Crestmont Capital – Relentless, Selfish Spammers

Crestmont Capital is a commercial lender based in Irvine, California. The firm is notorious for spamming consumers and mistreating clients. Their representatives have a reputation of lying to clients and insulting them if they decline the offer. 

This firm uses a ton of unethical marketing tactics to improve its reputation. Before you consider doing business with them, learn what their customers say about them: 

About the CEO Gregory Keleshian:

Crestmont Capital review

Gregory Keleshian has been the CEO of Crestmont Capital since 2015. When he took over as the firm’s leader, he didn’t have any prior experience in the finance industry. 

Crestmont Capital is lying to you

Crestmont Capital claims to focus on helping its clients. But according to the consumers, the people at this firm are impersonators and spammers who do everything they can to get your money. 

While looking into this lending firm, I found a forum talking about Crestmont Capital. Various users were talking about a person named Bruce who claimed to be from this firm. They shared that Bruce was contacting them through 800-226-9048.

Crestmont Capital review
Crestmont Capital review

Either the firm doesn’t know how to talk to clients and uses spamming tactics or scammers are using their brand name to gain victims. 

At first, I might’ve thought it was the latter but as I found more information on this firm it became obvious that it was Crestmont Capital. 

Apart from this forum, many consumers are complaining about the poor practices of this firm on other review sites as well. Also, some of them have exposed the shady marketing techniques of Crestmont Capital.

They narrate how this company uses fake reviews to mislead innocent consumers into trusting them. I’m sharing some of those complaints to help you understand the situation: 

Removing a Client’s Complaint Three Times

Crestmont Capital review

Hamed shares that he had posted a negative review of this lending firm on Trustpilot in April 2020 but the platform took it down. So, he posted it again in May only to see it vanish a few days later. 

Hamed points out that he posted his complaint against this company three times on the platform, but it vanished. He says that you can’t trust Crestmont and Trustpilot. Also, he gives 1 out of 5 stars to Crestmont Capital in every criterion such as “Time in Business” and “Conflict of Interest”.

Lied to Get a Complaint Removed

Crestmont Capital review

This reviewer had posted a complaint to Crestmont Capital on Trustpilot and the lender challenged it by saying they couldn’t find the reviewer on their database. 

However, it was a fake claim meant to remove an authentic complaint against their wrongdoings. The reviewer promptly provided Trustpilot with proof of their purchase as rebuttal. 

He highlights that Crestmont Capital uses this tactic with every negative review. They claim that it’s fake so the review platform would take it down. Moreover, in many cases people don’t take the time to challenge this claim. Hence, review sites remove their complaints from their website.

The reviewer says that you should avoid wasting your time with this firm and find someone better. 

Crestmont Capital is Using Fake Reviews (Exposed by Consumer)

Crestmont Capital review

According to this reviewer, most of the glowing reviews on this lending company are false or spam. They had received an email from this firm about business capital and out of curiosity, they looked them up.

The reviewer found that most of the reviews praising this firm were from temporary accounts. They had only posted one or two reviews on the platform. Furthermore, most of the accounts praising this firm had posted similar positive reviews on a hotel called the Travel Inn in Washington. 

There is no real connection between these two firms apart from having the same reviewers. It’s obvious that Crestmont Capital paid some marketers to post fake reviews on its business listing for boosting its reputation. Shady finance businesses tend to use this tactic a lot. 

Oxford Gold Group is a Beverly Hills precious metals dealer that posts fake positive reviews to gain customers. It’s unethical and highly mischievous yet they don’t care. 

Be wary of businesses that utilize such horrendous tactics to promote themselves. Good businesses don’t need to mislead clients but bad ones do. Hence, it’s very difficult to trust Crestmont Capital.

Lawsuits Crestmont Capital is involved in:

Apart from having problems with its customers, Crestmont Capital is also facing issues with other businesses. They have been fighight legal battles with P.A.R. Consulting, LLC for years. 

The most recent lawsuit was an intellectual property suit and it ended just last year in 2020. 

Crestmont Capital had filed teh first lawsuit against this firm. A while later, PAR Consulting LLC filed a lawsuit against Gregory Keleshian, the CEO of the lending firm. 

