ClickLancers Review: Is it an MLM Ponzi Scam Warning?

On its website, ClickLancers doesn’t provide ownership or executive information. However, On December 31, 2022, a private registration was made for the “” domain name.

ClickLancers lists incorrect addresses in North Macedonia and the UK on its website to look credible. For Click4Ads Media Solutions LTD, ClickLancers also offers information on incorporation.


The UK’s Click4Ads Media Solutions LTD was established on March 20th, 2023. Uncertain if this business has any connection to ClickLancers. Therefore, any MLM firm that is based in the UK or makes that claim is suspicious.

Cheap and completely uncontrolled registration occurred in the UK. Moreover, the UK’s primary financial authority, the FCA, does not actively police securities fraud associated with MLM. Because of this, fraudsters who want to create, run, and publicize sham businesses often choose the UK as their chosen country.

Being established in the UK or being registered with the FCA has no relevance for MLM investigative work. System administrators in India and the UK oversee the official Facebook page. This implies that the person running this scam is situated in the UK and India.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a criminal deception investing fraud pledging increased rates of interest with less chance of loss to investors. On the other hand, a Ponzi scam is a deceitful investing fraud that induces retrievals for earlier investors with money carried from later investors.

What are MLM companies?

Several direct sales organizations employ a marketing (MLM) approach to advertise their goods and services. MLM encourages current members to market, sell, and attract younger recruits into the business. Distributors claim payment based on the sales of those they have acquired. Incoming hires join the distributor’s network, or downline, and are then encouraged to close deals to profit.


Businesses that rely (heavily) on sales to generate money frequently employ multilevel marketing, which is a valid business approach. In contrast to traditional retail channels, multilevel marketing programs are based on networks to promote sales and sign up new members. As a result, network marketing is a common name for them.

23/11/2023 Update
As of now, ClickLancers has not responded nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

ClickLancers’ Products Reviews

There are no retailable goods or services offered here.

Affiliates can only promote their affiliate membership in and of itself.

ClickLancers’ Compensation Plan

CashClick InvestmentAmount Received in a day
1$39$1.60 ($576 annual ROI)
2$95$4 ($1440 annual ROI)
3$220$8.80 ($3158 annual ROI)
4$450$18 ($6480 annual ROI)
5$600$24 ($8640 annual ROI)
6$850$35.20 ($12,672 ROI)
7$1200$46.40 ($16,704 annual ROI)
8$1800$74.40 ($26,748 annual ROI)

ROI rewards from the MLM scam are subject to the successful fulfillment of simple tasks (watching ads, social media manipulation, etc.).

The ClickLancers MLM division compensates for the recruiting of affiliate investors.

Referral Commissions

For cash spent, ClickLancers provides referral commissions down three tiers of recruiting (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 5%
  • level 2 – 3%
  • level 3 – 2%

Keep in mind that the Matching Bonus is capped per recruited affiliate, according to the amount the affiliate has contributed.

Joining ClickLancers

A $39–$1800 initial investment is required to join them as an affiliate.

There is a free membership option, but this provides very modest profits.

ClickLancers Review Conclusion

A “traffic acquisition platform” is how ClickLancers describes itself.

The “pointless chores” Ponzi model is this.

The underlying concept behind the scam is that ClickLancers get paid by unnamed third parties when their affiliates complete assignments. Via the ClickLancers app, tasks are sent to affiliate investors.

When affiliates’ financial obligations are taken into account, the “pointless chores” charade always collapses. Why is the investment necessary if ROI revenue is obtained from consumers who shell out for services?

Two such ruse-busting details to consider are:

No trustworthy advertising network compensates consumers for clicking or watching adverts.
If the person or people behind ClickLancers could make $1800 into $26,478 per year, they would.

The work affiliates are needed to finish by ClickLancers Review as they provide no use, in case that wasn’t clear. If any money were to be made through illegal networks, it would be extremely little. Affiliates for ClickLancers are needed to make investments since ClickLancers repurposes their investment income to pay out returns and fees.

As affiliate recruiting stops, fresh investment stops as well, as is the case with all MLM Ponzi schemes. Because of this, it will eventually experience a crash as it will be starved of ROI income. Ponzi schemes’ theoretical foundations make it inevitable that the majority of the participants will lose money when they fail.

Now, according to SimilarWeb, Russia (15%), Ukraine (5%), and Indonesia (18%) are the top three nations from which visitors come to their website.

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  1. If you will search for investment firms then there are thousands of firms present in the market but you will have to be very much selective and have to accumulate fine information about the firm, as there are several other firms present in the market but not everyone is reliable for investing so it is our responsibility to avoid these scammers and invest with the legitimate one, so it is my request to the investors to search the credibility of the firm before investing because it is found that most of them are there to steal your money in the name MLM schemes, but they are hidden scammers with minute information which isn’t exposed and are trying to make their people feel regret for investing with them. I will suggest you invest with some other firms rather than with ClickLancers they aren’t reliable for investment, facing several warnings from the FCA, so it is very much important to have the complete information of the firms and then only invest with them.

  2. There are some special services regarding the direct sales of the company, this was being used by the ClickLAncers for promoting their brand rather than promoting their fake schemes like this they could have provided better services and attracted their customers after good branding and make their customers satisfied, the main thing which matters a lot is customer satisfaction and if the services provided by the firms are profitable and binding the clients then there are no issues if the company is interested in providing the services then there is no problem but they are misleading you through their fake schemes then avoid them at all cost.

  3. The company isn’t reliable for any form of investment and are always making fool of its investors so the investors need to keep in mind that their money isn’t taken away from some sort of fraudster, Take the example of ClickLancers they are not at all reliable for their schemes most of their plans are fake and misleading, of you will go through their reviews all of them are fake and the level of nefarious schemes which they have launched, can’t be measured so avoid dealing with this MLM Ponzi scheme, especially this firm. It is also seen that the involvement of the UK is observed in these MLM scams so I will suggest you not invest with this nefarious company, search for a better option rather than waste your time with this nefarious company.

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