberg, The Economist, and Forbes. However, these same organizations do not recognize charterdot or its services for what others see them as: reliable protection.

Breif about

The is a well-known company in Europe, with more than one million investors profiting from the services they provide as they claim. If this statement were true then everyone should know about it by now – especially considering how quickly news can travel through social media these days. is giving you access to over 70 exchanges in 30 countries for free, so that your investment can be as volatile and unpredictable as the markets themselves. They also assure quick adaptation with no commission fees on trades–it takes less than five minutes before they start paying out dividends too.

Trusting people who barely understand how the trading world operates with your money is a recipe for disaster. It will be hard to tell that you are relying on experts because they don’t want anyone else in on their secret lucrative insider information. How then can we trust CharterDot?

During registration, you share your data which might fall in the wrong hands. There is no credibility with this software and they don’t reveal what kind of algorithm it uses to calculate scores for each candidate either. You could end up relying on tools that won’t help you at all – so be careful when signing up with them today.

Did You Know?

Most financial disputes are resolved by ADR methods. The ADR methods include arbitration, negotiation, mediation, conciliation and private judging. However, it needs to be noted that less lawsuits are filed for financial scams than civil crimes, and people try to stick to the ADR methods, due to the dubious agreements by the brokers. 

How does Charter Dot Operate?

How does Charter Dot Operate? might be the perfect solution for those who are looking to trade forex, shares commodities and indices but there are some serious risks if you don’t do your research before signing up with them. They promise to deliver an outstanding trade experience, but there’s no way for you know if they’ll actually go through with it. You can access their services on mobile devices and PC, so long as your computer or phone has internet connection.

CharterDot claims to offer a safe and user-friendly platform for trading with their expert staff who are always ready to give you the help that you require. They cannot however be relied upon as anonymous people might result in giving wrong trade guidance, which could lead to losses of money if used incorrectly.

The Charter Dot scammer will often use attractive profits and bonuses just to get your hard-earned money. You cannot withdrawal the bonus without completing certain tasks, even afterward it’s impossible. To avoid being duped by this company consider any business between yourself and them over because they cut off contact or deny access when you resist their schemes.

They give leverage to investors up to 1:200, but there’s no evidence of trade activities in the company. Additionally, they may be attracting not so pleasing returns past data for at least three months or more as these will help determine what to expect from them. Nothing CharterDot claims anything sensible offers though you should stay away if this sounds too good-to-be true.

Are your Funds Safe with Charter Dot?

Are your Funds Safe with Charter Dot?

Charter Dot is a company that only cares about your money and there are no signs they will invest in anything. They have an unproven business approach with zero success stories to date. You should always make sure that your money is safe when investing in any company. But with Charter Dot, you don’t even know who to trust. The founders refuse to show their data for qualifications and all of the information about them has been kept secret from public access. How do we know this isn’t just some shady firm setup by con artists?

This is a shame because you don’t know who’s getting your money or how they will use it. CharterDot does not have any banking information to affirm funds are safe, which means the anonymous people may benefit from investing in something quick and easy without ever approaching returns for themselves. is an unlicensed, untested money-sucking company with no transparency for its users that has your funds at risk and a sketchy history – not safe in any sense of the word. Avoid them like the plague if you want to keep everything above board.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum investment amount for a new charterdot account is $1500. You can find your account through various choices. Mastercard, maestro or wire transfer among others but remember that you should always use credit/debit options since they allow the customer up to 540 days of dispute period on fraudulent charges made against them. Wire transfers are not reversible when deposited into an account so make sure it’s worth risking before sending money over.

You’ll have a tough time getting your money back from this platform if you ever need to withdraw. It’s not clear how much they hold and when the deposit will be available. CharterDot might just guzzle all of our funds without giving us any return on investment.

There is no refund policy for services that do not meet your expectations. You may have hidden fees when you try and withdraw money from the company. This could lead to an even worse experience of using these products or services than what was expected in return for paying upfront costs with interest rates on top as well.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Charter Dot has a section where you can fill out your personal data and subject. They do not have telephone contact or email so if there are any queries relating to them, it may be hard for customers to reach the company’s support team in person. However, they offer live chat as an option instead which puts a little more trust between themselves and those who use this service.

Charter Dot is a company that has poor customer service, yet they are eager to please its customers. They offer you easy navigation and quick response if needed but what about the location of this business? They claim to be located at the First floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown St Vincent, and the Grenadines. It seems lost on them as well since there’s nothing at all online with any information regarding these details or services offered by Charter Dot themselves.

Charter Dot Regulation Status

Charter Dot Regulation Status

The company is accessing public funds yet in most countries if not all regulation is a must before generating funds from the public. The Charter Dot does not fall under any radar and your money will be at risk with them. They’re an unlicensed firm that often scams hard-working people like you who invest their life savings into these bad investments.

The founder of Charter Dot is in a tough spot. They can barely afford the cost it takes to be regulated and they might even face bankruptcy if things go wrong. Without regulation, the company will break trade guidelines which could lead straight to criminal charges.

3.1Expert Score

Charter Dot’s website is full of empty boasts and false promises. In order to use the service, you must provide them with your information which they then sell on in an effort at transparency that transparently reveals just how much data each user provides when it comes down to margins or anonymity – there are none.
Charter Dot has no reviews and their website is hard to understand. It’s not worth investing in this company because there are so many unanswered questions about what they do or how it works, plus as of right now nobody seems too happy with them.

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