Cornerstone Bullion – Fake Reviews and Illicit Tactics

Cornerstone Bullion is a Colorado-based precious metals dealer. It also provides Gold IRAs to investors and trades gold and silver coins. This company utilizes multiple unethical business tactics to promote itself and gain investors. 

Before you invest with them and risk your hard-earned money, it would be best to read what they do and offer: 

About Cornerstone Bullion:

Cornerstone Bullion is a precious metals supplier, particularly gold and silver coins and bars. Chad Roach founded this company in 2008. 

They are based in Castle Rock, Colorado and also operate as a Gold IRA firm. The contact number of this precious metals dealer is 800-558-4671 and the website is You’ll find them at PO Box 1043, Castle Rock, CO 80104-1043.

Their inventory focuses on investment-grade precious metals products for self-directed IRAs or portfolios. But they don’t share any pricing information anywhere. You’ll have to contact the firm to find out about their prices. 

The custodians of Cornerstone Bullion include The Kingdom Trust Company, The Entrust Group, New Direction IRA, and GoldStar Trust Company. 

The available vault storage options with this precious metal dealer are Idaho Armored Vaults, the Delaware Depository, and Dakota Depository. Their inventory includes gold, silver, palladium and platinum coins and bars. Some of their offered products are Gold American Eagle, Silver American Eagle, Gold Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, the Platinum American Eagle, and more. 

While this company might seem like a simple dealer of gold and silver coins, it has several red flags that suggest it might not be worth the risk. The company maintains a suspicious online presence and even after operating for nearly 12 years, hasn’t received a single complaint on any forum. 

It’s not impossible to run a company and receive 0 complaints but it’s highly unlikely. Moreover, this firm doesn’t have a profile on major review platforms such as Trustpilot. 

Before we discuss how this company might be unsafe for investors, let’s talk about its eccentric owner, Chad Roach:

Chad Roach: The Man Behind Cornerstone Bullion

cornerstone bullion

Chad Roach is the founder of Cornerstone Bullion. He is also the founder of Cornerstone Capital and Living Water Car Wash where he works full time right now. 

Prior to founding Cornerstone Bullion, he founded Integrity Payment Services, a credit card processing service. While he didn’t have much experience in the precious metal industry before starting this company, he certainly has a knack for sales and finance.

He might seem like a simple entrepreneur, but Chad Roach doesn’t hesitate to use unethical business practices to promote his companies. More on this in the next section of my Cornerstone Bullion review. 

Cornerstone Bullion Has No Neutral/Critical Reviews

When you google the name of this gold and silver dealer, you don’t find much information online. However, you’ll find several positive reviews of this firm on a few unknown websites. 

For example, they have 40+ 5-star reviews on a website called Gold Dealer Reviews. But the problem with that website is that it only has the profiles of several precious metal dealers and they all have 5-star ratings. 

The owner of that website has a bullion company of their own. 

They don’t have any reviews on reputed third-party websites such as Facebook or Yelp. For a bullion dealer that sells online, this seems awfully suspicious. 

Shady companies tend to use such tactics to mislead consumers and seem like legitimate enterprise. Note that Cornerstone Bullion has been operating for over a decade and there’s not a single complaint available online. 

Obviously, this firm is using illicit tactics to silence disgruntled clients. That’s probably why they don’t have any reviews on Facebook or Trustpilot. These platforms don’t allow scammers to post fake reviews and have systems in place to prevent any manipulation of their forums. 

Websites like Trustlink and “Gold Dealer Reviews” are too small to have such systems in place.

Most of the reviews that praise this website are from throwaway accounts aka fake profiles. 

cornerstone bullion

Josh here gives Cornerstone Bullion 5 out of 5 stars and his age is 6. This profile hasn’t posted any other reviews on the platform except for the 5-star review for Chad Roach’s company. 

It’s a pretty common tactic among shady companies. For example, Universal Capital Mortgage Corp is a notorious scam that posts fake reviews to defraud investors. 

Cornerstone Bullion is doing the same. That’s why it avoids creating a profile on legitimate platforms and uses unknown websites with fake reviews to appear legitimate.

Cornerstone Bullion BBB Accreditation: 

cornerstone bullion

Apart from posting fake reviews on different platforms, Cornerstone Bullion also has an accredited profile on BBB. To get BBB accreditation, a business pays an annual fee that goes up to $10,000 to the review platform. 

Because of having a paid profile, Cornerstone Bullion enjoys a stellar A++ rating on BBB.  

CNN Money had performed a detailed investigation on this matter. They found that scammers and criminals had A and higher ratings on BBB simply because their profile was BBB accredited. 

This is a highly unethical practice and sadly, nothing is being done about it. 

Very few consumers know that businesses can have a stellar BBB profile by paying thousands of dollars to the platform. Shady enterprises take advantage of this fact and mislead consumers.

Obviously, Cornerstone Bullion is among those shady enterprises.

Cornerstone Bullion Review: Conclusion

Cornerstone Bullion is a precious metal dealer that posts fake reviews to promote itself. It uses unethical business practices to manipulate investors and tries to seem better than it is. 

Luckily, there are plenty of bullion dealers in the industry. So, you don’t have to stick to such a terrible option. 

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Cornerstone Bullion spends money on unethical business tactics to mislead consumers. They post fake reviews on different platforms to manipulate investors into trusting them. It is a dangerous firm that you can’t trust.

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