Chubbs Wilson Scams Individuals for tens of thousands Review 2024

Chubbs Wilson

Chubbs Wilson (AKA Malik Robinson) scammed multiple people for Instagram verification, billboards, and many other services. He promises he will deliver billboards for 24 hours and only delivers them for a few seconds.

More about Chubbs Wilson

Chubbs Wilson sells the Instagram verifications and proceeds to stop communicating and claim he is on vacation. He also sells billboards where he promises it for 24 hours, but only has it live for a few minutes. He typically gets clients by sending mass DMS with bots to his Instagram account (he also sells this service). Chubbs Wilson has done this for over $40k in scams. When confronted about his scam, he avoids clients or spams their Instagram with bots.

As the founder of a dismantled company called Evolving Marketing Dynamics, Chubbs Wilson has a long history of scamming and claims he started his “business” back in 2017.

Chubbs Wilson’s (real name: Malik Robinson) use of Instagram verification and billboards in his schemes has made him well-known. Numerous individuals have fallen for his scam and paid for services he never rendered. He has been called out multiple times for his unethical behavior, but he continues to use new identities to perpetrate his scams.

Advertisements and their potential

Chubbs Wilson’s standard operating procedure is to sell billboards to naive clients by claiming that their advertisements will be displayed for a full day. However, the reality is vastly different from the promise. Wilson only allows the billboards to be displayed for a few seconds at a time, rather than all day. This indicates that the money his clients pay for his services is being lost.

Instagram’s system for fake verification

Wilson pretends, for a fee, to verify Instagram accounts for users. He will take their money and then vanish, claiming that he must attend to personal matters or go on vacation. His clients are left disappointed and out of pocket because he fails to perform the promised verification.

Bots and mass direct communications

Wilson utilizes automated Instagram direct messages to attract customers. He claims to provide them with numerous options, including Instagram verification, placement on billboards, and the sale of bots for use with their accounts. He takes the money and flees, leaving his clients to wonder whether they were duped.

Cons throughout the ages

Wilson has been committing cons for quite some time. Since at least 2017, when he founded his now-defunct company Evolving Marketing Dynamics, he has committed fraud. Wilson used the company as a front to defraud customers by posing as a legitimate provider of marketing services. After receiving payment, he would make unfulfilled service promises and then vanish.

Contrary and approach

Wilson typically does not respond to his client’s complaints regarding his scams, or he spams their Instagram accounts with bots. In addition, he uses multiple aliases to conceal his true identity. Throughout his unethical career, he has bilked people out of over $40,000.

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Closing Comments

Chubbs Wilson, also known as Malik Robinson, is a fraudster who impersonates Instagram and a billboard service. He makes empty promises to his clients before abandoning them to their disappointment and financial ruin. He has a lengthy history of perpetrating scams and, despite being called out on it, continues to do so under different aliases. Be wary of individuals like Chubbs Wilson, and always investigate a company thoroughly before handing over money.

Here is a recent video on a scam which he scammed for $15,000:

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