You can learn more about the lawsuits below: 

Crestmont Capital vs. PAR Consulting LLC:

PAR Consulting LLC vs. Gregory Keleshian

How Crestmont Capital is Abusing Their BBB Accreditation To Mislead Customers:

Better Business Bureau, known as BBB, is a prominent consumer platform where people can find out whether a company is worth their business or not . They use the ratings given to the businesses by BBB to make this decision. 

However, most of them don’t know about the unethical nature of BBB ratings. 

Businesses that have an A or A+ rating on BBB have BBB accreditations. To get BBB accredited, you need to pay a hefty annual fee ($10,000+) to the platform. In other words, a BBB accreditation is a paid membership of the site which ensures you look good in the public eye. 

Having a BBB accreditation allows you to seem more reliable and get customers more easily. 

It’s a highly unethical practice and CNN had exposed it a while ago. Crestmont Capital has a BBB accredited profile. They have an A+ rating on the platform and seem like an amazing option, don’t they? 

Crestmont Capital review

Even their paid profile isn’t free from their disgruntled clients as their rating is 3.22 out of 5 in Customer Reviews. It could’ve been lower if they didn’t have an accreditation. 

Crestmont doesn’t have a good reputation anywhere else. On RepDigger, their rating is 23% out of 100. 

21 people recommend this business while 196 don’t recommend it. Instead of improving its practices, this company focuses on using unethical business tactics. This only shows that the business doesn’t care about consumers.

Crestmont Capital review

Avoid Crestmont Capital Careers, According to its Employee

Crestmont Capital review

Crestmont Capital Insults Customers, Behaves Unprofessionally

Crestmont Capital review

Hamed shares that the company doesn’t maintain a professional attitude when you decline their offer. He was approved for $100,000 with daily pay back and paid interest of 33%. However, the company representative, Travis Gerlach, said Hamed was wrong and “doesn’t know how to calculate a simple interest rate”. 

Insulting a potential client is highly unprofessional but that’s not all. Hamed declined Crestmont’s offer by saying he had better alternatives. To this, Travis said, “What other offers do you have with COVID-19?” Hamed told him that he had a line with Chase at 8% and Travis asked him boldly why he applied with Crestmont when he knew they would offer 15% interest.

Hamed says that Travis was right. He shouldn’t have “bothered” his company with his potential business. Instead, he should have looked up “Crestmont Capital reviews” online to see what its customers say. 

Hamed lists out several things that are wrong with this firm. First, the company shouldn’t insult its customers and tell them that they don’t know what they are doing. Second, with $180,000 in A/R, a $100,000 approval on the strict terms of daily payments lasting for 8 months doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

Third, if someone declines your company’s ridiculous offer, you shouldn’t take it personally. Hamed points out that just as Crestmont Capital can reject clients if they don’t qualify, potential customers can reject their offers too if they don’t make much sense. 

They Make Disrespectful Remarks if You Decline Their Offers

Crestmont Capital review

The reviewer says that they had declined this company’s offer. In response, the rep mumbled some disrespectful remarks to them.

The reviewer points out that disrespecting a business that’s already struggling with COVID-19 is horrible. 

Company Doesn’t Give any Helpful Information About its Loans But Wants You to Close

Crestmont Capital review

David’s company was looking for al oan and applied for one through this firm. The initial documents he received didn’t give him much details on the payments. 

They were supposed to be monthly payments of anywhere from $207 to $251. There was no information on the exact payment he would need to make and the 5.5% interest they would charge. 

So, he waited for a week and received several email notifications to sight the loan documents. However, the company representative didn’t follow up for 8 days. 

Then, David told the company rep that he can’t sign the documents without having a clear understanding of the loan and its payment structure. To this, Crestmont replied by saying, “Thank you for not wasting anymore of our time”. 

They also questioned how was David unable to afford a payment of $251.90. 

David says that he is wondering how he wasted the firm’s time. Maybe if they had given him proper details about the deal, he might’ve considered getting the loan. Regardless, the response was highly unprofessional.

Lie to Customers and Treat You Terribly

Crestmont Capital review
Crestmont Capital review

Eddie was approved for a loan and Alex at Crestmont was very nice to him. But Eddie’s nightmare began after he received the funds from this company. 

