Clayton Morris Reviews – How He Cheated His Traders?

Clayton Morris is a scammer, according to the numerous “Clayton Morris reviews” available online. The fraudster has stolen from many investors. More on this below:

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In order to focus on the next chapter of his professional career—helping average people attain financial independence—Clayton Morris left his position as a Fox News anchor in 2017.

The Reason Behind So Many Negative Clayton Morris Reviews:

When Mr. Morris and his wife, Natali, decided to start working as full-time real estate advisors, Mr. Morris, a host on “Fox and Friends Weekend,” already had a well-liked real estate investment podcast. They intended to link mom-and-pop investors with turnkey investment properties in Detroit, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Florida, and other locations.

Morris Invest, their business, agreed to handle all the logistics, including identifying properties, supervising repairs, and recruiting property managers to manage the rental of the homes. Clients just had to provide the cash and wait for the cheques to show up.

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According to selling pricing, investor screenings, and a lawyer for an earlier business partner, Morris Invest assisted in the sale of at least 1,000 homes during the previous two years, earning more than $5 million in referral fees and sales proceeds. However, many of Mr. Morris’s clients claimed that purchasing properties in Indianapolis had been extremely expensive.

clayton morris reviews

At this time, Mr. Morris and his business are being sued by over two dozen clients. They claim that the homes were in worse shape than they had been represented to be, and that upfront-paid rehab work was either ineffectively completed or not completed at all. Trash is all over vacant properties that were purchased to construct new homes. According to a complaint, one burned-out house was sold to an uninformed investor a few days later.

26/12/2023 Update
As of now, Clayton Morris has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The Lawsuit against Clayton Morris Reviews

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Clayton Morris Reviews tells that he is suing an Ohio man for $7 million for using his name and picture in web films that were critical of the real estate transactions he helped to broker in Indianapolis and for selling t-shirts that said, “I Bought This T-Shirt Because They Don’t Make CLAYTON MORRIS Toilet Paper.

According to the complaint, James Wise “invaded [Morris’] privacy to do so” by using Morris’ name and likeness for commercial purposes. In Ohio, a federal court received the case. It accuses Wise specifically of copyright and trademark infringement, theft of Morris’ name, likeness, and voice, breaches of Morris’ right to privacy, unfair competition, and unlawful wiretapping.

What might motivate someone to create a false company?
By hiding a corporation’s genuine profits in tax havens, people can avoid paying taxes by setting up dummy corporations.

Clayton Morris Reviews says that Attorneys for Morris claim in court documents that Wise has tarnished the image that Morris built during his 18 years as a journalist, which included time spent hosting Fox & Friends and Good Day Philadelphia, as well as in later work where he shared his real estate investing experience “to educate and inspire others to succeed in handling their investment funds.

According to the complaint, Clayton Morris Reviews tells us that he has already lost more than $2.3 million as a result of “lost speaking engagements, media partnership agreements, and business relationships, as well as lost internet traffic and advertising revenue (to Wise) that would have been lost to Mr. Morris).”

Morris is requesting an extra $450,000 for mental suffering, which works out to $1,000 each day through the end of 2020.

A three-hour “documentary” chronicling investor complaints about Morris was produced and released by Wise, prompting the filing of the lawsuit. 

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Additionally, he produced and uploaded a shorter film as a part of the “Landlords from Hell” series. “Is Clayton Morris A Fraud?” is the title.

There is other federal and state litigation in Indiana aimed against Morris, who departed Fox & Friends in 2017 to concentrate on his online real estate investing firm. They were filed about the sale of investment properties to out-of-state purchasers who contend they were duped in transactions that began with Morris and his company, Morris Invest.

What happened to investors? (More on Clayton Morris Reviews)

Here is the fundamental assumption for what individuals claim occurred:

  • Clayton Morris was discovered by users of his podcast, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
  • Before the house was advertised for rent, the investor was occasionally required to spend between $5,000 and $20,000 on remodeling it.
  • The investor made a down payment on both the cost of the house and the remodeling budget.
  • The majority of investors allege that the issues began when they were unable to obtain contracts, property photos, rehab reports, etc.
  • As interruptions increase and information is poor, the investor grows increasingly concerned.
  • Then, all of a sudden, the house is fixed up and ready to be rented out, and it becomes occupied quite fast.
  • Checks for the rent begin to arrive for the investor.
  • For a few months, the rent is paid, but suddenly it stops.
  • They get in touch with Morris, and Clayton reassures them that everything will be alright and taken care of.
  • The investor becomes aware of certain significant issues when nothing happens.

Below are some Clayton Morris Reviews –

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One of the many Clayton Morris reviews
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Many Clayton Morris reviews criticize the fraudster

Below are some important points about the business of Clayton Morris Reviews

Describe the operation of Clayton Morris Investment

The site serves the same purpose as any other particular website or blog, giving visitors access to Clayton Morris’ biography as well as a platform for him to discuss his ideas, lessons learned from life, and events, as well as how these things have personally affected him and how you can use those same lessons and experiences to advance toward your objectives.

Additionally, Clayton Morris, a real estate investor, wants to impart his expertise and experience to others who are sick and tired of living in constant worry about their lack of financial wellness and what it will entail for the rest of their lives.  

Morris offers guests what he refers to as a “Freedom Number” to assist them in understanding what real estate investing could entail in their own lives.

Finding your individual Freedom Number can help you better manage your life and make decisions that will put you on the path to accumulating riches and enjoying a more fulfilling existence. As well as signing up for additional details, people are welcome to listen to his podcast.

According to the website, as you gain knowledge about your Freedom Number, you will have access to excellent information that is most pertinent to your unique needs and situations. 

Cost & Price Schedules

The website, podcast, which is news about speaking events, and obtaining your Freedom Number Cheat Sheet all seem to be available to use on the site at no cost at the moment.

However, just because this website offers free materials and data to its users doesn’t imply that it won’t also present details about goods that are available for purchase or potential investments that undoubtedly come with costs and monetary commitments. 

Regarding Refunds

This firm currently does not include any Terms and conditions or Refund Policy since it does not charge visitors any money for its data or services.

Buyers who opt to buy the items this website suggests will probably be transferred away from the Clayton Morris website and to a website operated by a third party, which will be in charge of the payment process and subsequent refund requests.    

Details for contacting customer service

Customers may send inquiries, complaints, or other comments to Customer Service directly through our website by clicking on the Contact Us or Speaking links at the top of the page.


There are undoubtedly many good evaluations of Clayton Morris and his products on his website as a well-known self-help celebrity and daily television personality, particularly from other podcasters who have collaborated with him and have included him and his content on their shows.

Clayton Morris Reviews: Conclusion

The Clayton Morris Reviews have essentially left the Indianapolis real estate market. They have sold more than 200 homes in Detroit, where their major concentration is, virtually free of the kinds of complaints they get in Indianapolis. But they no longer place it as their primary priority.

The Clayton Morris Reviews tells us that he is now marketing Financial Freedom Academy, an online financial planning and advising service. The program’s website claims that it offers a “proven system for building wealth, guaranteed.

The website details a discussion that, according to Mr. Morris, changed his life. He was sitting next to a real estate investor on a trip to New Zealand several years ago when he discovered the couple was on a two-month holiday after generating money by buying houses, remodeling them, and renting them out.

According to Clayton Morris Reviews, we know that he is on the website, “I made it my goal to follow in his footsteps from that point on.”

With a nine-session online curriculum offered at a discounted initial price of $697, Mr. Morris claims that he is encouraging investors to follow in his footsteps.

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