Christian Holmes IV – Scammer Who Fathered A Scammer (2023)

Christian Holmes IV Wiki: Father Of Elizabeth Holmes

Christian Holmes IV worked with his daughter Elizabeth Holmes in fraudulent dealings. In Hulu’s doc-series, they’ve shed light on Elizabeth & Christian Holme’s early life. 

Read about the scammer Vinod Gupta here.

In case you don’t know, Elizabeth Holmes was the brains behind Theranos. This medical technology company made false claims of having a technology that minimized the amount of blood needed to run blood tests on patients. It raised billions of dollars but ended up being exposed. 

Christian Holmes IV was born on 1st February 1946. Currently, he is 76. He went to a private High School and got his degree from Wesleyan University. His net worth is estimated to be $2-5 million.

Christian Holmes’s Personal Life

Christian Holmes IV is married to Noel Holmes and both parents to Elizabeth Holmes. They were living in Washington DC when they had their daughter. During that time both of them worked on Capitol Hill. Noel was a policy aid while Christian worked in various government agencies.

Soon after, they moved from Washington DC to Houston, Texas. In Texas, Christian became the VP of a medical company called Enron which was busted for corporate fraud

Christian Holmes IV Wiki

This collapse happened in December 2001. The FBI reported that the company declared bankruptcy soon after defrauding its investors. The crime was of so grave that the officials had to put together a special team called the Enron Task Force. This task force comprised IRS criminal investigators, FBI investigators, and prosecutors from the DOJ.

Did You Know?

DOJ is the Department of Justice is the agency under federal law, to ensure the strict enforcement of administrative justice in the US. DOJ has both judicial and investigative authorities for proper law and order.

A total of $164 million were seized from this fraudulent company, this money was then used to reimburse the victims. 22 employees were involved in the crime and they were convicted.

Currently, Christian Holmes is working with The Boston Consulting Group as a senior advisor (since 2017). 

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  1. Enron is not a medical company it was an energy company

  2. Yes-but do we know if Mr. Holmes was involved in the Enron scam? Guilt by association is not guilt-it us a smear…And just WHO is the author of this piece? So not only is the title subject to question but the author has failed to reveal him/ herself, as well.I do not like such writing about others! Do not imply that someone is guilty and certainly do not do so without revealing who you are and without revealing the supposed facts upon which you base your article! My- talk about yellow press! Shame on you… Whiever you are!!!!!

  3. FRIDAY, JAN. 13, 2023
    What a tragedy all around. They all seemed like law abiding and very intelligent people.

    I have a different problem. I have an insane female stalker after me from NAPA STATE HOSPITAL for 18 years and I cannot get her arrested. She has violated just about every law in Vacaville. I cannot afford attorneys. Shirley A. CATLETT and I am now 84 years old.

    I live at 137 Olympic Cir.,Vacaville CA 95687

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