It was a short-term loan (20 days). Initially, Alex had told him that they report to all business credit agencies and explained that they report each payment daily. 

Nothing of this sort happened. Then, Alex told Eddie that he would get $375 a day after a certain date. But the $375 a day payment was being withheld from the day Eddie received the money. Furthermore, they told him that after 10 days of making all payments on time, he will be able to refinance and get more money at a better rate. 

But that didn’t happen. 

Alex kept making excuses and delaying everything. Due to this, Eddie had to hire an attorney. 

Upon hearing this, Alex and his colleagues at Crestmont Capital started making false promises to Eddie. They requested him to take down his negative review and promised to resolve every issue. 

Eddie complied but they didn’t. They started giving excuses as soon as Eddie took down his complaint. 

Alex gave Eddie a phone number to call and said it was the “lender”. This was a surprise for Eddie because it meant Crestmont Capital isn’t an actual lending firm. It’s a broker company. 

Moreover, the person he talked to wasn’t a lender. It was an unprofessional person who kept hurling insults at Eddie for contacting an attorney and complaining about the firm. 

Eddie has requested a call with the upper management of Crestmont multiple times. But it never happens. He says that the people at Crestmont Capita talk fast so you can’t ask the right questions. They also delay or act like you should have known the answer if you ask a question. 

Eddie has posted his complaint on multiple platforms and has also contacted a lawyer. 

Crestmont Capital Behaves Like Loan Sharks

Crestmont Capital review

Joseph points out that Crestmont Capital is a loan shark. The company couldn’t stop bothering him. He was approved for a loan and had a meeting with an underwriter named Alan. However, Alan became very hostile when Joseph asked him about the interest rate of the loan. 

As he had dealt with such loans before, he wasn’t surprised to see Alan trying to talk around the actual rate. Then, he became incredibly rude so Joseph had to hang up on him. 

Another person called Alex was on the call who said nothing. He later talked with the reviewer and kept contacting him when the reviewer denied the offer.

Even though Joseph had requested Crestmont Capital to stop contacting him, they didn’t stop. Eventually, he had to block them. He says that the company might seem nice but they are predators. 

Loan Officer Kept Pressurizing the Client into Getting a Loan from Crestmont Capital

Crestmont Capital review

Jessica shares that she denied their loan because she found a better one. In response to this, one of Crestmont’s loan officers kept texting her telling her that she had made a huge mistake by going with a different lender. 

He kept messaging her for 20 minutes telling her to answer her phone. She asked him four times to stop messaging as she was happy with the loan she got from Avant. He replied by saying that she should pick up her phone. 

Jessica says that it’s extremely ignorant and disrespectful behavior on their part. 

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Company Overview: Crestmont Capital

Crestmont Capital is a financial services provider based in Irvine, California. They are located at 400 Spectrum Center Dr #330, Irvine, CA 92618, US. Its offices open from 7 am to 5 pm. The contact number of the firm is 800-949-0401. 

Their CEO is Gregory Keleshian. The firm offers business lending services such as equipment financing, small business loans, private equity, and commercial financing.

Apart from mistreating clients and handling employees poorly, the firm uses various unethical business tactics to scam people. 

One of those tactics is to post unverified testimonials on their website. 

Crestmont Capital review

They have a dedicated page on their website sharing their testimonials. This page is nothing but a list of paragraphs and random names praising the company. You can’t verify if the so-called clients are real people or fake. 

Note that you have already seen various consumers saying this firm posts fake reviews online. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if they have a dedicated page on their website for such fake content. 

Crestmont Capital Review Verdict:

Crestmont Capital is a horrible lender. If you want ridiculous offers, unprofessional treatment, and insults, only then, contact this firm. Otherwise, it would be best to avoid working with them. I’m not the one saying this, their own clients are suggesting avoiding this firm. 

Also, they are notorious for spamming people so contact them at your own risk. 

2.5Expert Score

Crestmont Capital lies to consumers, harasses its clients, and insults them if they decline its offers. Many people complain about the constant mails and calls this company sends out constantly. Avoid contacting them if you value your time.

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