Crumdale Partners – Shady and Suspicious

Crumdale Partners is a consultancy firm based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Their office is located at 555 Lancaster Ave, Radnor, PA 19087, US and its contact number is 610-280-4320. At first, it seems like any other ordinary insurance firm. 

However, it has recently run into some controversy. The company claims to revolutionize the insurance market by using their “superior talent” and “disruptive mindset”. Still, the attractive claims of this company don’t undermine the legal trouble it’s facing itself in. 

Hence, before you trust them with your company’s insurance needs, it would be best to review their legal history which I have expanded upon in the following review. Here, you’ll learn about the facts Crumdale Partners don’t want you to find out. 

However, as a consumer, you have the right to know all about them: 

 Who is Behind Crumdale Partners? 

The primary faces behind Crumdale Partners are Brian McTear and Matthew Naylor. 

Matthew Naylor is the founder and CEO of this insurance consultancy firm. He founded the company in June 2015 and has been running it ever since. Matthew received his degree from Drexel University. 

On the other hand, Brian has been the president of Crumdale Partners since 2016. Prior to that, he was the president of Evolve Insurance Advisors for 6 years. 

Apart from these two, other notable people at Crumdale Partners are:

  • Joseph C. Sweeney (COO)
  • Jacke Willcox (President)
  • Robert S. Adams (CFO)

This company offers various insurance solutions from a set of their insurance partners. Each of their partner specializes in a particular solution: 

  • Franklin Health: Health benefit plans
  • Resolute Underwriting Strategies: Medical stop-loss underwriting
  • Transformation Rx: Pharmacy benefit strategies
  • Crumdale Advisors: Innovative self-funded solutions
  • Contribution Health: Compliance, actuarial & technology services

Certainly, Crumdale Partners seems like an ordinary insurance consultancy company. But there are several red flags which suggest they aren’t as reliable as they claim to be: 

Debt Collection Lawsuit Against Crumdale Partners: Doug Schroer V. Crumdale Partners LLC

Crumdale Partners boasts of having industry expertise and a skilled team. But it doesn’t share the fact that it’s facing a debt collection lawsuit right now. 

Doug Schroer filed a debt collection lawsuit against this company in 2020 and it’s still pending in court. He filed this case in Florida Palm Beach Court System, Main Branch. 

crumdale partners

Facing a debt collection lawsuit says a lot about a company’s leadership. It means the company’s finances are not in order and its management doesn’t know how to resolve the pertaining issues. 

You should be wary of trusting a service provider that’s involved in such a serious legal battle. Particularly, when the company is an insurance provider and is facing a debt collection lawsuit. 

It’s a huge red flag. Another company that’s involved in a legal battle but has gained a lot of notoriety over time is Easy Street Capital. Such lawsuits are a prominent warning sign for consumers. Furthermore, the people running Crumdale Partners wouldn’t want you to know about this lawsuit as well. 

A Suspicious Lack of Crumdale Partners Reviews:

It’s very difficult for companies to stand out these days. So, when you come across a company that’s actively avoiding attention, it becomes more suspicious. 

This is another reason why this insurance consultancy seems so suspicious. When you google “Crumdale Partners reviews” online, you don’t find many reviews on the company. 

All you see is one 5-star review on Glassdoor which doesn’t say much and another few giving it 5 stars without any explanation. Considering this company has been operating since 2015 and is now among the “fastest growing companies” in the US, it should have at least a few reviews, shouldn’t it?

This is what you get when you google the reviews of this firm: 

crumdale partners reviews

THese days, even a grocery store has more reviews than this so-called insurance consultancy firm. This raises the question, “Why does Matthew Naylor wants to keep such a low profile? What is it he is trying to hide?” 

These are major questions and must be answered. 

Also, there might be a surprising increase in Crumdale Partners reviews after this post. That’s why I added a screenshot of the Google search results. If you see a sudden increase in their reviews, there’s a good chance that Matthew told his team to post them. 

All in all, such a lack of online presence for a “fast-growing” company raises suspicion. 


Crumdale Partners makes many bold claims about its services and expertise. However, the company lacks a prominent online presence. It seems as if the company’s leadership is actively trying to hide something, which is not a good sign to instill trust.

Additionally, the company is engaged in a legal battle with another consumer. 

All of this suggests that Crumdale Partners is not as reliable as it claims to be. Trust them on your own risk. 

2.5Expert Score

Crumdale Partners needs to be held answerable for its deceptive marketing practices and dubious nature. The firm is engaged in a serious legal battle and it seems it has been trying to cover it up for a while. Furthermore, there are no reviews of this company, which makes it more suspicious.

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  • Poor legal history
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