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Courtney Matson: Fake PR, Lies & Allegations Exposed their Truth (Update 2024)

Courtney Matson is an unreliable professional who might have committed PPP loan fraud. Before you consider doing business with her or her company, be sure to read the following review:

What do know about Courtney Matson?

In October 2017, Courtney Matson started as a Principal with BroadBranch Advisors. Security of information technology for monetary services and loans platforms as well as water resource administration, and compliance and risk rules and reporting are some recent project engagements. 

She claims her experience working on specific projects in the areas of cybersecurity, banking, financial services, identification of fraud, technology and IT platforms, and GRC is relevant to this engagement.

Courtney has worked in governmental, nonprofit, and non-governmental organizations for 15 years. Her areas of specialization include 

  • project management
  • organizational planning
  • business operations in the fields of global and domestic health communications
  • development of leadership
  • Purchasing
  • emergency rehabilitation & response etc

She claims that she has worked in China, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Lesotho, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, and the United Kingdom are among Courtney’s international experiences. Courtney Matson has also worked with both large and small enterprises for more than ten years in training and facilitation.

But can we rely on the presented personalities and achievements of Courtney Matson and her company BroadBranch Advisor? To sort this out let’s move on to open up the pages against Courtney Matson.

Alert! Broadbranch Advisors LLC of Courtney Matson is a fraudster

In our database, there are 2 PPP loans totaling $525,066 to organizations with the domain name “Broadbranch Advisors LLC” in Washington, D.C. 

This is usually due to the same company obtaining both initial and moment-draw loans, but it might also be due to identically named but unrelated companies, various branches of the same company, multiple applications made in mistake, or probable fraud.

courtney matson

What does it mean when a firm has limited liability?

A limited liability corporation (LLC) is a type of private limited liability company in the United States. 

It is a type of company form that can combine the limited responsibility of a corporation with the indirect taxation of an association or sole proprietorship. 

According to state law, an LLC is not a corporation; rather, it is a type 

26/12/2023 Update
As of now, Courtney Matson has not responded, nor has she apologized for his misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by her victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating her fake PR.

of a firm that offers its owners limited liability in many jurisdictions.

Performance of Courtney Matson on Loan Platforms

courtney matson

Broadbranch Advisors LLC of Courtney Matson in Washington, DC was authorized for a Payroll Security Loan of $269,241 from Bank of America, National Association in March 2021.

The SBA reports this loan’s status as “Paid in Full,” which includes both repaid loans and those freed from payback under PPP standards. The SBA last updated the loan’s status in November 2021.

Estimation of BroadBranch Advisors LLC of Courtney Matson

The payroll costs represented by a corporation on its PPP petition may be estimated using the usual PPP eligibility calculation. 

Broadbranch Advisors LLC’s 2019 payroll costs are projected to be at least $1.29M for it to be approved for the PPP loan amount received. 

Focusing upon their stated 18 job retentions, this equates to an estimated average annual salary of $71,798 per employee.

*Estimated Payroll Using the SBA PPP Loan Eligibility Formula

image 48

PPP Funds Used by BroadBranch Advisor, LLC of Courtney Matson

Broadbranch Advisors LLC of Courtney Matson said on their PPP application that they expect to spend the revenues of their PPP loan for the following types of spending:

Salary: $269,239

Utilities: $1 

image 49

Different companies like BroadBranch Advisors LLC, of Courtney Matson near Washington with PPP Funding:

image 50

Statistics on Industry PPP Comparison for BroadBranch LLC of Courtney Matson

PPP loans totaled $3.68 billion for 82,116 enterprises in the “Other Management Consulting Services” category across the country. This industry earned less than 1% of the total PPP investment.

This industry’s PPP beneficiaries have an average of 4 employees, 78% fewer than Broadbranch Advisors LLC’s claimed 18 employees, and they were granted an average PPP loan of $44,804, 83% less than this company’s loan of $269,241.

Loan details of BroadBranch Advisor, LLC of Courtney Matson

image 51

What do you know about Broadbranch Advisors, LLC of Courtney Matson?

image 52

BroadBranch, the company of Courtney Matson, claims to use an outside-in approach and a unique technique to deliver inorganic as well as organic growth plans, market evaluations, and other strategic recommendations all in pursuit of our vision to build an enduring business that positively impacts our people and our clients.

I want to show what Courtney Matson is saying about her firm in the following screenshot. Despite this, we discovered in our previous meeting that her organization BroadBranch Advisor, LLC is addressing its loan amounts and other expenses.

Is Courtney Matson using fake PR to promote her name along with her company?

 As per the detailed investigation of Courtney Matson the Managing Partner at BroadBranch Advisors, LLC, we found her fake PR articles on the web.

What are the dangers of “fake PR” for those in the financial industry, and why is moral behavior important for establishing trust in the industry?

By using “fake PR,” a dishonest tactic that might harm their credibility and accomplishments, financial professionals run the risk of losing the public’s trust. Their reputation could be harmed and regulatory issues could result from even one incidence of deception. As a result, establishing confidence with clients and potential clients in finance requires ethical behavior and care.

What are fake PR articles?

As financial advisors, you risk losing that “trust factor” with your customers and potential customers if you fall victim to “fake PR.” 

While fake news has reached the public, false PR remains hidden, but make no mistake: it is a sort of deception that, if not avoided, may harm you, your business, and your credibility. 

Indeed, one misrepresentation can cause all other accomplishments you’ve worked hard to obtain during your career to lose perceived value. 

Thus, similarly, we can judge that Courtney Matson is using these articles to her company famous and progressive. Let’s see some links that show the fake personality of Courtney Matson.


Subsequently, we can say that Broadbranch Advisor, LLC company of Courtney Matson is fake and fraudulent. As it has 2 PPP loans on it. So beware of it!

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