CrowdPharm: Are they Job Scammers?

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Scammers like CrowdPharm post job listings online (in advertising, on job sites, and on social media), in newspapers, and occasionally on TV and radio, just like legitimate companies do. They make employment promises, but all they really want is your cash and private information.

CrowdPharm Real Face

“Horrible Company”

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CrowdPharm has no advantages; despite your excitement about the potential, there are almost no open positions, and you are unable to apply. Cons have absolutely no application potential. He’s worked in CrowdPharm for a month, but nothing has happened despite false advertisements for the business (above average pay, plenty to do, they’ll assist you in finding projects, etc.) Advice to Management is to stop having employees tell lies.

27/12/2023 Update
As of now, CrowdPharm has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

“No Jobs Available”

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CrowdPharm has an absence of pros. A complete waste of time is having no jobs. He has been using the platform for over a month, and not a single freelancing job has been advertised. Only to expand their network and attract new clients, they are accepting users on the platform. Save your time and disregard this. Making real jobs available, is the management advice. An organization that claims to have over 6000 members ought to have a respectable quantity of work available, even though he knows it would be sporadic. People need the real thing; they don’t need the “hope” of work.

“Jobs are not frequent”

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You get to set your schedule, which is a plus. The con is Jobs are not as common as he had hoped.

“No job nor project”

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He is rarely employed. The con is he was made to wait till today. Still no project or job. That’s why he doesn’t recommend CrowdPharm.

“Work is not consistently found”

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CrowdPharm complaint (Source)

When jobs do come in, they don’t come in continuously, and you have to bid for them. The management is upfront about this and helps new hires understand it. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the job is waiting for an assignment offers that might never arrive.

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How to Spot a Job Scam like CrowdPharm

To prevent common job fraud, follow these measures before accepting a job offer:

Search the web 

Search for the company or individual whose name you are about to be employed along with the terms “scam,” “review,” or “complaint.” Check to see whether anyone else has reported being conned by that business or person. No grievances? While it doesn’t guarantee that a business is trustworthy, complaints might alert you to potential issues.

Scammers post job openings online, in newspapers, on employment sites, and occasionally on TV and radio, much like legitimate companies do.

Speak to someone you can trust

Tell them about the offer. How do they feel? Additionally, this gives you the critical time to consider the offer.

Never pay to secure a job guarantee 

Honest employers, such as the federal government, will never demand payment before hiring you. Anyone doing so is a con artist.

Never put your faith in a “cleared” check 

No reputable employer will ever send you a cheque to deposit and then instruct you to transfer some of the money along or use it to purchase gift cards. A bogus check fraud, that. When the check bounces, the bank will demand payment for the value of the counterfeit check.

The Top 5 Ways to Avoid Scam Jobs as a Freelancer

There are several reasons why independent contractors are defrauded online. Scammers are constantly on the prowl since freelancing crosses so many industries. Their main objective is to take advantage of ambitious people who want to work from home.

The persistent demand for labor is one of the most frequent causes of scams. It’s easy to accept the wrong kinds of work as a freelancer while attempting to claw your way out of poverty. When given opportunities to progress, freelancers are more vulnerable to con artists who constantly make alluring proposals.

Going after a job that seems too wonderful to be true is another justification.  This might not be the best course of action because the job you are dubious about might be too good to be true.

You must be able to recognize the warning signs and red flags as a freelancer. Here are the top 5 tips to recognize scam jobs as you embark on your freelance career:

-When a Client Requests Payment Before Hiring

-When a Client Requests to Communicate Through Alternative Methods

-When Numerous Negative Reviews of a Client Have Been Left by Other Freelancers

-When a deal seems too good to be true

-When a company requests free tests

How to Take Action if You Paid a Scammer

Immediately get in touch with the company you used to send the money, report the fraud, and ask to have the transaction reversed, if feasible, regardless of how you paid: using a debit or credit card, a mobile payment app, a wire transfer, a gift card, cash reload card, or cryptocurrencies. 

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