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A Racist Financial Advisor

My friend, I’ll call him Sam,  had hired Chris Wilkens for his company last year and his experience with this guy was painfully horrible. He had a terrible encounter with Chris, due to which he stopped availing his services. They hadn’t worked together for long but the mere fact that Chris would say something so offensive to one of his clients caused him to fire him as his advisor. I wanted to share his experiences with others so they would be wary of his services too. 

A little info on Chris Wilkens

The highlighted one is Chris Wilkens from Baker Street Advisors

I don’t suppose that everyone who reads this article knows who Chris Wilkens is. So, I’m sharing some of his credentials and information here. It’ll also help you understand why my friend hired this guy in the first place.

Chris is a Partner at Baker Street Advisors and Sam had hired him for his company because of his expertise and credentials. The guy has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, so he’s definitely something. He has been working with Baker Street Advisors since 2007 and is a CFA. 

My friend had no idea whether Chris was racist or not before he hired him. He just wanted a skilled financial advisor to help his company in handling its investments. 

Chris was supposed to help Sam’s company in handling its investments.

For some months, things went very well. They went down when my friend realised that something fishy was going on. You see, Sam firmly stands against racism and racist practices. He had invited Chris to a party where he showed his true colors. Chris had arrived at the party all by himself and everything was going okay. As it was a party, Sam had invited some of his close friends too. 

Here’s exactly what transpired: 

Chris was talking to Sam about something when one of Sam’s friends interrupted them. No one knows what triggered Sam but after that friend left, he told Sam, “I don’t understand how you work with these guys”. When Sam asked, “What do you mean by ‘these guys’?” he said , “You know, THESE GUYS”. Chris was pointing to their race, obviously. Sam got really mad after that. He told Chris to leave and a few days later changed his financial advisors. 

Chris didn’t understand that it was his racist comment that got him fired. That’s because when he later met with Sam, he kept asking him what mistake he made. And even when Sam told him that it was because of his ‘hurtful and prejudiced comments’ he thought Sam was joking. He couldn’t believe that someone could NOT be racist. Then, as far as I know, Chris had said something racist in that meeting too. He had told Sam that ‘It’s natural, you can’t treat everyone like equals, can you?’ His racist bigotry got him fired. And I believe Sam did the right thing here. 

Chris is clearly a racist bigot who looks down on minorities. After Sam fired Chris and his company, they contacted him multiple times begging for a second chance. No one wants to lose a client, after all. But Sam had made up his mind. 

This all has happened within the last few months. I believed it was necessary to share with the world so others would know how terrible Chris Wilkens really is. The fact that he would racially discriminate between people was just as shocking for my friend as it was for me. 

Sam fired Chris Wilkens because of his racist comments. And I’m proud of him for that. I believe people should know the reality of this hate-mongering professional. That’s why I’ve shared my friend’s experiences here. I couldn’t believe these events at first because I never realised that many powerful and successful people are filled with hate against certain sections of society. Even though Chris Wilkens tries to appear like some sort of a ‘good samaritan’ in front of his customers, the reality is totally opposite. 

Before you say, why didn’t Sam post it himself? Let me just tell you, he didn’t want to put in this much effort. I could’ve simply posed as Sam and shared it on his behalf, but I’m not doing that. I want people to know the reality behind the grandiose of Chris Wilkens and the Baneks Street Advisors. 

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Chris is clearly a racist bigot who looks down on minorities. My friend and other people cannot feel safe in a world where there's clear discrimination based on a person's skin color!

  • Hates people of color
  • Promotes racism
  • Narcissist
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  1. What have we become as a country! There are extremely powerful people like Chris literally being explicitly racist and no one’s doing anything about it. It’s time we woke up and took some real action. I’ve shared this post on my Facebook and twitter. WE CANNOT LOSE AGAINST THIS BIGOTRY! I hope we get to live in a world with no racism. But people like Chris Wilkens make it impossible! We can’t even go to the police now. The unsafe environment makes me sick. Stay strong my fellow people, we won’t lose against this fight against racism.

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