Chubbs Wilson Scams Individuals for tens of thousands

Chubbs Wilson (AKA Malik Robinson) scammed multiple people for Instagram verification, billboards and many other services. He promises he will deliver billboards for 24 hours and only delivers it for a few seconds.

He sells the Instagram verifications and proceeds to stop communicating and claim he is on vacation. He also sells billboards where he promises it for 24 hours, but only has it live for a few minutes. He typically gets clients by sending mass dms with bots to his Instagram account (he also sells this service). He has done this for over $40k in scams. When confronted about his scam, he avoids clients or spams their Instagram with bots.

As the founder of a dismantled company called Evolving Marketing Dynamics, Chubbs Wilson has a long history of scamming and claims he started his “business” back in 2017.

Here is a recent video on a scam which he scammed for $15,000:


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