Chris Shihadeh – Fraudster, Scammer Exposed by Victims

Chris Shihadeh is a fraudster and his fraudulent ways have been exposed by his numerous victims online.

The following Chris Shihadeh review will shed light on how this criminal operates, what his marketing claims are and how he is trying to bury the complaints he has received:

Chris Shihadeh Exposed By His Victims Online:

Here’s a complaint made by one of the many victims of this fraudster. It will help you understand just how dangerous Chris Shihadeh is:

Chris Shihadeh

What is Fraud in Business Law- 

Fraud is when someone intentionally misleads someone in order to gain something unlawfully or unethically at their expense. Fraud in the financial industry can take many different forms, such as filing fraudulent insurance claims, falsifying financial records, pump-and-dump schemes, and identity theft which results in unlawful transactions. Three types of fraud in Business laws:

  1. Financial frauds – Manipulation, falsification, alteration of accounting records, misrepresentation or intentional omission of amounts, misapplication of accounting principles, intentionally false, misleading, or omitted disclosures.
  2. Misappropriation of Assets – Theft of tangible assets by internal or external parties, sale of proprietary information, causing improper payments.
  3. Corruption – making or receiving improper payments, offering bribes to public or private officials, receiving bribes, kickbacks, or other payments, aiding and abetting fraud by others.

The whole bloodline and family are criminals and skilled con artists. They committed frauds such as tax fraud, real estate fraud, and theft totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Everyone connected to the family and every member of it is a criminal. They don’t mind robbing elderly people or military families of money to pay for their upcoming trip or expensive buy. Beware, they are all skilled con artists and thieves. If you come across these thieves or their group, run away and notify the police. They stole from many of us and put many individuals in dire financial situations.

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Chris Shihadeh

What Chris Shihadeh Claims to Be (His Lies)

The following sections contain the false claims made by the PR team of Chris Shihadeh. Read those claims with a grain of salt.

chris shihadeh

Chris Shihadeh is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based serial entrepreneur. He has established several prosperous enterprises, including marketing consultancies, sales call centers, and online retailers. Mr. Shihadeh is the CEO of Skylab Digital, a pioneer in lead generation & digital marketing. His team produces thousands of daily calls for their customers through internal advertisements on well-known sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok, and more.

chris shihadeh
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Mr. Shihadeh is the CEO and founder of Skylab Digital. The Skylab team, which has nine members and is growing, focuses on driving interested customers to their websites in order to produce a call or lead for its clients. Currently, they are in charge of a number of companies in health insurance, Medicare, auto insurance, and other industries. They receive more than 8,000 phone calls per day from well-known media sites like Facebook and Google through their web domains. Skylab Digital has been granted permission to handle insurance in six states.

Chris Shihadeh- Portfolio (Claims Made on His Website)

chris shihadeh
chris shihadeh
chris shihadeh

Chris Shihadeh Skylab Digital Blog: Trying to Deceive Consumers

Below are the snippets of some of Chris Shihadeh’s website. They will help you understand the outrageous claims he makes about himself and how he tries to present himself as a legitimate businessman.

Is digital marketing a promising career-

According to Chris, Technology is used in digital marketing to advertise goods and services. It includes everything, including email marketing, SEO, and social media efforts.

The industry is new and developing, and there are many job openings. It also provides a lot of flexibility and pays a living wage.

Should you invest in Digital Marketing Strategy-

According to Chris A digital marketing strategy can be a great way to reach new customers and drive sales for your business. It also allows you to stay competitive and keep your business relevant. Some of the points that can be taken into consideration for investing in Digital Marketing strategies It helps to widen your reach, Improves your local visibility, and Tracks every step of the customer’s journey, and last one is Targeting is a crucial difference when traditional marketing is concerned.

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Chris Sihadeh- Are You a Good Fit for a Career in Digital Marketing?

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According to a post posted by Chris Shahideh in February 2022 on Digital Marketing he mentions about advantages of digital marketing choosing as a career. He says:

There are various employment prospects in the fast-expanding industry of digital marketing. If you’re thinking about a career in digital marketing, you might be curious about what the position includes and whether it’s a good fit.

