Chris Orsaris Car- Convicted Fraudster Exposed (2023 Update)

Chris Orsaris Car is a convicted fraudster. Before you consider doing business with him, it’s important that you are familiar with his history. The following review will help you figure out why you should avoid dealing with him:

About Chris Orsaris Car:

chris orsaris car

Chris Orsaris Car claims to be an automobile consultant and prosperous businessman who resides in the Queens neighborhood of New York City, New York.

Currently, Chris Orsaris Car has several car dealerships where he provides his clients with a wide range of automobiles and other services. He has refined his business practices over the years, putting together strong people, developing top-notch processes, and building a solid reputation for each of his businesses.

Chris’ has a meticulously artificially polished professional attitude, which prioritizes selling only the highest-quality vehicles and maintaining very accurate records of looting people but emphasizes the significance of exceptionally poor customer service.

Chris Orsaris Car was ordered to give up his investment in Major Ford, his Miami condo’s proceeds, his apartment’s proceeds in Trump World Tower, his other bank accounts’ proceeds, and an additional $750,000. In addition, he was sentenced to pay $506,124.25 to the insurance company, $13, 831,288 to Major Automotive Companies, Inc. for a false insurance claim involving his boat, and $2.7 million to the Internal Revenue Agency.

Chris Orsaris, a used car trader, stole $7 million to fund mob fantasies: federal authorities

Authorities claim that a cunning used-car dealer stole $7 million to fund his mob dreams and lived opulently in Southampton and South Beach among muscle-bound flunkies and drug dealers.

High-flying Federal authorities claimed that Chris Orsaris, 37, used exaggerated sale commissions from a Queens dealership to fund “the filthy lifestyle of a want to be criminal.”

The car sales prodigy, whose sales career began when he was a child, used the stolen money to pay for his extravagant purchases, including a $5.5 million apartment in the Trump World Tower, a $2.9 million home in the Hamptons, and a $2 million condo in Florida, according to officials.

Officials believe that Chris Orsaris Car, who also owned a $5 million waterfront mansion in Queens, even paid $860,000 for the yacht B LOW ME before falsely reporting that it had been stolen.

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Officials believe that Chris Orsaris Car, who also owned a $5 million waterfront mansion in Queens, even paid $860,000 for the yacht B LOW ME before falsely reporting that it had been stolen.

The Greek-American enjoyed his “Sopranos”-style life so much, according to authorities, that he allegedly intimidated a potential informant by giving him a black candy rat.

In connection with the vast fraud and embezzlement conspiracy at Major Automotive Cos., a $300 million per year company with 14 city dealerships, Orsaris, who appeared in Long Island Federal Court on Thursday, was denied bail.

Federal prosecutors claimed in court documents that following a divorce in 2002, Chris Orsaris Car initially embraced the mob lifestyle.

Chris Orsaris Car became engaged to Anthony (Tough Tony) Federici’s daughter, but his attempt to wed into the mob failed, according to federal sources who spoke to the Daily News.

According to the reports, Orsaris’ relationship came to an end when he was found canoodling with a stripper.

The engagement was broken off amid claims that Orsaris’ wandering eye had been replaced with two black eyes, according to the sources.

Federici was unavailable for comment.

In their letter arguing against bail, the feds characterized Chris Orsaris Car as a voracious thief who, between 2004 and 2009, employed thugs and drug traffickers to serve as his goons.

The “workers” worked as Orsaris’ bodyguards, chauffeurs, and personal assistants after they were on Major Automotive Cos as stated by the letter.

In between, the staff shipped a car filled with cocaine to Greece, distributed steroids, and in one instance, watched the kids of the divorced Chris Orsaris Car while they spent the weekend with their father.

The letter said that other known criminals were employed and given no-show assignments as Orsaris greedily loaded his coffers. According to Assistant US Attorney Burton Ryan, Orsaris “has purposefully mingled with violent and non-violent criminals and drug dealers.”

Orsaris started his career in 1992 selling used cars for Major Automotive and worked his way through the company.

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Chris Orsaris Car was the general manager of Major Chevrolet Long Island City, one of the biggest used vehicle lots in the country, at the time of his arrest on Tuesday. He was dismissed right away.

He was a very dependable worker, according to Steven Harfenist, counsel for Major Automotive. “The subject will be decided in court. We’ve completely cooperated with the government.”

164-count accusation

Chris Orsaris Car was arrested on a 164-count indictment that accused him of creating three fictitious organizations to pass the stolen money and forging his boss’ signature as part of the fraud.

Officers apprehended the guy for abusing his fiancée on March 1; it was his second arrest in a month. Additionally, there were still two active orders of protection against Orsaris.

Joseph Conway, the defense attorney, did not respond to a request for comment. The boat swindle served as an example of Orsaris’ bold strategy. The auto salesperson kept his boat at College Point Yacht Club, claimed it stolen, and received $112,000 in insurance, according to police.

