Christopher Dines: Fake PR & Lies Exposed (New Update 2023)

About Christopher Dines  

Christophe Francis Dines was born in 1983 in London Borough located in Harrow, England. He was born in Anglo, Irish and Kenyan heritage. 

Christopher Dines took up DJing in 1994 as a profession. He started his career by performing at private house parties. 

Christopher Dines’s father brought him his very first record in the late- 1980s during the acid house and rave movement that happened in England. His mother forced him to pursue his passion for music and brought him his first DJ mixer. 

Christopher Dines completed his studies at Stanborough Independent Primary School in Watford and Pinner Park Middle School in Harrow. 

Dines got his very first break DJing on London’s underground dance music pirate radio station named 103.6 Flex FM located in South West London. 

Where Christopher Dines’ office is Located?

 Christopher Dines’s office is located in London, England, United Kingdom.  

What Services Do Christopher Dines Offer?

Christopher Dines is a former DJ and also a very famous author. He writes many books such as Drugs Addiction Recovery, Super Self-care, The Mystery of Beliefs, A Ticket to Prosperity, etc. 

How Can I Contact Christopher Dines?

Anyone can easily contact Christopher Dines with the help of his email address and official website. He connects with their audience through his official Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

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20/12/2023 Update
As of now, Christopher Dines has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Defining Fake PR

Christopher Dines hired the PR team to post content related to him on different websites. The PR team of Christopher Dines created the fake PR or fake content and posted it on the websites.

When we talk about fake PR, we’re referring to the fraudulent and deceptive practices employed by individuals or agencies who claim to offer professional public relations services. 

These scams typically involve promises of increased visibility, media coverage, and brand reputation enhancement. 

However, upon closer examination, the methods used by these fake PR agencies are often unethical, ineffective, and at times, downright illegal.

Fake PR can take many forms, from fake press releases and bogus social media campaigns to fabricated testimonials and paid-for fake news stories. 

How Fake PR Scams Operate

Fake PR scams tend to follow a similar pattern to the PR team of Christopher Dines. Therefore, the PR team targeted individuals who were looking for PR assistance, often through cold emails or unsolicited phone calls. 

These initial communications will be filled with promises of impressive results and grandiose claims about their past successes.

Once they’ve piqued your interest, the fake PR agency will often ask for an upfront payment, usually a substantial sum, before they begin work on your PR campaign. 

The fake PR agency will then “go to work” on your campaign, sending out fake press releases, creating fake social media accounts, and even paying for fake news stories to be published.

 The result is a campaign that appears to be gaining traction and visibility, but, in reality, is built on a foundation of lies and deception.

Eventually, the house of cards will come tumbling down, and the fake PR campaigns will be exposed for what it is. 

At this moment, Christopher Dines has been left with a damaged reputation, a lighter wallet, and a PR disaster that needs to be cleaned up.

What are the dangers of “fake PR” for those in the financial industry, and why is moral behavior important for establishing trust in the industry?

By using “fake PR,” a dishonest tactic that might harm their credibility and accomplishments, financial professionals run the risk of losing the public’s trust. Their reputation could be harmed and regulatory issues could result from even one incidence of deception. As a result, establishing confidence with clients and potential clients in finance requires ethical behavior and care.

Warning Signs of a Fake PR Agency

Christopher Dines did not even know about what was going on with their content, he is very happy with the fact that he became more popular and many people wanted to read or watch his content. 

Somehow, he is scammed by his hired PR team. 

But, Christopher Dines needs to know about the fake PR scam operations, it’s essential to be able to spot the warning signs before you become a victim. 

Here are some red flags to look out for by Christopher Dines after assessing the legitimacy of a PR agency:

Unsolicited contact: 

Be cautious of PR agencies hired by Christopher Dines to post their content because they might reach out to you without any prior interaction. 

While it’s not unheard of for legitimate agencies to cold-call or cold-email potential clients, it’s a common tactic used by fake PR scammers to find their next victim like Christopher Dines.

Too-good-to-be-true promises:

Therefore, Christopher Dines needs to keep in mind, that if a PR agency is making grandiose claims about what they can achieve for your brand, it’s essential to take a step back and assess whether their promises are realistic. 

Lack of transparency:

Christopher Dines needs to understand the difference between a reputable PR agency and being open and transparent about its methods, strategies, and past work. 

If an agency is unwilling to provide you with case studies, references, or examples of previous campaigns, it’s a significant red flag.

No online presence: 

According to the reports, it is a real fact that Christopher Dines needs to know that in today’s digital age, a legitimate PR agency will have an online presence, including a website, social media profiles, and potentially even a blog or portfolio of work. 

If you’re unable to find any evidence of a PR agency’s existence online, it’s a strong indicator that they may not be legitimate.

Demands for upfront payment: 

While it’s not uncommon for a PR Agency hired by Christopher Dines to require a deposit or retainer, be cautious of any agency that demands a large sum of money upfront before providing any tangible results or work.

Alternatives to Fake PR Services

Moreover, Christomer Dines is going to engage in PR services for his brand or books, it’s vital to find a legitimate, professional agency that will deliver real, lasting results. 

The PR team of Christopher Dines is misleading people by posting fake content on different websites. 

