Common Energy

I had one of the absolute worst experiences as a customer, with Common Energy. I wanted to transfer the lease because I sold my house and moved to a new one. But Common Energy’s careless customer support team botched it all! I had to call them more than a dozen times, spend hours upon hours on hold, while getting LIED TO!

Common Energy has The WORST customer support!

They told me to bring the documents by X date so I did. But then nothing happened and I had to give them a call again. Finally after I signed off on everything, the company promised to get all the documents ready that day. But guess what? They missed this deadline too! I had to pay more than $500 for the solar lease transfer and I want a refund from them. They are legally responsible for all the delays. When I asked the customer support to pay the $500, they told that there’s no chance the company will pay for the delays. I cannot trust the Common Energy reviews spread online, nobody told me they cheated their customers!

I have friends who bought solar from other local companies and they never had to face issues like these. I wish I hadn’t even gotten the solar from this company. Please please please don’t use Common Energy, I wish someone could’ve told me this earlier. I regret wasting my money on this company. Their attitude, laziness and evilness is beyond tolerable. All I wanted was to move the solar lease from my sold house to the new house I was moving to. I didn’t expect the solar company to be the main issue here. These guys are a big disappointment!

Avoid Common Energy at all costs! They have a lazy & miserable customer service that steal from their customers!!!

175 Varick Street, New York
2.3 Total Score

Common Energy are totally incompetent solar panel installers. Stay away from this company!

Installation Quality & Experience
Customer Service
  • Liar Sales People
  • Exorbitant Monthly Payments
  • Mediocre Customer Service
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