What does Digital Marketing Involve?

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Search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, website design, content generation, and other practices are all included in digital marketing. It calls for a thorough knowledge of technology and the capacity to strategically consider how to use these tools to reach target audiences. Understanding consumer behavior is also necessary. What drives people to act or buy goods or services? These questions may be addressed, and successful digital marketers can create campaigns that successfully accomplish the objectives of their clients.

How a career in Digital Marketing will benefit you?

Creative freedom – Digital marketers can be creative when designing their campaigns, allowing them to express themselves through their work. 

Flexible schedule – Since the majority of firms now run entirely online, digital marketers frequently have the freedom to decide when and where they want to work. For those who lead hectic lives or choose to work from home or another location outside the office, this makes things simpler.

Competitive salaries – In addition to having competitive pay, this industry frequently offers bonuses to employees who perform particularly well. So, diligent digital marketers can make even more money than their base pay!

High demand – There is currently a high demand for skilled digital marketers across industries, meaning plenty of opportunities are available for those looking for new challenges or better pay rates.


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Chris Shihadeh is a fraudster.

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It is pretty common for scammers to use deceitful marketing to hide their criminal activities from potential victims. Some prominent examples include Esmeralda da Silva, Mansour Tawafi, Justin Halladay and Russ Ruffino.

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A Fraudster

Chris Shihadeh is a fraudster. After going through the above points, it’s clear that he is trying to hide his criminal past by using sleazy marketing tactics. Avoid this fraudster and his company, Skylab Digital.

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  1. The officials should look into the case and punish this man for promoting his nefarious schemes and looting his clients, Chris isn’t a reliable person, he is providing his customers with the most unprofessional platform for investing, and none of their schemes are legitimate.

  2. So many users have registered complaints against Chris for being scammed by this scammer, he is running a illegal business.

  3. Avoid this scammer for investing they aren’t reliable.

  4. Everyone is getting used to online investment and trading so scammers are taking the opportunity and launching nefarious schemes.

  5. Introduce some special restrictions for banning the fake calls and messages related to these schemes, I have seen several investors who have gotten scammed after answering these fake calls and then regret investing with them.

  6. Nowadays it is getting difficult to differentiate between legitimate and scammers, so beware of these people and invest accordingly, it is our responsibility not to be trapped with people like Chris Shihadeh.

  7. Avoid investing with these unwanted and unreliable firms, because their history of scamming their users has come to light and people are getting aware of their scams.

  8. The company has attracted a lot of crowds after promoting their scheme but yes if we will try to find out their involvement in criminal activities then only you will find the importance of these articles.

  9. We can’t trust everyone with our money as most of them are there for scamming you and filling their pockets, but we must choose the perfect ones.

  10. The market is full of competitors and most of them are trying to defame Chris.

  11. Youth has understood the importance of digital marketing and is trying to learn a skill for taking this opportunity to earn, which is passive income for them, so Chris has provided them a beautiful platform for earning.

  12. Avoid Chris Shihadeh at any cost keeping in mind his criminal past and how he targeted his innocent investors.

  13. The company was targeting its users for scamming them.

  14. If you are searching for some better pay options then you can develop an interest in the field.

  15. The demand of the digital market is increasing frequently and people are taking steps towards digital marketing and taking the advantage of earning through the platform.

  16. I agree with the author about the charges against Mr. Shahideh but what about his contribution to promoting digital marketing on a larger scale, making his people aware of the investment plans, and earning through digital platforms? But the people and the competitors are targeting him for his success, in the field.

  17. The company is dealing in various marketing fields including goods and services and social media stuff, though they are capturing the market rapidly, which means they are growing very fast which means the market will be full of spam callers and irritating people on a larger scale.

  18. I have gotten irritated by these fake calls, especially those related to bank loans and insurance policies.

  19. Now this is the first article I have read that the users themselves are exposing the scammer, this is the right and perfect way to unmask these so-called entrepreneurs making fools of their investors after wasting their money and time for their usage.

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