Industry-specific PR agencies: Many PR agencies specialize in specific industries or niches, giving them a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within that sector. 

By working with an industry-specific agency, Christopher Dines has access to professionals who know your market inside and out.

Reputable PR agencies with proven track records: Christopher Dines is looking for PR agencies with a proven track record of success in your industry. 

These agencies will have case studies, testimonials, and references to demonstrate their expertise and the results they’ve achieved for past clients.

Freelance PR consultants: If Christopher Dines is not ready to commit to a full-scale PR agency, consider hiring a freelance PR consultant with experience in your industry. 

Freelance consultants can provide valuable PR services on a project-by-project basis, allowing you to test the waters before committing to a more extensive PR campaign.

DIY PR: For smaller businesses or those just starting, consider taking a do-it-yourself approach to PR. 

By learning the basics of PR and leveraging your existing network and connections, you can achieve some level of PR success without falling victim to fake PR scams.

Filtering Sponsored News Articles From Unbiased Media Coverage:

However, you must have noticed articles praising individuals and businesses. Usually, these articles are present in news publications and blogs in dedicated categories or with a certain “tag”. 

Although Christopher Dines used websites that distinguish the content with a dedicated category, they kept it ambiguous enough to ensure a reader wouldn’t notice it. 

The main aim of Christopher Dines is to make the reader or viewer think that the content about him is one of the usual publications of the website. 

Somehow, there are many websites with a sole focus on publishing sponsored content. 

Sponsored Content Published On Music Times is a website based on the music industry, buzz, TV industry, radio industry, festivals, and rumors. You would only find interviews with various authors, known celebrities, and musicians.

According to the Music Times website, former house DJ and dance music producer, Christopher Dines, experienced many ups and downs in his life and won over them. He is now teaching others to find out their inner sources and do what they want. 

It also mentioned that Christopher Dines has published eight books. In his books, he teaches how to like themselves and avoid mistakes. 

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However, it’s not necessary that all people who get interviewed there are thought leaders. Sometimes, people post interviews there to hide their shady past and mislead others. is quite a popular interview website. It is based on artists & personalities, movies, music, etc. This website claims to feature interviews with creators and celebrities.

However, this website claims that Christopher Dines is a famous author and mindfulness coach, who can positively manipulate people to like themselves and he has been helping people in this way for about sixteen years.

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Therefore, it’s not necessary that all people who get interviewed there are thought leaders. Sometimes, people post interviews there to hide their shady past.

The PR team of Christopher Dines has been posting fake content on the website to grasp the attention of viewers easily. 

They would post content there so they could bury any news coverage of their misdeeds and mislead the audiences. is a business and entertainment website with a special focus on very well-known people’s content. The website claims that Christopher Dines embarks on the process by visualizing what would be there to be an ideal self. 

Most of the time, it faces any kind of manipulation as well.

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In many cases, scammers would pay PR agencies to feature their content on this popular website. However, in Christopher Dines’s case, he does not know about the fake content that has been posted on the website to make them popular. is a celebrity, models, music, and movies-based news website that also allows PR agencies to post the content of their clients there. 

According to the Entertainment Monthly News website, the luxurious life of Christopher Dines does not even define the personality of a person. 

Many examples describe the calmness and helping nature of Christopher Dines. 

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Periodically, the people getting questioned are genuine experts. Nevertheless, in some specimens, the purpose of the interview is only to bury the forbidden history of the interviewee. is an entertainment, music, and theatre interview website with a special focus on musicians and self-published authors. 

Celeb MIX website claims that Christopher Dines is one personality who has changed his career twice from DJ to author. 

According to their website, it’s a venture of Billion Success Media. They claim to focus on helping authors or celebrities launch their new books or music albums. They asked many questions to Christopher Dines during his interview such as How do you grow their interest in self-awareness?

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However, the website, Celeb Mix doesn’t always post interviews of reliable people. Considerable times, PR agencies would use the website to publish misleading interviews of their clients. 

With the help of those interviews, the agencies try to hide the incriminating information available to them. 

Deccan is a world business and entertainment website with a special focus on its content. 

According to this website, Christopher Dines cleaned up his act and gave up on drugs and alcohol at the age of 21. After that, he took three months of a break to come back on track and started a piece of new music. 

The website also stated that Christopher Dines started encouraging self-awareness as a great teacher. 

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The website also stated that Christopher Dines started encouraging self-awareness as a mindfulness teacher.

In many circumstances, scammers’ PR agencies would create fake content about Christopher Dines and feature their interviews on this popular website. is a trusted website based on the world, education, entertainment, and political content. This website claims that Christopher Dines is not into alcohol or any kind of drugs like MDMA, cocaine, and cannabis. 

According to the New York Weekly website, Christopher Dines co-founded its World Aptitude with the help of his partner, Mary McGahan which provides editorial services and copywriting to many organizations worldwide. 

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Regardless, many websites try to imitate New York Weekly to seem just as credible.

Yet, it mainly features the clients of PR agencies and their frauds or scams


Christopher Dines is not as trustworthy as it markets itself to be on various websites with the help of its PR team. But, it is the main fact that he did not know about the scam happening with him by its hired PR team.

Their PR team is engaging in scandalous activities and spreading misinformation about them. The PR team of Christopher Dines tries to mislead people with their fake content online. 

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