Cold Spring Partners LLC – Scott McCoy’s Violent Past

Scott McCoy received accusations of slapping one of his subordinates multiple times in a holiday party last year. He used to represent Denver International Airport but is now running Cold Spring Partners LLC. 

The Denver-based attorney did not respond to any emails and calls when reporters contacted him. 

When the Managing Partner of Cold Spring Partners LLC slapped his subordinate, multiple high level executives of DIA were present at the time. This included DIA’s CEO Phil Washington. 

At the time of the incident, Scott was an airport executive vice president. Also, he had been Denver International Airport’s lead attorney since 2021. 

He was responsible for overseeing a team of 18 lawyers and other legal staff. 

Scott McCoy
An image of Scott McCoy

Sources reported that the incident happened at a holiday party for DIA’s top officials. There was alcohol too. 

CEO Phil Washington, airport attorney Everett Martinez and Chief of Staff Cristal DeHerrra were together at a table when Scott joined them. 

According to the source, they were talking about police de-escalation when Scott decided to give a demonstration. 

He jumped and slapped Everett Martinez several times in the face. Also, he yelled commands at Martinez and nearly knocked him out of his chair. 

Martinez was apparently shocked. He had no idea what just happened. 

However, neither Martinez nor anyone else present at the party commented on the incident officially. 

Note that Scott was not working with his firm, Cold Spring Partners LLC when he was a part of DIA.

Punishments Scott McCoy (Cold Spring Partners LLC) May Have Faced:

Cold Spring Partners LLC shady leadership

There is no indication of Scott facing any disciplinary action for his violent acits. According to a 2018 Executive order from Mayor Hancock, city employees can’t perform any violent acts. If they do, they will be subject to serious disciplinary action including termination. 

Furthermore, Executive Order 112 specifies that supervisors who don’t take any action towards enforcing the order might also face similar action. 

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Also, it’s unclear if any of the top level executives reported the incident. 

When the incident occured, DIA was already in a sensitive situation. They were looking to ask Denver City Council to approve an additional $1.1 billion in expenditures for the Great Hall project. 

Apparently, Scott McCoy of Cold Spring Partners LLC was a major part of the project. 

His role in the DIA was to handle a team of attorneys who draft contracts, negotiate real estate deals, secure bond financing and litigate legal claims.

Again, it is unclear if the authorities looked into the matter. 

Where is Scott McCoy Now?

Currently, Scott McCoy is the Managing Partner and General Counsel at Cold Spring Partners, a consulting firm in Denver, Colorado. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been running this firm since April 2016. Prior to that, he was VP, General Counsel, Secretary & Compliance Officer at Siemens Government Technologies, Inc. since 2010. 

He earned his law degree from the University of Houston Law Center. 

Certainly, he doesn’t seem like a violent or dangerous professional when you look at his resume. 

However, media reports on him have made it clear that Scott McCoy of Cold Spring Partners LLC is not as reliable as he claims to be. 

He might be an experienced professional but has a history of violence. 

What is Cold Spring Partners LLC?

Website of Cold Spring Partners LLC

According to its website, Cold Spring Partners LLC is a consultancy firm with offices in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Washington DC and Denver. 

Scott oversees their Denver office which is located at 750 Clarkson Street, Suite 200, Denver CO 80218. 

Other notable people at Cold Spring Partners LLC include

  • Grant Linhares (Chief Strategy Officer)
  • Greg Schultz (Partner)
  • Steve McLendon (Chief Financial Officer & Partner)

The firm offers services in multiple areas including legal advisory, financial consultation, strategy and real estate. They claim to help their clients invest in startups, early phase private firms, mature private companies and commercial properties. 

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Also, the firm claims to help startups professionalize their financial operations. 

Again, Cold Spring Partners LLC seems like a good firm on paper. But the fact remains, their managing partner and general counsel has a violence past. 

There’s a good chance that he had to leave DIA because of his alleged violent act. 

Also, it is worth noting that there are no Cold Spring Partners reviews available online. Either the firm has been nearly non-existent for the last few years or they don’t have many clients. 

In any case, it’s a huge red flag and you should be extremely cautious of working with them. 


Beating up a fellow subordinate as a “demonstration” is no laughing matter. 

It indicates that Scott McCoy is a highly unreliable and sketchy individual. You should avoid dealing with such individuals. Also, the shady online presence of Cold Spring Partners LLC suggests it is not much reliable either. 

Such professionals tend to bring their violent tendencies in other areas of business. For example, Peter Fetherston, a disgraced financial advisor who lost his license after he assaulted his ex in a hotel. 

She had to run away from the hotel, naked and covered in blood. 

That’s not all, Peter was found guilty of committing $89,000 fraud later on. 

Hence, it would be best if you avoid dealing with Scott McCoy or Cold Spring Partners LLC. 

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When Scott McCoy was at DIA, he assaulted a subordinate for no apparent reason. It is unclear if DIA fired him or he left the firm on his own. However, he is now running Cold Spring Partners LLC trying to hide his violent history. Beware of this ‘consultant’.

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  1. Help her to get up from this accident and make Scott get proper punishment for the act, he shouldn’t be left free after this heinous crime.

  2. Think of the mental condition of the women.

  3. Now people were talking like Scott had to leave the firm after committing this crime, which means the company was not willing to fire him and get registered a complaint against him. People are making unnecessary comments regarding the case, and sometimes I feel irritated.

  4. These criminals start running their private firms after committing something which shouldn’t have to be done. They are experts in the devastating life of someone.

  5. How can anyone think of beating someone, releasing your hand on anyone is the reflection of your personality. This should not be suppressed the victim should file a complaint for this incident.

  6. 0.5

    Cold Spring Partners are extremely unprofessional. No respect for your time and money. Avoid dealing with them if you have any semblance of self respect.

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  7. 1.1

    I have worked with Cold Spring Partners LLC in the past. I had no idea the upper management here was so crooked. There should be some standard for Christ’s sake. You can’t just let people run the company without reviewing their background. What does it say about the company’s concern for its employees? They have a right to know about the violent past of their bosses. Nobody wants to get beat up by their boss for making a joke. It’s outrageous and disgusting.

    - CONS: Toxic work environment Hide facts from staff
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  8. well we unnderstand that, depends on who the scammer is , if the criminals have money … if billionaires scam us they will get away but just ordinary people scamming each other they will be charge seriously

  9. 0.1

    I hate that we have such negative people in this world that would rather steal thousands from innocent people rather than make a living for themselves.

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