Critical Mobilization Group – $1 Million Scam of Mr Gibson

Critical Mobilization Group aka Wartime Professionals LLC claims to be a non-profit organization. However, the owner of this NGO, Michael Gibson, is notorious for running scams. 

Did You Know?

LLC stands for limited liability company. LLC protects the businessmen and industrialists at the time of complete loss by removing the liability of debts from the owner of the firm. In simple terms, according to LLC the owner is not responsible for financial losses and the debts are deposited by the firm and not the private funds of the owner. 

According to various complaints against Michael Gibson and Critical Mobilization Group, he has been running fraudulent schemes for the last 2 decades. 

I have shared a few of those complaints below. 

Critical mobilization group

Hence, before you trust Michael or his company, it would be best to go through them. 

They would give you an idea of what it’s like to work with them. 

Furthermore, they would help you determine whether you should even work with them or not.

“Michael Gibson of Critical Mobilization Group (Wartime Professionals LLC) is a Scammer”

Critical mobilization group

Here, the consumer highlights that Michael Gibson and Amini Osias collaborate to defraud investors in the UAE and the US. 

He says they have stolen around $1 million from their victims

Amini claims he inherited billions from his deceased father in the early 2000s. Also, he claims that he had to fight his siblings in court to get his inheritance. However, he says he can’t access them as they are in a ‘custodial account’. 

He tells people that his net worth is nearly $10 billion and submits fake bank statements from UBS and Itau Bank. 

Before running Critical Mobilization Group, this duo used to run several other scams

The complaint highlights that the crime partner of Michael Gibson filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1997. Below is additional information on his professional history: 

  • He received a sentence of 2 years probation in Washington DC. His crime was misdemeanor possession of a false identification document. 
  • In 1999, the authorities in Prince George’s County Maryland had issued a warrant against him for theft. 
  • Again, in 2001, the authorities charged him with theft. 
  • The man behind Critical Mobilization Group faced charges of a felony in Virginia for obtaining money by false pretense. 
  • In 2011, he got a DUI/OWI in Washington DC
  • From 2013 to 2016, he failed to pay rent to his landlord.
  • In 2018, the New York State Department of Corrections issued an outstanding warrant against Amini Osias as he hadn’t reported to his parole officer in years. 

To avoid the US authorities, Osias is residing in the UAE. However, he hasn’t found much success in finding more gullible investors for his scam.

Michael Gibson’s Shady Past:

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Apart from highlighting the criminal history of Amini Osias, it throws light on the past of Critical Mobilization Group’s founder. 

It shares that Gibson defrauds would-be investors and works with Osias. 

He told many Central Ohio investors in 2014 that he had a perpetual energy machine. The name of that company was Genesys Power Corporation. 

The Critical Mobilization Group’s owner received $800,000 in funding. However, he couldn’t produce any proof of the technology’s existence. Then, he refused to let any third-party vendor vet his claims.

Afterward, he told his investors about Osias and his fictional fortune. 

He convinced them to fund travel for him and Amini Osias to Hong Kong, South Africa, Congo, and Singapore to acquire those funds. 

After spending 4 months traveling, the Critical Mobilization Group’s founders couldn’t come up with any funds. 

Both of them blamed the banks. They said they were racist. 

Surely, all of their excuses were lies. 

The owner of Critical Mobilization Group claimed that Amini could underwrite Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit even though he had no access to his funds. 

Yet, all of these transactions failed to give anyone access to Amini’s funds.

In 2017, The Critical Mobilization Group owner raised more funding for Amini and himself. The purpose of these funds was to help them reach Switzerland and complete a $1 billion deal at UBS Bank. 

However, Switzerland denied Amini entry. 

So, they went to Turkey and stayed there for 5 months. 

Although the Critical Mobilization Group founder claims that Switzerland only barred Amini’s entry because of a typo, they couldn’t enter the country after multiple attempts. 

“The Critical Mobilization Group Owner Kept Scamming More People”

Critical mobilization group

In 2017, Gibson asked his Ohio investors to send more funds to Amini Osias who had moved to the UAE by then. 

Gibson claimed that Amini’s lawyer in Switzerland was arranging for the UBS bank to transfer all of his accounts to Dubai. 

The Critical Mobilization Group founder asked the investors to give him $15,000. He claimed he needed the funds to start a UAE company with Osias and get the ‘transferred’ funds. 

Also, he told the investors that it was a requirement to release the funds. 

Since then, both Gibson and Osias have been living in the UAE. 

The complaint highlights that both of them have been spending the money they collected from his Ohio investors. 

More Information about Critical Mobilization Group:

The complaint highlights Critical Mobilization Group isn’t the only venture of Michael Gibson. He has also run AMF Investments, Vote Candidates LLC, African Wealth Funds, and Genesys Power Corporation. 

Furthermore, he uses his past of working at the US Army to boost his credibility. Currently, he is facing 2 pending cases in Franklin County Ohio for failing to pay his credit cards. 

Also, the complaint highlights that he owes over $7,000 in child support payments. 

He has been using Critical Mobilization Group as a way to dupe more investors in Dubai. Also, the complaint points out that he is facing legal action in the UAE for failing to pay his hotel bills. 

Also, Michael Gibson claims he is a graduate of NYU with a Master of Fine Arts and International Economics. 

Critical Mobilization Group aka Wartime Professionals LLC claims to have an office in Columbus Ohio. It should be located at 200 E Campus View Blvd STE 200, Columbus, OH 43235. 

Similarly, its contact number should be 614-985-3639. 


This complaint highlights several prominent issues. These are not small allegations as well. 

Hence, it would be best for you to be extremely cautious while dealing with the Critical Mobilization Group or Michael Gibson. 

It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Avoid dealing with them.

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Michael Gibson has received multiple complaints for defrauding the investors of his ventures. According to the complaints, he partners with Amini Osias to scam people and has allegedly stolen $1 million so far.

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  • Stole around $1 million from investors
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    Michael Gibson is only on a path of many more scams with investors in Dubai getting scammed since US was onto him.

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