Chris Orsaris Car stated his business guiding principle in an interview from 2000: “I look to go an inch ahead, not an inch behind.”

Chris Orsaris Car won’t be leaving anytime soon if found guilty; he may spend more than 1,000 years in prison, though 10 years is more likely.

Chris Orsaris Car, a Greek used-car trader, similarly obtained 70G from a neighbor for a Porsche but failed to produce the title.

chris orsaris car

An alleged $7 million embezzlement by a used car salesperson from Queens was used to fund his obscenely clichéd and lavish fantasy lifestyle.

Greek Chris Orsaris, 37, was charged with 164 counts in an indictment for allegedly defrauding Major Automotive Co., a $300 million company with 14 dealerships in New York City, including the Queens Major Chevrolet Long Island City, where Orsaris served as general manager, by pocketing inflated sales commissions for his own luxury needs.

These luxuries included a $5.5 million Trump World Tower apartment, a $2.9 million Hamptons home, a $2 million Florida condo, and a $5 million waterfront home in Queens. Two years ago, the blog Queens Crap featured another one of his former residences, a pink mansion with a view of the Whitestone Bridge. Also, he falsely reported that his $860,000 yacht, proudly called “BLOW ME,” had been stolen.

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Federal authorities claim that between 2004 and 2009, Orsaris employed thugs and drug dealers to serve as his bodyguards, chauffeurs, and personal aides, according to the Daily News. In an interview for an article in 2008 on avoiding dishonest used car dealers, Orsaris was described as a dealer with a “recognized practice”:

Mr. Chris Orsaris Car said that his industry is filled with bad apples, but that punitive fines do little to deter them. “Fines are nothing — you pay a fine, you’re done, you’re out,” he said.

Instead, he said, his proposal for the department was “to be careful whom they give a license to and to do a thorough background check.”


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At the Federal District Court in Central Islip, New York, Judge Leonard D. Wexler sentenced Chris Orsaris Car to 85 months in prison.

The theft from Big Automotive Companies, Inc. in Queens, New York, and fraud in connection with an insurance claim on an $850,000 yacht led to the detention of Chris Orsaris Car in April 2010. In December 2012, he confessed responsibility for laundering money obtained from multiple schemes designed to defraud the Major and avoid paying taxes.

After it was proved by the court that Chris Orsaris Car and others had stolen and laundered more than $15 million to support their opulent lifestyles, they were each given 85 months in jail and three years of supervised release.

Chris Orsaris Car had to give up his stake in Major Ford as well as the income from his Miami property, his condominium in Trump World Tower, other bank accounts, and an additional $750,000. Also, he was sentenced to pay $506,124.25 to the insurance company, $2.7 million to the Internal Revenue Service, and $13, 831,288 to Major Automotive Companies, Inc. for a false insurance claim concerning his boat.

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  1. Chris and the staff are very much trained in fooling their people so make sure you aren’t trapped in any of the fake schemes.

  2. It is important to avoid and investigate these companies before investing so beware of these scammers, avoid having business with this man, and make sure none of their claims are true.

  3. Make sure your money isn’t wasted with Chris and his company, the scheme which is provided by this man isn’t trustable.

  4. If you will add up the fine that Chris has paid is crossing a billion so you can how much he earned after scamming his users.

  5. Not reliable for his services, none of the dealers are now interested in his deal to make sure he isn’t able to make you fool for the services.

  6. He is not at all reliable with his business so make sure you don’t your money just to show off, his services aren’t up to the mark, so avoid dealing with this man.

  7. The only problem with these people is that they aren’t taking the claims seriously, Chris has promised to provide the best service as compared to others, but his claims aren’t true and reliable so avoid doing business with this man.

  8. Chris is promoting himself as one of the most professional car service providers which makes him very efficient with his work but the problem is that he isn’t aware that the market is aware of his scams and various misleading activities.

  9. This man’s future suddenly got defamed in sudden, and his mistreatment of his fiancee got him arrested, this was his second arrest in the month, which proved to be very harmful to his business.

  10. Not a trustable man with a non-legitimate dealership of used cars, avoid at any cost.

  11. This man only deals with used cars and can provide you with each and every model which you want, but yes his business was having some involvement with influential people or say the bad community.

  12. Get full-fledged information about the firm and its previous deals so that you don’t get your money wasted.

  13. Get the investment-related information from the firms and then only invest with them, because cars are also a form of investment only, they will be adding value to your luxury.

  14. Make sure your money isn’t wasted with this criminal and everyone should focus on finding the right place for investment.

  15. This doesn’t mean if you are promoting higher brands and dealing with higher society, you will start dealing with the smaller class rudely, his behavior toward the people has degraded, and I will avoid this scammer.

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